Women's wardrobe For every woman, the issue of a good externaltype and optimal price for clothing. Modern foreign brands can not boast of an adequate price policy. The formation of the prices of European clothing is affected not only by the cost of the product, but also by the popularity of the trade mark, the cost of transportation and customs payments, various taxes, etc. All this together forms not quite attractive cost of clothing of famous world brands. At this time, the market of knitted production was formed in the postsocialist space. Belarus, more than half a century ago, firmly stood on the positions of quality clothing production, and today continues to please its consumers with new fashion collections. Buying Belarusian clothes, in any case, we do not overpay for the cost of brand name, but at the same time we get no less than high-quality product. gives the opportunity to purchase even more cheaply,because there is no need to raise the price through an expensive rental store and the salaries of sellers. Acting as an intermediary between the buyer and the factory, the online store does not charge for its services such a large fee, such as a boutique in a large shopping center. Belarusian products really pleases the eye with its simplicity and grace. Starting from women's underwear, this product combines tenderness and elegance, which is always indicated by the great demand for it. By the way, in contrast to foreign producers, Belarusians do not focus on a strict model standard, but, on the contrary, pay attention to all the sizes and forms of the female body. This is a great advantage of clothes made in Belarus - it is not necessary to have a body of the top model to find the right size. In the fabric of foreign production, one way or another, synthetic raw materials prevail, which can not be said about the products of Belarus. Here in the fabric is always the most part of cotton (aka cotton), part of which in the general composition tends to 100%. This is a tradition strictly followed by producers for more than half a century, and they are not going to change it. Looking at the page of the online store, you can find not only the models of this season, but all the others - spring, summer, winter. It is very important to know your size before buying things. For this, it is necessary to correlate the results of the body measurements with the data of the size table. you can always buy using the Internet. It is very advantageous in this case to unite with several other women of fashion, having made a general order. Thus, each lady will be satisfied with the quality of the purchase and substantial savings. By the way, you can order in bulk not only trousers, but in general all the goods presented in the assortment of the store. These are underwear, stockings, sweaters, skirts, blouses, cardigans, jackets, raincoats, capers, shorts and much more.