yogurt at home Currently, in any grocery store andSupermarket you can see a huge assortment of yoghurts with various fruit and natural additives. Their production involves the use of low-fat and fatty milk. The product is intended for use by the whole family, or by children. Many yogurt buyers probably never thought about what they really are from, but if they paid attention to this issue, then most likely the desire to purchase this product has disappeared. What is actually in bright and very attractive jars and bottles, except milk? Dyes, artificial flavors, stabilizers, preservatives, thickeners, various vegetable fats and so on. Agree, a diverse bouquet, is not it? It is worth noting that many manufacturers indicate a shelf life of up to 6 months, and if you look into the process of making yogurt, it becomes clear that not only sour-milk bacteria will not survive at a temperature of more than 150-160 degrees. But it is under such conditions that most products are produced. However, there are ready-made yoghurts with a short shelf life, namely up to 30 days, which contain only milk, beneficial bacteria and sugar, which has a very fruitful effect on the body. They can be used as a starter for cooking yogurt at home. This product is really alive and natural. And he will like it not only for you, but also for your kids. In fact, giving your relatives the opportunity to eat is qualitatively very simple. You just need to know how to make yogurt at home. It is stored no more than five days and is therefore really useful both for an adult and for a child.

Homemade yogurt recipe from rustic milk

Rural whole milk is one of thenecessary components, providing the preparation of a real home-based dairy product with preservation of all useful substances. If you were lucky enough to have access to it, then this can be called luck. But in order for such milk to be sterile and there were no unnecessary bacteria in it, it must be pasteurized. This can be done both on electric and gas stoves. So, here is the recipe for yogurt from natural rustic raw materials. Ingredients:

  • Milk home - 1 liter
  • live yogurt - 3 tablespoons

Cooking method: First you need to make pasteurization. Milk pour into glassware, and then put in a water bath. Stirring, bring to a boil and hold on the fire for 1-1.5 minutes. Thanks to pasteurization, almost 99% of bacteria will be destroyed. After the milk boils, remove it from the heat, but continue stirring for 5 minutes, and then leave until completely cooled. After the main product has been prepared, it is necessary to make sterile dishes that are intended for cooking yoghurt. To do this, lower the ceramic or glass container into boiling water and leave it for 10-15 minutes. Immediately after sterilization in this bowl, pour the cooled pasteurized milk, add to it live yogurt, cover and leave in a warm place for at least 6 hours. In no case can the container be moved or stirred. Currently, there are special yoghurt products on sale due to which it will be possible to keep the heat necessary for the product (namely the temperature equal to 40 ° C), at which the fermentation process will occur. What to do if there is no opportunity to buy special household appliances of this kind? Here are a few options for how to prepare yogurt at home without it. Place the jar of leaven in a so-called thermos bag, place a couple of plastic bottles of boiling water there, which will give the necessary heat. In another case, several containers with leaven can be laid on a heating pad preheated to an average temperature. Alternatively, preheat the oven to 40 ° C and turn it off. Place the container with the future yoghurt into it. Then by turning on and off, keep the necessary temperature in the oven, so that the dishes with a mixture of milk and leaven will be in a constant heat. To make sure that yogurt is ready, just look at the serum that has appeared. If it is, your home-made natural and lactic fermented milk product is a success. The resulting yogurt can be stored in the refrigerator for a week and used as the next leaven. Be sure to try this cooking method, and such a recipe will surely become your favorite. Of course, a heating pad and an oven are not always convenient for these purposes. But in every house there are certainly dishes that will greatly simplify the process. Yogurt can be cooked in a conventional thermos! how to prepare yogurt at home

Homemade yoghurt in thermos

As is known, the children's organism is much moreis susceptible to all kinds of artificial fillers, dyes and additives. Often there are serious allergic reactions to a completely innocuous ready-made sour-milk product. And then mothers start to think out ways to get out of the situation. Often we go to the store and buy a yogurt girl, believing that only she will allow the family to eat quality foods. But before spending money on special equipment, try to master the recipe for cooking yogurt in a conventional thermos. Ingredients:

  • milk pasteurized - 1 liter
  • dry leaven - 1 bottle (or live yogurt - 3 tablespoons)

Cooking method: They say that the store pasteurized milk can not boil. But if you are not too lazy and still do it, then your yogurt will have an unusual and very pleasant taste. So pour the milk into a saucepan, bring it to a boil, and after a few minutes, light it up for 5 minutes. This store product will find a homemade tint, as in a grandmother's oven. Cool the milk to 40 ° C, be sure to remove the foam so that the yogurt prepared in the thermos has a uniform consistency. Dry the leaven diluted directly in the vial, adding to it a tablespoon of prepared, as described above, milk. This will allow it to dissolve well. The resulting mixture is poured into a container with the rest of the milk. If you still prefer to use live yogurt from the store (of course, with a minimum shelf life), rather than its dry analog, then put the contents of the box or cup in a container with the main ingredient and carefully stir it with a whisk. Now you need to take care of the thermos, or rather, about its sterility. The simplest way is to thoroughly wash it and give it a steep boiling water, preferably twice. Now pour into it a mixture of leaven and milk, tighten the lid tightly and leave for cooking the yogurt for about 6 hours. Choose such a place in advance, so as not to disturb the processes occurring in the thermos by moving it. The recipe prevents cooking because it creates obstacles to achieve the consistency of the desired density. Typically, the finished yogurt has a neutral taste, and a spoon in it is worth. Pour your natural live fermented milk product into another container and send it to the refrigerator for a couple of hours. So the taste of home-made yogurt will get better. If you want it to have a more pronounced acidity, then its time in the thermos should be increased by another 2-3 hours. In any case yogurt will be tasty and will be much more useful than bought in the store. As you can see, the recipe is very simple and accessible to all housewives.

Classic yoghurt in a multivariate

At present, technological progressjust settled in any modern kitchen. Everyday chores of housewives facilitate all sorts of special household appliances and devices. To one of the last it is possible to carry such a miracle of technology, as a multivarker. Agree, the name itself sounds very promising. And indeed it is. That's yogurt - a product useful and necessary - it is prepared in it easily and without any problems. And the recipe, as always, is simple and clear to everyone. Ingredients:

  • Milk ultra-pasteurized - 1 liter
  • natural yogurt (without fillers) - 150 milliliters

Preparation: Heat the milk a little. As mentioned above, it can not be boiled, because the product from the store has been processed accordingly. Add yogurt to it and stir with a blender or corolla. It is necessary that the mass has a uniform consistency. The recipe for the preparation of a sour milk product in a multivarket involves the use of small glass containers - jars. They must be sterilized beforehand or at least be boiled water. When the cans are ready, pour out in them a mixture of milk and leaven. In the pan of the multivarka pour a little water and set the device the most gentle temperature regime. In some cases, it was invented in order to preserve the hot cooked dish, and in the latter models has the corresponding name - "Yogurt". Jars with your future homemade sour milk product put in the multivark. Water should reach them almost to the very neck. Close the appliance with the lid and leave the clock at 8-9. When the specified time has elapsed, take out the homemade yogurt and place it in the fridge. Not always the process of preparation and the result justify the expectations. For example, sometimes yogurt can turn liquid. In this case, pay attention to the fat content of the milk used. It should be at least 2.5%. But the formation of whey on the surface of yogurt - a phenomenon far from rare. Just merge it, it does not affect the quality of the product. Do not get upset and if the yogurt curled. Perhaps the whole point is in the quality of milk and leaven or in jars that have been poorly sterilized. Remember the recipe for homemade pancakes and cook them on a failed yogurt. Or you can just hold it in the multivarker for a little longer, so that it can be cooked well, then throw it back on the cheesecloth and cheer your loved ones with the most delicate homemade curd. how to make yogurt at home

Classic homemade yogurt in yogurttse

Of course, it is very convenient to make a delicacy inspecially provided for him household appliances - yogurtnitsy. The recipe is not much different from the one used for the preparation of this fermented milk product in a thermos bottle. But the result will almost never disappoint you. The thing is that the modern device itself maintains the desired temperature for the specified time, and always clearly and correctly. And in the thermos she gradually decreases, so yogurt may not turn out the way you expect. If you choose a recipe for cooking a domestic fermented milk product and have in your kitchen all the latest innovations in home appliances, then do it in a yogurt. Ingredients:

  • Milk with a fat content of 3.5% - 1 liter
  • dry yeast for yogurt - 1 flacon

Cooking method: First, take care of the sterility of the dishes used. There are special small cups in the yogurt. They can be made of glass or heat-resistant plastic. It is better to boil them or at least give them a steep boiling water. So you do not allow getting into the future yogurt unnecessary bacteria, thus providing its most useful and quality composition. In addition, this recipe provides for mandatory pre-preparation of the main ingredient. Therefore, take a pot of appropriate volume, pour the milk into it, bring to a boil and on low heat, hold for 15 minutes. After the specified time, remove the container from the plate and cool its contents to room temperature or slightly higher. Check it out very simply. If it seems to you that the base has already cooled sufficiently, put a finger into it. If you do not burn yourself and do not feel like removing it immediately, then you can proceed to the next stage. Open the vial of leaven, pour boiled water at room temperature into it, filling it approximately 2/3, close the lid and shake it well so that everything dissolves. Now pour the mixture into the container with the main ingredient and stir again. Pour the mixture of milk and starter into glasses and send them to a special stand provided for in each yogurt. Plug the device into the network and select the desired program. Modern models themselves in electronic mode choose the time required for cooking yogurt. And for older instruments it must be detected. In principle, as for a dairy product prepared in a thermos, this requires at least 6 hours. But if you want to get a thicker yogurt, then increase the time it is in the yogurt. Note that in this case it will be sourer.

Homemade yoghurt with cinnamon and cocoa

This recipe will appeal to lovers of everythingunusual. Cooking a dairy product with a filler is better in a yogurt. This will give you the best result. The algorithm of necessary actions differs little from that which provides for the production of a classic fermented milk product, but the ingredients differ in some ways. Therefore, we give the recipe completely. Ingredients:

  • milk - 1 liter
  • live yogurt - 150 grams
  • cocoa soluble - 5 teaspoons
  • cinnamon - to taste
  • sugar - to taste

Cooking method: If you prefer to use rustic milk, be sure to boil it and cool to room temperature. Ultra-pasteurized does not need such preparation, only if you do not want to give it the taste of ghee. However, it is necessary to heat it to 37-40 ° C. Do not forget about the sterilization of the glasses, the quality of the future home product depends on this. In a separate container lay out the so-called live yogurt, bought in the store. Recall that the choice is the one that has the shortest shelf life. Add to it the indicated amount of cocoa and carefully mix everything to make the consistency homogeneous. Now, focusing on your own taste, put sugar and a little cinnamon. Again, stir well and mix with milk. Bring the mixture to a homogeneous state, pour into cups and place in a yogurt for 8 or 10 hours.

Homemade yogurt with fruit or berries

This recipe usually causes delight in children. Indeed, the delicate taste of yogurt, complemented by fruits, can not help but like. Moreover, unlike the store analogue, the home-made product is very useful, because besides the necessary bacteria it also contains natural pieces of strawberries, raspberries, peaches or mangoes. What is not a great dessert for children? Ingredients:

  • Milk ultra-sterilized - 1 liter
  • live yogurt - 150 grams
  • fruit or berries - to taste
  • powdered sugar - to taste

Milk warm up to 40 ° С. Add into it live yogurt, pour the mixture over the cups (do not forget to treat them with steep boiling water) and place them in a yogurt. By the way, this recipe allows cooking in a thermos. After 6-8 hours, make sure that the yogurt has reached the necessary thick consistency. If so, proceed to the next step. Fruits peel and seeds. Berries, if necessary, too. Fold them in a blender and chop, adding the powdered sugar. Now put the finished yogurt there and mix everything. Fruit mixture spread on glasses or kremankam and place in the refrigerator. Before serving, you can decorate with a handful of fresh berries or a few fruit slices. As you can see, cooking yoghurt is very simple. It is under the power of every hostess, and even the presence of some special equipment is not mandatory. But the resultant popular sour-milk product will really benefit your whole family. Be sure to use the opportunity and master any recipe you like. Your loved ones will be grateful to you for this, and children will certainly become less sick. We advise you to read: