Clothes for expectant mothers: beautiful and comfortable! To date, pregnant women canpick up your wardrobe for your pleasure! Clothes for pregnant women are presented in a large assortment - for every taste and purse. And it does not matter if you went to a big store or decided to buy clothes on the Internet. By the way, clothes for your future baby you can also order through . In addition, women in the "position" want tolook sexy and feminine. How to choose clothes that would combine elegance and practicality? Waiting for the baby does not necessarily change your favorite style in clothes, the main thing is to follow the basic rules that will allow you and your future child to feel safe and comfortable. Rules for choosing clothes for pregnant women:

  • Do not run after temporarily losing slim silhouette - health is most important.
  • Choose natural fabrics that absorb moisture well, such as linen, cotton, wool.
  • You should feel comfortable in anyposition, whether walking or sitting. Therefore, clothes should not impede your movements, and most importantly - it should not press on the stomach and chest, rub and pull, creating unpleasant sensations for your skin.
  • Clothes should match the season. In summer things should not overheat, and in the winter protect from wind and cold. Therefore, it is better to buy one quality jacket or coat instead of two or three new blouses on the "exit".
  • Clothing for the 1st trimester

    Clothes for expectant mothers: beautiful and comfortable! The entire first trimester, most likely, you willwalk in his usual clothes. But do not forget that doctors do not advise to constantly wear tight things, as they break blood circulation, squeezing the body. Therefore, if your narrow wardrobe is dominated by tight jeans, it's time to notice them for something more free, for example - dresses. You began to feel that the belt on trousers or a skirt became narrower? It's time to buy new things. During this period of pregnancy suitable clothes for you can still be found in ordinary stores. You will need well-stretching materials, skirts and trousers with kuliska, dresses without accent at the waist, as well as sportswear. Pay attention to the shoes. The height of the heel should not exceed 3 cm, the shoe should be comfortable. Very good if your shoes are made of natural materials. During pregnancy, the legs swell and increase in size. Consider this by purchasing the shoes that you plan to wear during pregnancy.

    Clothing for the 2nd trimester

    Clothes for expectant mothers: beautiful and comfortable! The second trimester of pregnancy is a special period. It seems that the tummy already exists, but it is not so big yet and you are tempted to be tempted to do with the things that you already have. Of course, from a financial point of view, this decision is practical, but it hides a certain danger for you - ordinary clothes do not meet the requirements of the future mother. Put off your usual jeans until better times. Their hard tissue can press on the perineum and impede blood circulation. If you still wear ordinary things, then give preference to sweaters, knitted or with an inflated waist dresses, t-shirts that do not press on the stomach and chest. A skirt and trousers should stretch well, plus have an adjustable belt. Clothes for expectant mothers: beautiful and comfortable! But even in extreme cases you do not need to go - buy"Pregnant" clothes in advance. In the last months of pregnancy it is difficult to predict the size of the tummy, and its size, too. Therefore, things bought in advance may not be in time. If you decide to diversify your wardrobe, we advise you to buy a few basic things - a dress or a sarafan for pregnant women, trousers or trouser suit with an elastic insert supporting the stomach, overalls. Later these things can be supplemented with the already available or less expensive turtlenecks, blouses and tunics. A very economical and successful purchase will be "growing" with the belly models - with clasps that are rearranged with an increase in tummy, with a smell, with an extra volume that is retracted to the outfits, and so on. The problem of wearing the same thing for a long time is very simple, you just need to change accessories - neck scarves, scarves, ornaments will help create a new image. Clothes for expectant mothers: beautiful and comfortable! In the second trimester, it is advisable to purchasebras for pregnant women. This linen is made according to special needs. The adjustable length of the straps and several rows of hooks will allow you to adjust the chest girth. Ideally, the straps on special underwear for pregnant women should be closer to the middle of the chest. The absence of hard stones in the underwear does not prevent the outflow of blood, and seamless models do not injure sensitive skin. It should be borne in mind that the bra should be made from natural fabrics and be toe. In addition to a bra, you need to buy panties and a bandage for pregnant women. About the panties already held moms are constantly arguing - someone insists that panties should be special for pregnant ladies, someone treated ordinary cotton. Not that important. What panties you buy yourself, most importantly - panties should not put pressure on your stomach. During pregnancy, you should forget about strings. Bandage is a very important wardrobe item for a future mother. It supports the baby, the uterus and the abdominal muscles.

    Clothing for the 3rd trimester

    Clothes for expectant mothers: beautiful and comfortable! The main rule of the 3rd trimester - clothing shouldbe either spacious or well stretched, just as it should be comfortable. Model T-shirts or sarafans should be wide, supporting the chest, as well as a masking strap from the brassiere for "pregnant". Tights and leggings are very comfortable clothes for pregnant women, if they do not press on the stomach. An important detail of the wardrobe, especially in winter and in the off-season - pantyhose. Stores for expectant mothers offer a wide range of special pantyhose. If the 3rd trimester of pregnancy fell in the cold season, then the choice of outerwear should be treated rationally. Clothing should be protected from wind and cold, at the same time it should not be heavy. Short jackets and flared coats can not cope with the tasks assigned, if your route is not limited - the entrance - car. It is better to think over a more practical version of outerwear.

    Stylist tips

    Formless and baggy clothes thatwear, as a rule, that would divert attention from their interesting situation, only gives you an untidy look and makes your figure visually much larger. Look good and successfully hide the tummy of a shirt with an overstated waist, tunics and blouses. With them, the flared trousers, which widen from the hip or knee, look advantageous. Clothes for expectant mothers: beautiful and comfortable! Just distracting the attention from the tummy is brightaccessories - scarves, neck scarves. In the last months of pregnancy it is better to wear specially tailored things for expectant mothers, rather than the usual larger size clothes. Not designed for a large tummy hem will be bully, and prisoschitsya in front. When choosing clothes with ornaments, note that a large pattern visually will give you an even larger volume. Therefore, choose things with a small pattern, geometric pattern, or even solid things. If things are monochrome, then from them you will be able to make more images with fewer clothes. We advise you to read: