1 How to choose the right color for your clothesachieve not only an even more attractive appearance, but also its complete combination with your lifestyle, character and even mood? To correctly choose the colors of clothes that, of course, should suit every person, you can follow several principles: taking into account the nature, profession, fashion trend and, finally, the sign of the zodiac. We want to tell you about them today. Each star sign is recommended a certain color gamut. Listen or neglect them - it's up to you! For Aries harmonious colors will be red, orange, raspberry, lilac, carmine, blue and all shiny. For Taurus, lemon, lemon green, orange, yellow and all spring colors are considered favorable. Twins are advised to wear clothes of all colors of the rainbow, except for the green. Those who were born under the constellation of Cancer, the most suitable clothes are white, black, blue, blue and silver. It is better for lions to choose clothes of bright colors: red, orange, purple, scarlet, gold and purple. For the devo, the favorable colors: white, blue, yellow, green, blue and purple. For the Libra, colors such as green, dark blue, blue, seawater and pastel tones are preferred. Scorpions are accompanied by dark red, crimson, scarlet, purple, yellow and black. Sagittarius suits purple, dark red, purple, purple, blue and blue. Capricorns are suitable for yellow, white, purple, black and dark tones of blue, green, brown. For Aquarius, violet, gray, blue, blue-green and purple are considered favorable. For Pisces people, purple, purple, red-violet, purple, blue, navy, black and all shades of blue-green are suitable.