Fashion trends of autumn-winter 2014 Autumn and winter are just around the corner, so it's time to update your wardrobe, choosing a new trendy and warm clothes. In this article we will tell you about which models will be relevant in the current season.

General trends

Design of autumn-winter collections is arethinking old culture or old clothes, which is reflected in all lines and details. A logical consequence is the trend towards recreating images from the past. Other directions are asceticism, graphic character, androgyny of images, while in the foreground there is constructivism with its emphasis on the cut and the form of clothing. Choosing the geometricity of the cut lines, you will be in a trend in the fall or winter of 2016.


Stylish autumn-winter season is performed in beige,pastel, brown tones, is experiencing its next birth emerald green color. Are you practical enough? In this case, Svetlana Zotova and other designers advise wearing white, black and gray clothes - this refers to as coats, coats and down jackets, and trousers, sweaters, dresses, accessories. What kind of compromise can be found between beautiful light colors and always relevant blacks and whites? Fashion experts recommend paying attention to ruby ​​and dark blue colors.

Arrange accents

If you do not like clear graphics andgeometric cut, it is not necessary to buy such things only because they are now in fashion. You can take other trends and just arrange fashionable accents. What options are possible? First, it's a fairy tale. Fabulous elements, heroes and landscapes are now acceptable not only in the children's, but also in the adult wardrobe. Similar prints look equally good both on dresses, and on sweaters, and on a coat. Secondly, the cell looks beautiful - and in the form of geometric patterns, and a simple Scottish cell. Choose such suits - and you will look superstyle. Thirdly, offer us fur. It's about fur coats, vests, dresses, even skirts. Youth - color color blocks, rather than monophonic skins. Fourth, we recommend that you pay attention to ethnicity, as well as knitted tunics and dresses. These things look or elegant, colorful, unusual or soft, cozy, feminine, but they are always appropriate. Well, the last, the fifth bright motif is leather dresses. Exquisite models look beautiful and will emphasize all the dignity of the female figure. A source: