why do not you carry in loveA couple of times having stepped on the same rake, wewe try to either remove them far away, or carefully avoid them, so as not to stuff another bump. This applies to almost all aspects of life. In addition to the love aspect. Here it is sometimes difficult to determine which rake we are constantly parasailing and how to deal with them. In general, no one is insured from bad luck in love, and almost all at least once in their life faced him. This is normal. But when someone fails in a relationship persecuted constantly - it's already abnormal. Even worse, when one person's similar failures are similar to each other, like two drops of water. Now we will talk about why it is not lucky in love very often and what can be done about it.

Failures in the relationship. Scenario

Our life is like a movie, where we alwaysplay a role. Love relationships are no exception. Those who always ask themselves the question: "Why am I unlucky in love?", They most likely develop according to one and the same scenario. Change only the scenery and appearance of the main characters. And failures remain the same. Conclusion: in order to change the situation for the better, you need to rewrite the script. A huge number of women were at least once, but abandoned by men. I must say that many of them managed to rethink their role in the relationship and in the future could be quite happy. However, there are also representatives of the weaker sex who repeat their mistakes almost to old age. This mainly refers to women who always blame for the collapse of the relationship itself, considering it as their causes for their own appearance, ineptitude, short-sightedness and so on. This feeling of guilt usually appears for the first time in a young girl, which the guy left. She is not yet sure of her attractiveness and is convinced that she is not loved because of angularity, pimples, a small chest and the like. If subsequently a similar opinion about himself does not change for a young person, it will give rise to all kinds of complexes. And there will be a steady fear of failure in relationships, which significantly limits the choice of a partner in life for a woman. Pre-tuning to failure, she will avoid acquaintances with those who like. Well, those who like the girl herself, sooner or later will feel this fear and leave it. In short, the underlying fear of failure of a relationship will almost always lead to this failure. How in this case to solve the issue of bad luck in love? It is necessary to change the plot of relations with men and destroy the fear of failure. To do this, you should become more active, make more and more new acquaintances, make appointments, go to meetings and so on. This will help develop self-confidence and that relations with a strong gender can be managed. It would be nice to talk with former partners and find out the reasons for parting with them. It is likely (and often that's the case) that the reason for parting was not what we expected. Do you know why people break their relationship? Departure, employment, illness, some domestic or professional problems ... And we here have hammered into our heads that, say, love is unworthy! And that's why we will always be thrown. Yes, no one did not quit at all! And he will never give up! Fear of failures in love will go away - failures themselves will go away. Well, well, we say. Let's say relations have acquired a different character and have become more reliable and positive. And how to be, if men throw - do not throw, but for some reason constantly change? why am I unlucky in love

Problems in the relationship. Treason

Now very often there are arguments about the malepolygamy and how to treat it. Spears break with a deafening crash, the truth still does not come into the light, but it does not make it any easier for us. What's the difference, polygamous there guys or not, if most of us to their betrayals can never get used to? Misty hints that men need a variety of little consolation - there are many couples where the husband does without it. And here you try, you try for the common happiness, and so suddenly you find out that he has someone else. And this "someone" may be far from perfect and in general you are inferior in many respects. Why?! Why is beautiful unlucky in love in this case? What, indeed women are divided into those who change and those with whom they change? Yes. And really. Probably, many people are familiar with the situation when a spectacular, clever clever woman is constantly confronted with the fact that her partners, regardless of their appearance and status, run to the left. From what? What's happening? And what happens is what kind of thing. If we initially see other women as a potential threat to their happiness, then they will become this threat. And it does not matter, they want this different from us, the representative of the weaker sex or not. In other words, when we want to win the heart of a man and believe that it can belong to one of the women yet, we subconsciously allow these women there and let in. It is clear that in this case we are not talking about daughters, mothers or sisters. So it turns out that when we perceive other females as their aggressive rivals, rivals among them will certainly be found. And a man bypasses one of them one day will not pass. What to do with it? To say to myself: "Yes, I'm not the only woman in the world. But I'm unique !!! This has never been, no, and will not be. Therefore, I am unique in their uniqueness! ". And try to take it as seriously as possible: take care of yourself as a child, do not allow to be offended or upset. It is necessary to fill your own world, first of all, with yourself and with your aspirations. And then in the soul of the man who appeared in this world there will be no room for someone else. Quite frankly, male betrayals directly to bad luck in love have a distant relationship, because they change and love. But in fact many of us are convinced - if the man has gone to the left, means, the love has passed. That's to ensure that such a belief does not arise, and you should become confident in your own exclusivity. Did not appreciate one man? Let's find another! And let him then turn his neck, trying to bite his own elbow!

Errors in the relationship. Reliability

There is a category of women, men constantlyuse for their own purposes. Some of them need a temporary shelter, someone - material assistance, someone is trying to find a vest or a career, and so on ... In short, everyone is looking for a profit in relations with the poor thing. And she is ready for everything for her chosen one. Even if it understands that it is only used. What is the reason for such submission is unambiguously difficult to determine. Here, the role is also played by feelings, and gullibility, and inability to repel meanness, and habit, and a thirst for self-sacrifice. Many ladies of this kind believe that a man can be corrected by his all-forgiving and boundless love and obtained from him reciprocity. In fact, usually this behavior is typical of women, and not forgiving the idealism of children's fairy tales, where the characters are clearly divided into good and evil, bad and good. It seems to them that the real love relations are similar to the relations from the "Scarlet Flower". And the monster, if he sincerely love, one day turns into a fairy prince. In reality, the monster remains a monster, how many "scarlet flowers" he does not bring. And the poor all drag them with arms, suffering, swallowing tears and hoping for the best. What to do in this case? To realize that fairy tales and reality are not the same thing. And there are no princes, but there are those who are able to give happiness, and those who never give it. And determine for yourself which of the men belongs to which category. Of course, if the exterior has a leading meaning, there's nothing to complain about bad luck in love. There is always a handsome guy or just a type with a pleasant appearance who is just looking for someone to use. Well, if you really want happiness and reciprocity, then you will have to reconsider your requirements. And learn to say "no" to those whose intentions are either clear, or cause doubt. After all, true femininity is not an eternal readiness for self-sacrifice. It is softness, tenderness, sensuality, requiring care and understanding. There is one more similar to the above-described reason for bad luck in a relationship, patience. Let's talk about her. why beautiful does not carry in love

Bad luck in love because of patience

It would Seem, to someone to whom, and young ladies withthe angelic character of eternal ill luck in love can not be complained. Aha. It was not there. It is they who are complaining about such bad luck more often than others. The reason is that to overly patient women all the time attracts complex in nature men. In general, these are rude, selfish muzhlans, for whom a woman is only a means of satisfying her needs. They do not consider it necessary to strain when communicating with her, rude, scandalous, finding fault and even dismissing their hands. Specialists of the angelic type can endure all this. And, as a rule, they suffer. Because they tend to regret their offended to the whole world, embittered partners. Yes, besides, and consider that this is their cross. In the depths of the soul, such women always cherish the hope that forgiveness can warm a man and, in the end, lead the way. Well, suppose, maybe an evil stray dog, if he give love and care, become affectionate and submissive? Dogs - yes. Man - hardly. He does not give in to training and will always bite. Therefore, women with the idea of ​​unlimited tolerance should be understood: it is impossible to turn anyone who hates everyone into a kind and spiritual creation. He just enjoys the fact that someone is suffering. And it will always create an environment for someone's suffering. The only way out in this situation is to switch attention to one's own person, one's needs and one's aspirations. Trying to remake an adult person, by all means creating him comfortable for the existence of circumstances - an ungrateful occupation. It is better to do self-improvement and get a real chance for personal happiness. Another of the answers to the question, why is not lucky in love, there may be an increased initiative of the woman in relations with men. It is worth such a representative of the weaker sex to draw someone's attention, as she immediately rushes to actively cajole him: appoint a date to the object of passion, call him and even fall asleep with gifts. Usually men are frightened by this behavior of a woman, because it does not allow them to understand their feelings for her. And in general it is perceived as an excessive obsession, which causes suspicion. In fact if the lady is so intrusive, means, something with it not so. Such women are like gamblers trying to catch a beast. In this case, beasts are men who feel trapped. Of course, they are trying to get out of the trap! What kind of reciprocity can we talk about then? To make it appear, a woman needs to become more reserved in her actions. Do not scare the men. They do not like it. We advise you to read: