Winter coat female: warm, practical and beautiful! As you know, no girl can not do withoutwithout a fashionable and stylish coat. During their existence, a lot of different styles appeared, which have their own characteristics. In addition to its beautiful appearance, coats have a number of advantages. So, for example:

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Virtually do not crumple
  • Good to clean
  • Do not interfere with the penetration of air, resulting in a comfortable temperature regime.
  • The most popular types of coats

    • Balmakaan is a long coat made of coarse wool. The collar is very small, and the sleeves are of the "raglan" type. In doing so, it has a hidden buckle.
    • English. Has a straight silhouette and an English collar. Its length, usually up to the knees or slightly below.
    • Overcoat. This winter coat women will be very fashionable in 2012. It has "standing" lapels, leather buttons and epaulettes on the shoulders.
    • Cocoon. In its form it resembles a cocoon, voluminous near the waist.
    • Kopar. A very long coat made of genuine leather.
    • Loden. Long, classic, which has a special fold behind. Made only from loden.
    • Mac. Has a small laid collar, silhouette straight. At the same time it must necessarily be at the back of the slot, the soup clasp and inclined pockets. Patches and belt have buckles.
    • New Bow. Characterized by a narrow waist, lush hem, which resembles a flower and a tight bodice.
    • Polo. This is an American classic. It is free cut with overlaid woolen pockets. As a rule, it has a beige tone.
    • Ulster. It is made of coarse material, has a detachable hood and belt.
    • French. Characterized by a free silhouette, it has a slightly negligent appearance and short sleeves. Looks very feminine.
    • Burberry. It is very popular because of its waterproofness. Has detachable special warm lining.

    Remember, no matter what style you do not give your preference, you can be sure, protect you even in the coldest days, protect you from colds and, of course, give a beautiful mood.

    Fashion trends of the new season

    A very relevant model in 2012 will bea coat that has mixed colors, styles, cuts and accessories. Also, those species that have a smell will be very popular. So, for example, this winter coat is female in the models of Nicole Farhi, Betty Jackson and Max Azria. In this case, all of them should have an emphasis on the waist, which is highlighted by a leather strap. Again, big collars, large pockets and short sleeves return to fashion. Such models are in Rochas, Alexander Wang and Burberry Prorsum. Also remain in the fashion of a coat that has the silhouette of an hourglass.


    The main fashionable material in 2012 is cashmere, drape, leather and knitwear. It should be noted that the fur extravaganza will continue. Therefore, many designers decorate with natural decor, such as nutria, fox, karakul, muskrat, mink, beaver and fox.


    Pay attention to the fact that the length depends not only on fashion, but also on the kind of coat. Thus, you can choose models of different lengths. For example, mini, midi or maxi.

    Color palette

    This year's fashion will be yellow, blue,Green, blue, purple, orange and dessert shades. But designers recommend choosing the color in accordance with the color of your eyes and skin. Therefore, if you have brown eyes, you are fine with a coat of latte or cappuccino. In this case, the lighter it is, the better. Under blue eyes, a dark blue or green color is ideal. People with dark skin are recommended to choose the white color of a female coat. But with red hair, the color of ivory is perfectly matched. If you do not like monophonic things, pay attention to the colorful prints. This season they will be very rich and bright, reminiscent of the canvas of artists.