preparing for the summer season Ahead of the long-awaited vacation, and you already nowDo you dream of relaxing at sea? Then at the very time to think about a stylish, bright and at the same time fashionable wardrobe for relaxing on the beach. Today we will help you to create a stylish wardrobe for your summer trip. Swimsuits Diane von Furstenberg and La Perla The main accessory of beach rest, of course,is a swimsuit. Many people are worried about the question: which swimsuit is better: a merged or bikini? We advise not to make a choice between these two options: a bikini is ideal for sunbathing in the afternoon, and monokini is ideal for relaxing by the pool in the evening. Dress and Monsoon dress Do not forget to take a long,sarafan and a short striped dress that are ideal for stylish walks around the city at any time of the day. Shorts made of linen or denim will be useful both for traveling and outdoor activities. Roxy flip flops, sandals Diane von Furstenberg, sandals Juicy Couture As for shoes, the bright flip flops are simplyirreplaceable for a trip to the beach. For walking around the city suitable comfortable light sandals on a flat sole, and for parties - sandals on the platform. Espadrilles - summer shoes made of cotton on a woven sole is an excellent alternative to summer sandals. Ray ban and H & M glasses Also do not forget to put in your suitcasesunglasses and hat. Shorts and t-shirts look good with small square glasses and a hat-feror, and dresses and sarafans - with a stylish wide-brimmed hat and spectacles in a round wide frame. Earrings Accessorize and Beads Oasis Do not take with you to the sea a lot of costume jewelry and jewelry, it is enough to take the most necessary - long earrings and beads in ethnic style. We advise you to read: