children's fashion 2016 for girls We all want to look stylish, fithis professional status and position in society, so that colleagues, friends or relatives for a moment did not doubt our impeccable taste. And meanwhile, great attention must be paid not only to oneself, but to our little treasures-children: they must first of all be dressed "with a needle". Unfortunately, many parents forget about this, choosing things for their crumbs, preference is given not to the style, but to practicality. But after all, the sense of taste of babies needs to be developed from a small age, like motor skills, speech, skills, therefore it is necessary to take seriously to the wardrobe of your tomboys. Therefore, moms and dads just have to find out what it is, the children's summer fashion 2016: what will be popular, what trends will come to the fore, what tendencies will be on the wave of success. Then it will be possible to pick up really stylish things which will be liked not only to you and to a crumb, but also to associates: having seen a joyful smile on faces of passers-by, your kid and itself will be in excellent mood.

Children's clothing: fashion 2016 for the youngest

What are the things to decorate the cloakroom of the crumbs incoming summer season? Attention to moms and dads should be drawn to several fresh ideas offered by the famous designer houses - let's see what Dolce & Gabanna, Sonia Rykiel, Paul Smith want to recommend to us. As before, the brightness remains a hit, it is also relevant for the children's fashion 2016 for toddlers. The central element in the outfit of any boy will be a T-shirt with the original print: the image of the animal or the hero of the favorite cartoon. And for their tiny princesses, moms and dads can buy a sundress with a floral pattern - making this choice, parents will not lose. children's fashion 2016 for boysDolce & Gabbana Strips are added to the brightness: they are the embodiment of the maritime style, they speak of the gaiety and carefree happiness of a happy childhood. Therefore, striped T-shirts and leggings like crumbs, and their parents. With such bright and stylish things, the child will stand out from the noisy crowd of peers, which is very important, because his originality and originality should be emphasized from the diaper. children's fashion 2016 photosIn the photo on the left, a striped turtleneck and pantyhoseSonia Rykiel. In the photo to the right, a knitted hat, pullover and pantyhose Paul Smith Children's fashion 2016 for kids can not do without jeans: in the summer their moms and dads will often remember their convenience and versatility. After all, a restless child must necessarily play and frolic, so it's important not to forget about practical things, literally created for walks. By the way, in the coming season on a wave of success will be worn to whiteness and even to holes, jeans with appliqués and decorative patches. children's fashion 2016 summerDolce & Gabbana children's summer fashionDolce & Gabbanalines: white jacket for a sunny day out, denim overalls for fun games - even the smallest ones can look stylish, and the upcoming summer season will prove it.

Children's clothing: fashion 2016 for girls

Every little princess wants her outfitswere really royal, so that her girlfriends admired her wardrobe. After all, the desire to dress beautifully and elegantly is always present in the beautiful sex, regardless of age: all girls, girls, women and grandmothers tend to emphasize their delicate taste and sense of style. Therefore, moms and dads need to take care of the wardrobe of their little daughter, enrich it with things that will delight everyone in the coming season. One of the most popular trends in the children's fashion in 2016 for girls continues to be a small floral pattern, but this year it can be combined with monophonic, checkered and striped fabrics. And the most successful are combinations of white, blue, pink, lilac colors - even the most capricious babies will be pleased with the variety of the color palette. children's summer fashion 2016Flower print In the coming season, a palm treesuperiority is given to the volume of children's clothing: the fashion of 2016 meets us with multi-stage skirts and sarafans with tulle skirts. Air things with an abundance of flounces, ribbons and frills create the effect of a holiday: with them even an ordinary walk will turn into a solemn appearance - with such a wardrobe your little princess will learn to be a real lady from a young age. baby clothes fashion 2016Lush dresses and skirts The coming season introducesa bold decision - an imitation of the patchwork technique: the children's fashion 2016 for girls introduces us to a cloth, made up of a lot of individual pieces, but actually without seams. Such things do not just look quite original and beautiful, they retain their practicality, and this is always true if you are growing up a real one. After all, the seams, despite all their attractiveness, would be uncomfortable, so the designers and made them an imitation. children's fashion 2016 for kidsClothing in the style of patchwork Of course, any wardrobea little princess will not do without things with an abundance of ornaments: rhinestone, appliqués, prints. In the children's fashion of 2016, summer is given a special place to decorative elements: satin ribbons, trinkets, trinkets, chains, a combination of different patterns. children's fashion 2016 for girls and boysDecorated clothes for girls In a word, in the coming season your little princess can look like a real queen, brilliant, delightful and elegant.

Children's clothing: fashion 2016 for boys

Mom and Dad need to get acquainted withtrends that are relevant to future gentlemen, so that their restless tomboy from a young age can form a taste and sense of style. Today, cars, airplanes, cartoon characters and other fun applications lose their relevance - the 2016 children's fashion for boys is more adult. Things kids approaching teenagers: to replace Mickey Mouse and SpongeBob come large abstract prints. children's fashion 2016 for boys for the summerLarge abstract print Summer palm tree championshipit will be possible to give boldly to the sports style, because its convenience is ideal for practical parents of really active guys. But versatility should be beautiful, so designer houses offer us patterns from a complex cage and strip, draw our attention to a combination of beige, white, blue and red. summer children's fashion 2016 photosCage and strip And for all this one of thecharacteristic trends of the children's fashion 2016 for boys will be focus on rigor: from fidgets and bully today try to make little men. Therefore, in the coming season, straight lines, consistency in one color range, imitation of pockets, trousers with accentuated valves will be relevant. children's fashion 2016 summer for boysElegant style Even playing in "war"a tomboy can and should look stylish and beautiful: with today's variety of design solutions in your power to make so that they admire all the mothers of the yard.

Children's Summer Fashion 2016: Popular Trends

children's summer fashion for girlsFashion Trends Above we have repeatedly talked aboutbrightness and severity - one of the main features of the upcoming season will be a harmonious combination of both. For example, the simplicity and straightforwardness of the sarafan will be perfectly complemented by a rich lilac color or a marine stripe, and the classic lines of jeans trousers will be beautifully decorated with imitation pockets and patchwork sutures. An important component of the children's summer fashion 2016 continues to be the emphasis on environmental cleanliness. Naturally, the health of the child plays a key role, therefore for collections designers choose only safe fabrics - no synthetics. Usually popular will continue to be jeans and children's clothing: fashion 2016 again appeals to her. Believe me, in spite of the heat and stuffiness, in skirts and shorts from denim will go as a preschooler, and adolescents: jeans have long become a classic, over which no whims and features of the season are dominated.

Children's Fashion 2016: photos of the latest collections

Buying things to your beloved child, moms and dadsshould be guided by "legislators of tastes", that is, on popular design houses. Therefore, we should look at those novelties presented by world famous couturiers - their bold ideas will allow parents to successfully enrich the wardrobe of their sons and daughters. If you want to see how bright, colorful and original the 2016 children's fashion can be, the photo collections of Roberto Cavalli deserve your attention. This design house develops two lines: Angels for young princesses and Devils for naughty tomboy. And both of them perfectly show that modern teenagers can dress with taste and at the same time be defiantly original. Bright colors of skirts, jackets and T-shirts, abstract drawings, colorful combinations of saturated colors - all this Roberto Cavalli Angels & Devils. The collection is almost ideal for active boys and girls, not a second not sitting on the spot, always tuned to positive and entertaining, to new emotions and only positive impressions. children's summer fashion 2016Collection Roberto Cavalli Angels & Devils If sameYou want to see the presence of adult lines in the world of children's fashion 2016, photos of new products from Zara will be very useful. In the collection of this design house, we can see a reflection of all the current trends and modern trends: it's easy to get acquainted with the variety of striped and checkered shirts, seamstresses and sarafans in naval style, bright sandals, floral dress, T-shirts with abstract prints. We should not forget about jeans things - the collection presents a lot of models that will perfectly suit the most sophisticated and even capricious little mods. Yes, some images of Zara are a reflection of adult looks, but it's even good, because many kids want to look like their parents. Just such "adult" things and help from a young age to instill in boys and girls a sense of good taste. children's fashion 2016Collection of Zara Kids Look at the sea of ​​brightcolors, the freshness of original ideas, the courage of rich combinations - all this gives us a children's fashion 2011: the summer promises to be just great! We advise you to read: