sheepskin coats for women 2016 2017 photos With the onset of cold weather can not do withoutwarm and comfortable clothes. And fashion designers do not forget about this, putting comfort and warmth first when developing new collections. Every season, designers please us with fashionable and stylish novelties. What this time prepared for the female fashion designers and famous brands? This year lawmakers once again remembered the sheepskin coats, which several years ago, being at the peak of popularity, fell in the heart of many of our compatriots. However, very soon they became too accessible and lost their relevance. And this autumn and winter after several years of "exile" sheepskin coats, the women's 2016-2017 again climb the pedestal of fashion and acquire a new life. So their finest hour came again.

Natural sheepskin coat - the best option for Russian winter

Today, women's fashionable sheepskin coats aresafely call the most popular and promising subject of the winter wardrobe, because they have a lot of advantages and undeniable advantages. One of the main reasons why choosing a winter outerwear is to give preference to the sheepskin coat - this is its always stylish and attractive appearance. In the collections of the autumn-winter season 2016-2017, the selection of women presents countless varieties of sheepskin coats of modern brands that can satisfy the taste of the most fastidious women of fashion. At the same time, models of sheepskin boots 2016 - photos from fashion podiums well illustrate this - can be of absolutely any color, length and style, differ modest or bright extravagant finish. Which one to choose for the upcoming winter, depends on your personal taste. But no matter which option you give your preference, you can rest assured, any of them is 100 percent consistent with all the requirements of modern ladies for outerwear. A variety of options for every taste allows each representative of the fair sex to choose the most suitable version of the top women's clothing, based on their personal preferences and the climatic conditions in which she lives. After all, for residents of cold latitudes there is nothing better than a warm, comfortable, practical and at the same time stylish sheepskin coat.

Main trends of the season

New collections of women's fashionable sheepskin coats alreadysubmitted to the court of the general public. And all of them, judging by the latest fashion shows, are very chic and deserve your attention. To get a better idea of ​​the models that fashion designers have prepared for us for the new season, we suggest you make a short excursion behind the scenes of the fashion podiums. Looking at this magnificence, you do not cease to be surprised by the imagination of modern designers. One model is more beautiful than the other and each option is good in its own way. New models of sheepskin coats, photos of which you see here, attract attention and bribe fashionists with their variety. We want to draw your attention only to the most popular of them. So, what models of female sheepskin coats from natural fur will be relevant this season?

    Sheepskin coat

Judging by the photo, the models of sheepskins in 2016 onfashion podiums are present in a variety of variations. The most classic version of a woman's sheepskin coat is, of course, a sheepskin coat. In this season, they were remembered by many brands. This kind of women's outerwear today can be found in the collections of most designers. Such models of sheepskin boots 2016, the photos of which you see here, are ideal for absolutely any weather. They are made of sheepskin with a special finish, thanks to which the fur coats become lighter, warmer, breathable and waterproof. The sheepskin coat is a straight silhouette, as in the collection of Max Mara, does not exclude the presence of a belt, but only not very wide. This accessory will add style to the image, advantageously emphasize the waist, and at the same time beautify your winter outfit. Perhaps the most interesting versions of fashionable sheepskin models offered the female to the new season Hermes: at first glance the models presented to them are quite strict even for business women, but at the same time they look elegant enough. This version of clothing, regardless of the situation, is able to present any woman in a favorable light. Sheepskin coats for women 2016-2017: photos from the autumn-winter shows, published on our website, well illustrate the variety of styles and models. Modern women of fashion certainly will like fur coats with a finish of natural fur: arctic fox, mink, beaver and squirrel. Fur trim can be on both the collar and cuffs. New models of sheepskin coats in a photo from the collections of such brands as Patricia Pepe, Selene and Adam, look incredibly beautiful and stylish. models of sheepskin coats 2016 photos

    Minimalistic sheepskin coats

This autumn and winter, women's sheepskin coats of a free-cut type of cloak or knee length are very actual. fashionable sheepskin models

    Shortened female sheepskin coats

Lovers of a more democratic styledesigners have prepared many different models of short sheepskin coats. For the most part, these are lightweight voluminous lambskins up to the hip, made in a sporting style and military style. Almost all of them have a straight silhouette and a large turndown collar. Presented in this season, fashionable models of sheepskin coat are surprisingly well combined with many things of women's wardrobe. They look great with war-style cargo pants, with a classic pencil skirt and knitted sweaters. women's fashion sheepskin coats

    Aviator jackets

A real hit of the coming winter are shortjacket-pilots. It would seem that this option is not suitable for a severe winter, but to the surprise of a sensible public, such models of short sheepskin coats have won the hearts of many modern girls. In order not to freeze in cold weather in such a jacket, designers suggest wearing it with a long thick sweater. short sheepskin models

Material, finish and coloring

The main material for making winterfemale sheepskin coat is sheepskin. As for the ornaments, then this season the sheepskin coats should not be too pretentious and luxurious. The main attribute is the sheepskin or luxurious fur on the collar, cuffs and buckle. In this case, it can be both a contrasting color, and in the tone of a fur coat. Despite the practicality of the hood, in the models of 2016 they are in most cases absent. As a decoration can act only a thin belt. As for the coloring of fashionable women's sheepskin coats this season, it can be all shades of beige up to a dark chocolate color. In the collections of some designers you can find products of bright shades: peach, red and even sky-blue. Such a subject of women's wardrobe, like sheepskin coat, can become an ideal version of outerwear not only for the winter period, but also in the off-season. Autumn and early spring are often characterized by very unstable and capricious weather. Considering this, along with warm winter variants, fashion designers have developed many interesting lightweight models of women's sheepskin coats, which will surely please many of our contemporaries. We hope that our review will help you decide on the choice of fashionable sheepskin coats for women 2016-2017 (photos from catalogs will also be able to help) and buy for the new season a really high-quality thing that will please you for several seasons. Believe me, a sheepskin coat is worth it to exchange it for the most luxurious fur coat. In addition, that in such clothes you will feel incredibly comfortable and comfortable, you in any situation will look elegant and flawless. We advise you to read: