Women's Swimwear Here comes the summer! The city is already stuffy and hot, and the soul longs for the sea ... Preparing for the upcoming vacation is always worth it in advance, in order to avoid fuss and haste in choosing your new assistant - a swimsuit. And now it becomes clear what will wear fashionable women on the best Mediterranean beaches of the gay coasts of the Caribbean or Seychelles. The key theme of this summer season is prints. They are different, they are everywhere. Floral and woody, ethnic and animal, stripes and geometric shapes - this summer everything is possible! So, forward - to the sea! Our journey begins with the picturesque Maldives, where among the gentle azure ocean, coral, sun and palm trees there is a beautiful nymph, Tunisian model of Rome Saidi. A fascinating ocean, peace and tranquility - an excellent place for floral and animalistic prints of swimwear Florange, which remind of the rest in tropical countries. The femininity and attractiveness of our Tunisian beauty is underscored by the successful cut and impeccable style of swimsuits. The final touch is a pareo, a bag and a charming hat - an excellent addition to the bathing suit. Cuba!!! Incendiary, energetic and free. Yes! Our next stop is Cuba. A piercing blue sky, a turquoise Caribbean Sea, endless white beaches and music. Music around and everywhere - on the beach, in a cafe and in the heart. Here, on the picturesque shore of the Caribbean Sea, our model is deliciously good. Bright bikinis, ethnic prints, stripes and geometry are a reflection of a free spirit and a cheerful nature. Important and details - they allow you to diversify the familiar and emphasize the style. Britters, ribbons and fasteners - this season, special attention to accessories and accessories. Swimsuits in stripes And unexpectedly we continue vacation in Montenegro. The mild Mediterranean climate on the Adriatic coast is very welcome after a storm of fun in Cuba. Here you want to be more relaxed and relaxed, to contemplate and enjoy the endless beauty of nature. Great mountains, clean air, fantastic nature, stunning climate - perfect background for original combinations of swimsuits - monophonic fabrics and fabrics with print, eclectic mixes of two or more types of patterns in one model: for example, a cute vichy cell and floral ornament. Fashionable and stylishly the idea of ​​combining such rather unconventional for bathing suit materials, like knitwear, lace or leather. Another great solution for any figure is the tankini swimsuit - original, comfortable and beautiful. Now this model is at the peak of popularity. And it's not surprising. In addition to beauty and convenience, this model can be considered as a corrective one - an elastic and dense fabric specially created to maintain a beautiful figure. Therefore this swimsuit will suit both owners of a harmonous figure, and ladies with magnificent forms. In the coming summer season of 2014, we urge you to be light and airy, passionate and seductive at the same time! Play, explore and invent a variety of fancy combinations. Bright colors, unique accessories, floral and ethnic prints will create a special playful mood that will reflect your entire inner world with a seductive and confident woman. Summer is the time to show imagination! So soon on the sea!