Hourglass figure type If nature has awarded you a certain typefigures, then, no matter how hard you try, you can not change it. Because this type is determined by the structure of the skeleton and the ratio of the width of the chest, shoulders and hips. Most lucky women, with the type of figure "hourglass." Lucky in the sense that it is the type of an hourglass figure that is closest to the coveted parameters of 90-60-90. In any case, it is the "hourglass" to achieve such proportions of the figure easier than all other women. Lush breasts, wide hips, pronounced waist ... It would seem, what kind of figure can a woman dream of yet? But even the owners of these treasured proportions are not always satisfied with their own appearance. And why? And because there are no ideal figures! And even on such a figure close to the ideal, not all clothes will look flawless. So, what is this type of figure, and what clothes should be chosen by its owners? Let's figure it out.

general characteristics

As a rule, women with this type of figure havemedium height and harmonious proportions. The shoulders are the same width as the hips, the waist is narrow, and the chest is full. Most "hourglasses" are normostenics, but a large proportion of women of this type have a hypersthenic physique. The undoubted advantage of this type of figure is proportional composition and pronounced female forms. The disadvantage can be called only the propensity to fullness. Although, these women are full of the same very evenly and even gaining extra kilograms, keep the proportions. The first thing that "goes out of order" at the fading hourglass is legs and hips. Often, in such women, the lower part of the trunk is often too heavy. But, we note that they start to gain weight only under the condition of an excess diet. Therefore, a moderate diet allows them to easily maintain a shape. An hourglass is considered a classic type of female figure. In different women, this type can be expressed in different degrees. A clearly expressed figure is the "hourglass" from Merlin Monroe and Lofi Lauren. Moderate version of the "hourglass" of Cindy Crawford. Among other famous people such an impeccable figure can boast Melanie Griffith, Emma Thompson, Kylie Minogue, Naomi Campbell. As an example of a magnificent version of this type of figure, you can bring the forms of the charming Oprah Winfrey, who with obvious excess weight does not lose attractiveness and sexuality. Slender women of this type can afford almost any clothing. And her choice will depend not so much on the forms as on the overall appearance, the color of the hair and eyes. The stale "hourglass" is less free to choose clothes, but can also choose for themselves many styles and models. The task of women's wardrobe with this type of figure is not to hide shortcomings, but to emphasize virtues, repeating the natural lines of the figure. hourglass figure type

Choosing clothes

The main feature of clothes for women ownersthis type of figure - to emphasize femininity. Soft flowing fabrics contribute to this as well as possible. However, the best is the enemy of the good. Therefore, it is important to maintain balance. And combine light and soft fabrics with stiff clothing elements - straight lines of collars, clothing edges and lapels. The type of fabric and style of clothes should complement each other, solving the main task - creating a feminine appearance. We should not forget about the balance: curvature should be combined with more rigid elements, straight lines of lapels, edges and collars - with a soft cloth. All the details and all the fabrics should complement each other, working on the overall impression: femininity and softness. The emphasis in clothes for women with this type of figure is the waist and décolleté area. Pants

  • Straight and slightly flared trousers with a low waist, smooth top and straight legs.
  • Jeans from stretch denim.
  • Capri is made of dense cotton with a length of pants from the middle of the ankle to the middle of the roe.
  • Shorts of any length, but ending below the widest part of the legs.


  • A pencil skirt just below the knee, with a small belt at waist level, sitting exactly like a figure.
  • Half-sunny skirt without a belt or with a narrow belt along the waist line.
  • Skirt-trapezium will be good for tall women and ladies of medium height.
  • Skirt-trousers with low waist.
  • A multi-tiered skirt is suitable only for tall women.
  • The diagonal skirt is only made from soft fabrics that emphasize the bending of the hips.

Blouses and tops

  • Blousons with a belt slightly below the waist in combination with straight trousers and skirts.
  • Tops with a V-neck or with a smell in combination with any skirts and trousers.
  • Slightly fitting T-shirts and T-shirts made of soft cotton or knitwear in a hem.


  • Dress-case up to the knee.
  • Dresses with a hard corset, with a straight or slightly flared skirt.
  • Dresses with a deep cut or with a smell and an asymmetrical drapery.
  • Silk and woolen dresses of diagonal cut.
  • Simple dress without sleeves with an oval or V-neck.

Coats, jackets and cardigans

  • Single-breasted fitted jackets combined with skirts and trousers made of soft fabrics.
  • Denim jackets just below the waist, sitting exactly on the figure.
  • Cardigans are slightly longer than the middle of the thigh in combination with straight trousers or a pencil skirt.
  • Knitted cardigans of simple styles and without extra details.
  • Tightened elongated coats.
  • Coat with odor and length to the knees.

Shoes and accessories

  • Shoes with high and medium heels with almond-shaped noses, so-called "boats".
  • Bags of soft leather or fabric without sharp and hard corners.
  • Rounded but not sharp collar tips.
  • Light chiffon and silk scarves, lace collars.
  • Jewelry corresponding to the growth and width of the bone: tall women - large jewelry, ladies of medium height - large, but elegant accessories, "inch" - small jewelry and jewelry.

clothing hourglass figure type

What to Avoid

Materials and models that add volume to the figure,hourglass is contraindicated. Also, one should avoid clothing of a loose straight cut that will hide the waist and make the figure squat. Women with lush breasts should abandon too deep neckline, as well as from the details of the bodice in the form of frills, patch pockets and folds. Models overloaded with parts are not recommended. If you choose skirts or trousers with a lot of folds, frills or pockets, then combine the bottom with a simple and smooth top. Choosing sleeveless sleeveless shirts, do not buy models from too thin jersey. Excessively fitting styles of clothes - also not your option, however, as well as clothing made from hard fabrics. Do not recommend the length of the figure "hourglass" and the fabric with a geometric pattern, bright stripes and a cage.


Women with a classic figure "hourglass" can and should choose for themselves:

  • fitted and tight clothes;
  • light, soft, flowing fabrics;
  • top with middle and low neckline;
  • Dresses, jackets, coats and blouses that emphasize the waist;
  • Skirts and trousers with a straight or slightly flared silhouette.

An impeccably feminine type of figure will spoil:

  • baggy and loose clothing;
  • pleated skirts;
  • too narrow trousers;
  • heavy and tough fabrics

In a word, the nature given to you exclusivelyfeminine silhouette, with the help of clothes you can make even more spectacular or negate the natural femininity effect of a figure of the "hourglass" type. So choose the right clothes, so as not to spoil what you have from birth. Stay beautiful forever! We advise you to read: