surprise for the husband Life is addictive. As we know, no boat of family happiness has broken about it. But from the very first seemingly hopeless situation one can always find a way out. Even if you live with your man together for more than a year and seemingly have thoroughly studied each other's habits, if everyday worries and deeds seemed to have completely dragged you into their quagmire, and the future does not herald any changes, you can always make a surprise for the husband and kindle a new fire in your relationship. Surprise and impress your soul mate, help him remember that you are a bright and unusual woman who deserves all the best, you can at any time, completely not tying a surprise to a certain date - the more unexpectedly he will be. On the other hand, you can please your husband and a holiday and present a surprise as a gift - it all depends on the specific situation and your imagination. Stereotypes and feature films offer a whole host of unusual but difficult performances that can hit absolutely any member of the stronger sex. For example, you can come to his work in one cloak and give an unforgettable gift in the form of yourself or order for his birthday a huge cake, and then jump out of it. But you will agree, this is not every woman's power: the climate in our country is cold and not any woman decides to flaunt the streets without underwear, and a huge cake is a very expensive thing. Therefore, the question naturally arises: what surprise can a husband make with the most ordinary woman, in the arsenal of which only her own imagination and a little bit of enthusiasm? what a surprise to make to her husband

Consider the characteristics of men

That the event conceived by you has passed on hurray,first of all, it is necessary to take into account the character of the man to whom it is calculated. A quiet and humble spouse is unlikely to like it, if instead of a sweet and caring wife at home he will be met by a red-haired seductress in lace stockings - he can be simply taken aback. For this type of men, gentle and romantic surprises are more suitable. Let him come home after work, instead of you, he will find a note inviting him, for example, to the place of your acquaintance or to the restaurant where your first date passed. If your husband is not deprived of excitement, the task can be complicated and arrange a small city quest, the main prize in which you will be. In the organization of such a surprise, your friends can help you: in some ways it will resemble visiting ransoms, which are very popular at the moment. The essence of them is that the man is offered unique riddles-hints, following which he moves around the city and eventually finds you. The main thing is not to drag out such an adventure, otherwise your husband can get tired and just lose all interest - it will be enough for two or three movements. In this case, a man, of course, should be on the car. Homemade and sentimental spouses also will surely like the photo albums of your own making or, a puzzle from your family photo. If you draw well, you can make a T-shirt with its image. The easiest way to do a drawing on textiles in black and white, denoting shadows in black, - you can buy all the necessary tools in a specialized store. You can, of course, order a T-shirt, but a thing made by yourself always produces a much greater effect. If your image is a sexy or business woman, and you and your husband spend a lot of time in bed or on all sorts of receptions, your companion will be very surprised, if at home he will wait for dinner, prepared by yourself. In order to diversify such a traditional surprise for the spouse as a romantic dinner, you can arrange a themed evening, for example, in oriental or Japanese style, cook dishes of the appropriate cuisine, buy national drinks, take care of the decoration of the room in the traditional style, and, for example, a geisha. You can go further and present a surprise to your husband as a joint parachute jump or a balloon ride. To implement the latter, you will need to contact the appropriate agencies, but the amount of adrenaline and impressions that you receive will more than cover all costs. You want to not only make your husband happy, but also remind him that you need care and attention? Take the first step! Invite your narrowed to the match of his favorite football team or to a concert of your favorite band - the result is sure to exceed all your expectations, because men, strangely enough, need support and care as much as we do. You do not draw well? Disgustingly compose poetry? All the better. Surprisingly, men are delighted with unexpected funny gifts, made in a style that their woman does not own at all. If you write not cute and cloying, but a funny and slightly ridiculous poem, then a man, especially if he has a good sense of humor, is likely to be on top of bliss. The same effect is produced by original drawings executed in your own, perhaps even simply awful style. So they are arranged, these men. The exception is, perhaps, only the most responsible and respectable representatives of the strong half of humanity, who think about affairs all the time, and they are not supposed to smile at their status. How many years you have not lived together with your husband, you can always find a way to hit him and make you fall in love again. The main thing is not to overdo it with a surprise, otherwise instead of a pleasant continuation you can expect a real scandal. It's stupid to climb to a man with a romantic dinner or red erotic underwear, if he has big troubles at work, and all thoughts are absorbed only by this. To help him relax, in this case there will be enough delicious dinner or a pleasant massage. Surprises require a certain attitude of all its participants - consider this, and then all your ideas will be the first step on the way to a new round of your relationship. We advise you to read: