effective leg exercises If a woman has beautiful, well-built legs,then the whole of her figure is distinguished by grace. Of course, lengthen the legs with the help of physical exercises will not work, but to give them the correct form that causes admiration is quite possible. And in this difficult matter you will be helped by effective leg exercises, which we'll talk about today.

General strengthening exercises

This course will help to tighten the weakened muscles. Thanks to these simple exercises, too slender legs will become fuller and stronger, and the full ones will acquire an ideal shape. So, let's start:

  • Lying on your back, stretch your legs and pull your socks on yourself. Do the exercise with the maximum voltage;
  • Still lying on your back, put your hands back, and press your feet to the floor, as hard as you can. Now relax, lifting your knees slightly over the floor, and pulling again;
  • We remain in the same position, only hands are bred to the sides and we press the palms to the floor. Slowly, making efforts (as if something is interfering with you), pull your socks on yourself, then from yourself;
  • Now turn on your stomach and stretch your arms out in front of you. Begin to raise your feet from the floor, make sure they are straight, try to lift as high as possible;
  • Next on the list is walking and running on the spot. Walk like socks, then run. Now repeat the exercises, but already leaning on the full foot;
  • Approach the doorway, raise highhands and put them on the clypeus. Legs shoulder width apart. Start to rotate the body in different directions, while trying to pull up. Keep your feet in their original position;
  • Now we lay our back on the rug. Cross your legs in the area of ​​the feet and begin to combine your knees, without changing the position of your feet. Then do the reverse procedure;
  • In the sitting position, the legs are bent. Cut and spread your knees, holding them with your hands. Repeat the same with straight legs;
  • Get up, start sliding on the floor, spreading your legs, moving them from the heel to the toe and back;
  • Stand on one leg, bend the other in the knee and lift as high as possible. With your hand, pull the foot towards you, then lower it down. Then change your legs and repeat the exercise;
  • Standing on your knees, reduce and dilute them to the sides, rearranging. Keep your hands on the waist;
  • And at the end, go around, then do a light jog in the circle, and again go around.

It is desirable to perform the complex in the morning and in the evening. In the first month of classes, do 5-6 sets of each exercise, then increase the load to 12-15 times. the most effective leg exercises

Exercises for the hips

Warm up Any complex of physical activitiesshould start with a warm-up. It can be different: take a light run in the park, if the weather allows, or twist the exercise bike for ten minutes. You can jump on the rope, or just go down and climb the stairs, for example, go to the store. Bridge This exercise is very useful for the large gluteal muscles and the back of the legs. So, we lay down on the back, we put our hands behind our heads, our legs are bent at the knees. Now we begin to raise the ass from the floor, without changing the position of the back and shoulders. As if we are on the "bridge". We rise as high as we can and slowly descend back. During the execution of this exercise, you need to strain the muscles of the buttocks as much as possible. First, do at least 10 approaches, then increase the load. Squats The most effective exercises for the hips are squats. And the technique of execution can be different. Consider the most common method. Put your feet shoulder width apart, your back straight, your arms parallel to the floor. Begin to slowly crouch, the heels should stay in place - pressed to the floor, the knees do not protrude beyond the line of the fingers. To rise in a starting position it is necessary too slowly, that pressure in legs or foots was oshchutimym. Start with 10 squats, then increase to 20-40. Falls Stand straight, hands on the waist. Then take a step forward with one foot and squat so that the other knee touches the floor. Now we lunge with the other leg. On each leg you need to make at least 10 attacks. If you feel tension in front of the thigh, then everything goes as it should. best effective leg exercises

Exercises for calves

Losing calves is a rather difficult task. It is necessary to put a lot of effort, patience and, of course, to believe in success. The most effective training for this part of the legs is all variations of step and aerobics. If you have the opportunity to buy a subscription to the fintes center - excellent! No - then get ready to go through the right program at home. You will need a special platform or just a small elevation.

  • We stand on the platform with the right leg, then attach the left one to it. Change your legs. You seem to ascend the stairs. Exercise should be done rhythmically, better for good music;
  • Again, put the right foot on the dais, then the left one. We lower our legs one by one, we raise them again;
  • The right leg, bent at the knee, put on the platform, the left slightly lifted from the floor and lower again. Further lower the floor and the right foot. Change your legs and repeat the exercise;
  • Standing on the platform with your right foot, bend the left knee and pull it up, then lower it to its original position. We repeat the exercise with the other leg;
  • To really achieve the effect, each exercise must be performed at least 10-15 times.

Practical tips

  • As you climb the platform, try to carry the whole weight of the body to your feet, and not to your back;
  • The foot should stand completely on the platform, the heel of the heel is not allowed;
  • The back is necessarily straight;
  • Try to avoid too sharp movements, so as not to stretch the muscles during the first workout;
  • For 30 minutes before the start, drink a couple glasses of water, or take a sip during classes, between exercises.

After the complex, it would be nice to make the legs pleasant- Give them a massage! Simply massage the caviar, as you know - the technique of movements is not fundamental. To weaken calves it is possible and the following way: lay down on a floor and in turn lift legs, shaking them in air so that movement of muscles of calves was appreciable. The above sets of exercises will help achieve a remarkable result - to make your legs not only beautiful, but also healthy. The main thing is never to despair, strive for your goal, believe in success - and the changes will not keep you waiting! We advise you to read: