If you decide to make jelly and in search ofthe necessary recipe came to our article, so you will find exactly useful information for yourself. Thanks to our simple tips, you can make a delicate dessert. So take a few minutes to learn simple instructions, buy the necessary products and start creating!

Jelly from wine with berries

We offer to cook delicious jelly on the basis oftwo kinds of wine with the addition of fresh berries. You can use any fruit at your discretion. Ideal for strawberries, raspberries or currants. Ingredients:

  • 250 milliliters of red wine
  • one medium lemon
  • 50 milliliters of white wine
  • 200 grams of sugar or powder
  • two glasses of boiled water
  • four teaspoons gelatin
  • fresh berries
  • low-fat sour cream or plombir

Cooking method: Half of the above portion of gelatin fill with water and leave for thirty minutes. By the way, some people use tea tea for this as well. Then dilute the red wine with a glass of boiled, but pre-chilled water, here pour 100 grams of sugar and put on a weak fire. When small bubbles begin to appear on the surface, pour in freshly squeezed juice of half a lemon and gelatin, which by this time should already dissolve. Continue to stir all this with a spoon until the jelly mixture becomes dense and viscous. Then remove it from the plate and pour over the kremanki, on the bottom of which pre-lay out fresh berries. In the absence of these you can use strawberries, apricots, raspberries or other fruits from jam, the main thing - drain the syrup. Put the jelly in the refrigerator. Preparation of the second layer of dessert, consisting of white wine, does not differ from the above procedure using a red drink. Therefore, proceed according to the same scheme, and then pour the second "floor" of the jelly with the finished mixture and set it to freeze. As an ornament, you can use ice cream (lay it for dessert) or prepare sour-cream sauce (whisk both products to homogeneity). A special flavor of the dish will add lemon peel, grated. cooking jelly

Coffee - milk dessert

Preparation of this dessert will take a minimumprecious time, and with it you will not worry about the quality of the product that you feed your household. Of course, to buy jelly in the store is the simplest option, but it can never compare with a home dish. Ingredients:

  • a half cup of boiled chilled water
  • two spoons (tea) of natural coffee (in extreme cases - soluble)
  • 2/3 cup of pasteurized milk
  • four teaspoons (without top) of a spoonful of sugar
  • gelatin - 10 grams

Cooking method: First you need to cook natural coffee, and then strain it. Then put the pasteurized milk on a weak fire, when the first bubbles appear on the surface, pour out four tablespoons of sugar and gelatin, previously soaked in cool water. Then stir regularly and thus bring the mixture to full preparedness. Then add the coffee drink and pour the jelly into the molds. To do this, fit kremanki, small cups or glasses with a wide throat. And, finally, put the jelly on the uppermost shelf in the refrigerator. Cooking with this recipe is very simple, so we suggest slightly improving dessert. For this, fill the jelly layer by layer: first the milk, then the coffee. After each procedure, put it in the refrigerator, so that the new "floor" grabbed. This striped dish looks much more spectacular. Before serving, it can be decorated with biscuits or whipped cream with sugar.

Milk jelly for adults

This dessert is suitable for an adult party, soas it includes grape vodka. We think your friends will appreciate the dish and will leave very satisfied. Its preparation takes quite a bit of time, so why not try it? Ingredients:

  • six pieces of chicken yolks
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 20 grams of instant gelatin
  • half a liter of low-fat milk
  • two vanilla pods (can be used in bags)
  • 200 milliliters of cream
  • 400 grams of red or white grapes
  • three tablespoons of powdered sugar
  • 80 milliliters of grape vodka
  • 50 grams of walnuts (or other varieties)

Cooking method: Forms, kremanki or cups, in which you plan to serve dessert to guests, put in the refrigerator. Separate the proteins from the yolks and with a special whisk, whip the latter with sugar until a uniform air consistency. Gelatin fill with cold boiled water and leave for five to ten minutes. In the meantime, put low-fat milk on slow fire and put the cut vanilla pods into it. Keep before boiling, after remove from the plate, allow to cool slightly and add the mixture of yolks, mix well. Then pour into a deep bowl and keep on the stove until thick, not forgetting to stir the jelly regularly. Squeeze gelatin from excess liquid and add to a hot cream, leave in a cool place. Whisk with a fork or whisk of cream, when the cream starts to thicken, add them in a pair with peeled and crushed walnuts. Then pour into refrigerated forms and send to the refrigerator for two or three hours. The preparation of dessert has almost come to an end. Cut the knife red (or white, depending on what you chose) grapes in two parts, each removing the bones. Then sprinkle them with powdered sugar, pour vodka and mix thoroughly. Finish the jellied mixture with the finished mixture, and lay out the remains of fruit on top.

Jelly "Fantasy"

There are a huge number of recipes for thisa delicate dessert. It is made from kefir and yogurt, wine and fruit juice. The easiest and fastest option is the finished powder: poured out, poured water, mixed - and into the refrigerator. We will tell you how to make jelly from cottage cheese. Ingredients:

  • sour cream - two glasses
  • 400 grams of dietary curd
  • powdered sugar - one small cup
  • 125 milliliters of boiling water
  • one packet of instant gelatin
  • cocoa powder - 25 grams
  • four pieces of canned pineapple

Cooking method: Thirty minutes before the start of cooking pour gelatin with cold water and put on a quiet fire. Keep the mixture, not forgetting to stir regularly, until the product completely melts, then remove the dishes from the plate and leave to cool. Drain the excess liquid and cut the pineapples with small cubes, then spread out on the keram. Very tasty desserts come out with fresh fruits, besides, the more they are, the more delicious. The main thing is that the products are combined with each other. Now combine in one bowl sour cream, powdered sugar, as well as cottage cheese, and fork until smooth. Then add the gelatin and mix well. Half of the mixture is poured into molds, and the rest is poured over cocoa powder. Then add to the rest of the ingredients and set freeze. To make the dish look more beautiful, decorate it with coconut or chocolate chips. how to cook jelly

Jelly "Champagne"

The holiday is approaching or at someone from relativesbirthday? Are you tormented by the question of what to cook? Recipes for both complex and simple dishes can be found here - make up your own menu. Choose the food you like, just do not forget that a person remembers the latest events. Therefore, not only to meet, but also to conduct guests need to be worthy. The jelly "Champagne" will help you in this. Ingredients:

  • 35 grams of gelatin
  • 220 grams of sugar
  • two small limes
  • 400 grams of fresh strawberries
  • 25 grams of peeled and crushed pistachios
  • 100 milliliters of orange liqueur
  • 400 milliliters of champagne
  • white chocolate for decoration
  • four yolks and two squirrels
  • one orange (you will need juice and a tablespoon of peel)

Preparation: First, soak the gelatin: until it dissolves, add in 140 milliliters of water 140 grams of sugar and put the mixture on a quiet fire. Stir with a spoon and hold until boiling. Squeeze out the lime juice, and grate the zest on a fine grater and add to syrup, pour gelatin (pour it through gauze). Then cut the strawberries into four pieces and mix with the pink champagne with the previous ingredients. When the jelly is a little cool, pour it into beautiful glasses and send for freezing. It will take about three to four hours. Then lay the pistachios on top, previously peeled and crushed, and decorate with decorative chocolate. Half an hour before serving, whisk in the deep pial, yolks, sugar residues and proteins, then enter orange juice and zest, pour the fruit liqueur and mix well in a water bath to a foamy thick mass. Then put in a separate kremanku and serve simultaneously with jelly. We hope that these recipes will be useful to you and will help not only to feed you, but also to pleasantly surprise your guests. We advise you to read: