trendy swimwear 2016 All brightens the warm spring sun andit's time to think seriously about the beach season. And every girl in the first place is to find out what fashionable swimwear in 2016 will be on the wave of success. After all, this particular element of clothing is an indispensable attribute of summer holidays - a swimsuit can be bright, bold, piquant, frank and even provocative, but it is always present in the wardrobe of any rest. So let's discuss fashionable bathing suits in 2016, talk about what will be popular and attractive, and choose the best. Having given preference to the most successful and popular models, the girl will be able to perfectly feel on the beach, emphasize her beauty and attraction, sexuality and fascination. It's easy to make the right choice, because certain trends have already appeared and formed in the past, so you can easily identify the best of the fashionable bathing suits of 2016: the photos will be an excellent assistant in this matter. Look at the latest collections of designer houses - they pleasantly surprise with their freshness, courage and novelty. Look at the most fashionable swimsuits of 2016: the photos of real beauties gracefully posing against the background of luxurious beaches and shady palms fill us with thoughts of a long-awaited and such a wonderful holiday. So let's make the dream a step closer and think about choosing a particular swimsuit model, taking into account the latest trends and trends.

Bright Summer

The first thing to talk about is the colors,which selected leading fashion designers: it seems that they wanted to amaze us with a real riot of colors and shades. A huge success has already begun to use models of blue, and all of its palette, from the gentle heavenly to the rich and almost blue. Very impressive looks and the green color of fashionable bathing suits 2016: women's collections are pleasantly surprised by the variety of colors: you can admire the green and olive models for a long time. Remarkably different combinations of green and blue look also: we can see how they are intertwined in drawings, inserts, combinations. Moreover, the very color of the sea wave is always magnificent - it is fresh and interesting. But the fashion designers do not forget about the fire of piquancy and passion, creating fashionable swimwear 2016: the summer will be really hot. This is shown to us by positive orange and bright red models - such rich colors always attract attention. fashionable swimwear summer 2016 photo Somewhere, brightness borders on primitive savagery,therefore on a wave of success there will be also leopard female swimsuits of 2016г. "Animal" motif emphasizes the brightness and courage of the owner of this model is the choice of self-assured girls, striving for spectacularity. fashionable swimwear 2016 photos It will continue to be very popularuse and "chaste" swimsuits: pastel shades are a decision in favor of modesty. But at the same time, such models are chosen by connoisseurs of elegance, elegance and high style - light and solid colors will remain in demand in the upcoming beach season. Fashionable swimsuits of 2016 Put on models and stripes or polka dots -this will also be fashionable bathing suits of 2016: summer promises to be quite free. On the beach, every girl can express her personality and emphasize what she likes. Fashionable swimwear summer 2016 It is even surprising how much they echocurrent trends and fashionable swimwear summer 2016: photos speak about it without words. In the models all modern tendencies are reflected, to this are subordinated also colors - a cage and black-and-white combinations very soon will be visible on all beaches.

The most fashionable swimsuits of 2016

Fashionable swimwear 2016 summer It is safe to say that in this beachseason ball will rule democracy - no restrictions. Fashion designers choose a variety of shapes for swimming trunks and bodices, creating really fashionable swimsuits of 2016: photos of the last collections will tell you that we are right. More and more design houses say that comfort comes first - comfort is becoming a new trend. Freedom of style can be clearly seen in the choice of style: the same popularity promises to use both separate and solid models, like the most daring bikini, and rather modest, but simultaneously exciting monokini. Approximately the same situation with straps and ties: the most fashionable bathing suits in 2016 can be completely without them. By the way, most promisingly these models promise to look with bold and bright pictures - this combination perfectly emphasizes the elegance and indomitableness, modesty and attraction of the girl. Of course, they might be uncomfortable for the owners of a large breast, but the designers have foreseen it - another popular trend of the upcoming beach season will be loops clasped around the neck. Another interesting thing that fashion swimsuits give us: the summer of 2016 speaks about the variety of models, and you realize that once again well-known elements become popular. The style of the '50s and' 70s becomes topical again: slip and high-heel can be seen in many collections, for example from Rebecca Taylor and Yigal Azrouel. the most fashionable swimwear 2016 Popular swimsuits in 2016 will continueremain representatives of the classics - the "Mayo" models, their cutouts in the form of V and P continue to attract attention. But about "Plunge", very popular in past beach seasons, will soon be forgotten - her deep neckline will cease to be relevant.

Accessories for swimsuits

fashionable women's swimwear 2016 Remember that any model you choosecan be made even more impressive and original with the help of various ornaments: this season on the beaches you will find not only bright colors and an abundance of free styles. The majority of owners of the best swimsuits of the summer of 2016 will flaunt in graceful hats, decorate their handles with bracelets and look at the waves through sunglasses - all kinds of accessories will become almost a must-have addition to the look of the resting girl. But there is one of them, which is worth mentioning separately - it's a belt: very soon it will be worn with any beachwear, and even the most fashionable women's swimwear of 2016 will not be an exception. Rather, on the contrary: this decoration will be beneficial to emphasize them - from the very first days of rest the belt will attract its unusual. Not so much an accessory, as the original addition to the fashionable swimwear of 2016 summer will be prints, because they can be almost any. On the beaches we will meet a lot of graceful tigresses, graceful panthers, affectionate cats and simply showy girls with original patterns on swimming trunks and a bodice.

Summer of 2016 gives freedom of choice

Let's look at the "raisings" of popularmodels, on those characteristic features, due to which they will be allocated on the beach. Leaders among separate fashionable bathing suits in 2016 will be "bandins" - combinations of low melting at the outfits and strapless bodice. Fashionable Women's Swimwear 2016Bandini Monokines will also look spectacular, especially monophonic, however, they will not yield to the abovementioned "Mayo" or "high-heel". what fashionable bathing suits in 2016Monokini This season lovers of activeleisure without any problems will find themselves ultra-fashionable swimwear 2016 women: the presentation of the latest collections tells us about the approaching wave of popularity of the sports style - comfortable and practical, they will rule the ball. fashionable swimwear 2016 photoSports swimsuit It is impossible to forget and aboutknitted models: they look quite exotic, but always attractive and stylish - the technique of macrame and hand-made will be an excellent exclusive option. the most fashionable swimwear 2016 photosKnitted swimsuit An effective addition to the mostFashionable swimwear in 2016 will be beachwear: its style is also dictated by freedom and a departure from strict standards. Girls can safely choose short and long tunics, transparent and pretty tight cloaks, and even light summer coats - it is important only to observe the "unwritten rules" and pick up clothes in the tone of a swimsuit. This is necessary in order to show the whole beach not only its magnificent figure, but also to demonstrate a delicate taste.

What fashionable bathing suits are offered to us by fashion designers in 2016?

Let's turn our attention to the collectionelite, sensational, original and simply magnificent collections of famous designer houses - how can they surprise us in the coming beach season? In the series from Victoria Secret there are fashionable swimsuits of the summer of 2016 with pea prints. We can say that this is the central element of the entire collection - thanks to this house, both fairly small and large enough peas have already become a trend of the upcoming beach season. fashionable swimwear 2016 summerVictoria Secret But Agua Bendita surprises usabstraction - it is these prints that are presented not only in closed and inseparable models, but also in bikinis (with or without ties). Solving the question of which fashionable swimsuit in 2016 you should buy, choose one of these - then on the beach you will be accurately paid attention. fashionable swimwear summer 2016Agua Bendita Impress and animal print modelsfrom L-Space - this design house made a bet on chic and did not lose. In addition, the second trend of the collection were knitted models with fringe - with such fashionable bathing suits in 2016, summer and rest will be even richer and more original. Fashionable swimwear 2016gL-Space Lovers are stressed gracefully and evenclassical rigor is sure to like the collection of Shan - this is the choice of owners of delicate taste. Monotonous and abstract, but always elegant - every such fashionable women's swimsuit 2016, without words will tell us that his owner knows how to find really stylish things. the most fashionable swimsuits of 2016Shan A variety meets us collection LuliFama: we can see open and closed models with tiger and abstract prints, monochrome and with drawings and combinations. This is a real gift for any girl - even the most demanding holidaymakers will be able to find their perfect swimsuit from Luli Fama. fashionable swimwear 2016 summer seasonLuli Fama We are presented with an exotic collection by Maaji 2016: Colombian design house has always been distinguished by its taste and delicate vision of beauty, therefore each of their models can be considered as elite without exaggeration. Girls, this is one of the most fashionable swimwear in 2016: a photo collection from Colombia is worth seeing - original and memorable, they are worth your attention. fashionable swimwear summer 2016 models photosMaaji Lovers of the caller, but at the same timealways stylish and elegant chic perfectly suited model from the collection Sauvage. The undivided top and bottom of such swimsuits looks unusual enough, boldly and sexually, therefore they perfectly suit the lucky owners of a beautiful figure - each seductive line is emphasized simply perfectly. fashionable swimwear 2016 photos of the new seasonSauvage After seeing all these collections, even the mostdemanding girls will be able to choose the fashionable swimsuits of summer 2016: photos of masterpieces from designer houses will allow to find an excellent model and confidently open the beach season.