why does not a man call Agree that each of us has been in lifecases where we all day and night waited for a phone call from a beloved man. When the heart contracted in a furious alarm and we jumped from any call to the mobile, hoping that we would hear our native voice. But men are strange creatures, they do not seem to understand that we are waiting for their phone calls and hope for reciprocal feelings. Sometimes a guy does not call back after the first date, and this despite the fact that all evening he looked at his companion with enamored eyes and gently held her hand. Sometimes a man ceases to call and communicate in the midst of a candy-bouquet period, although nothing foreshadows troubles. And it is not known which situation is harder: the first, when the feelings did not have time to go too far, but it is very insulting to realize that you are simply ignored. Or the second, when his silence cuts the heart like a knife, and you do not understand what your fault is. Why does not a man call, what is the reason? Probably, about two hundred years ago, when the phones did not exist, everything was much easier. People just either agreed on the meeting, or not - everything is simple and clear, no empty hopes. Now, when there is an opportunity to communicate with each other on the phone at any time, a long silence of the man is perceived as a blow below the belt. If he loved, would he make you suffer, sitting by the phone round the clock? And the mobile is silent, as bewitched, and in the brain the same thought beats: well, call, well, call .... A man who does not call after the first date, and the one who stopped dialing the woman's number at the height of the relationship, situations seem to be different, but the reasons are often the same. Let's try to disassemble these situations separately and look at them as if from outside. Perhaps in that, and in another case you will find something that will clarify your case. why the man does not call

Why a man does not call after the first date

Our rich imagination paints a hundred colorsreasons why a man has not dialed the phone number for a day already, although it has already been a long time after the meeting. But not every one of these brilliant ideas is any closer to reality. So why does not he call after a successful, like, date? The reasons are fantastic, but absolutely everything explaining to You does not want to think that he does not call because he did not like you. How could this be, if on a date he made it clear that he was just crazy about you! Yes, and not a little you are already - a man in love with a verstchu feel. That's why you compose a hundred excuses for his telephone silence. Here are the most extraordinary of them:

  • Force majeureK, for example, someone died from loved ones orfriends, and he had to leave urgently From the city, from the region, from the country. There, where there are no telephone towers and a mobile phone does not catch a signal. He, of course, thinks about you, worries, but the circumstances are stronger than him. Is it possible? Why not. All the time someone dies, so maybe your chosen one is just such a case? But only if you really hooked it, if he really fell in love with you to unconsciousness, then the opportunity to call and warn, he will always find.
  • He fell seriously ill. No matter what happened to him -bronchitis or inflammation of the joints of the fingers The main thing is that he can not dial your phone number, or poke a love letter. You convince yourself that this is a very serious version, that this happens all the time. But what prevents him from asking someone to contact you and explain the reason for his silence? And if to be completely honest with yourself, then it's very difficult to believe that illness can be an obstacle to a phone call.
  • He was killed by a very logical version that sweeps awayall the possibilities of your boyfriend to take in your hands a damn phone and dial your number Crime in our country does not become less, that's got the guy under the distribution. It remains only to brush off the uninvited tear and say farewell to the unfulfilled love. Or forgive, because this reason is quite incredible, do not you think?
  • The reasons are unlikely, but still possibleHaving gone through all the good reasons why he does not call, you throw away the versions connected with world cataclysms and loss of memory of the beloved. You turn on the brain and start thinking in another direction: what can happen so real that it might prevent him from dialing your phone number? So, the following versions:

  • He has absolutely no time Oh, this XXI century,just keep up with the mad pace of life! Every day, well, just not a minute's rest for your man. Judge for yourself: study-home-work, and then even strict parents make repairs in the apartment do (he was just saying something like that on a date). Friends again flooded, and the neighbor's girl kitten on the tree climbed. Helping everyone, saving everyone. In short, a dream, not a guy. It's a pity that he did not have time for one real trifle - to call his beloved girl, without whom he can not live .... But what if he can, because he does not call?
  • He already has a girlfriendreal version! Perhaps, he already has some Light or Natasha, and he has long loved her (it is possible that both). And with you I went on a date because I quarreled with my passion in the dust and maybe with both at once. In this case, both his tenderness and attention are easily explained. Probably tried to prove to himself, and along with his girlfriends, that against him not a single beauty can stand. So you fell for the bait. If this version is true (sooner or later you will know it for sure), then you better cross yourself, breathe a sigh of relief and be glad that this deceiver did not call you. Why do you need such a Don Juan?
  • The reasons are more real, and therefore a little sadWell, let's move on to more rational reasons, more precisely, to those that most often turn out to be true. Perhaps, something in your date was still wrong, otherwise why would not he call back? We harness the brain and remember that it could alienate the failed chevalier.

  • You managed to bring the matter to sex after the firstAnd the meeting And what, everything went fine! After a romantic meeting, you went to his home and indulged in an unrestrained passion all the way. You clearly managed to prove to him that it was you - super-sexual, unchained, inventive, tireless - in a word, the dream of any man. After such a crazy sex, he day and night must hang on the phone, begging you to give him another such night of love. Well, or at least an hour. But it does not ring, infection! Or maybe he still can not move away from the physical and emotional sensations obtained during sex with incomparable you? What can I say ... Any man is essentially a conqueror. Even if he has an intelligent look and glasses in a thin frame on his nose. Rarely, one of the guys after sex on the first date wants to invite the girl to the next meeting. What for? Judge for yourself: all that is needed, he already got what to strive for? Maybe he would have pierced you with all his heart, if you had given him a little time - but no, arranged for him a night of sex right after dating! And what do most men need in the first place from girls? Give them sex, it's sex! And you here so immediately, not having given to estimate or appreciate your fine sincere qualities and to learn or find out you really, has laid down with it or him in bed. So, in that he does not call anymore, you have no one to blame but yourself.
  • On a date, they both drank to hell. It may be,you are very worried and completely forgot that alcohol is a tricky thing. It seems that only a couple of cocktails were missed for acquaintance, and the head was already circling. Ah, and it was fun! What did you do after that? Cognac with sambuca, and then topped with a bottle of champagne? It's no wonder that the meeting was held on a grand scale - so much so that the next day it was a shame to remember. Although, as they say, "if after the party is not ashamed - then the party failed." It's a pity that it was not a party at all, but a date with a guy in whom you do not like the soul. Otherwise, I would not be sitting with sadness in my heart and not hypnotizing the phone with my eyes.
  • In a drunken intoxication everything is possible - and confessions inlove, and sentimental stories about a difficult childhood and even a hasty offer of the hand and heart. If you believe every word of it and wait, you will not wait for the continuation of your novel - perhaps you are still in a hangover state. Because on a sober head any girl will understand that a drunk in a trash lady can hardly seriously interest a man. Even if he himself abused that evening much more than yours. If on the first date a woman drinks, like a real sailor, then the desire to make her his girlfriend is unlikely to appear on the guy (and suddenly he decided that you can not live a day without a degree ?!). That's the same, blame yourself! The reason is the most frequent, but it's hard to believe in it. Now let's talk about the most frequent reason that a guy does not call after a date. All previous versions are possible in one case out of a hundred, the rest 99% of the reason is completely banal: you're just not his type. And you behaved absolutely right, and looked all the way, and your rich inner world he saw and appreciated. Just did not catch it, and that's it. Not working in the brain, some mechanism responsible for falling in love. And this does not mean that you are a failure or something is bad for him - such things happen very often. Reject movie stars, photomodels, monarchs - nothing surprising in this. Perhaps the fact that he stopped giving you signs of attention and did not call back after a date is a great blessing, not a sadness. It's just not your man ... why men do not call

    Why do men stop ringing in the midst of a novel

    But what if your first date is a long time agobehind, if for several weeks, months or even years you have been meeting regularly and are happy together? But only one day he suddenly stops ringing himself and answering calls from your mobile. And then stopped putting on your photos and writing messages on the social network, although it appears in it is not so rare. Is this the end of the relationship, or is there any reasonable reason for explaining this behavior? The reasons are banal, but they explain a lot

  • We, women, attach great importance to telephoneconversations It is perfectly normal for us to chat with friends for 2-3 hours without a break, we can remember an important event and call someone at night to rush to share the news. Men, unlike us, do not pay much attention to telephone calls. Where did you see the guy who is ready to talk on the phone for several hours? This is possible only if the woman on the other end of the wire is already driving him crazy with his endless chatter. While waiting for the call of the man, we simply do not understand that it may not occur to him to hurry to dial the cherished number and please us with his voice. "Do not call - then there is no time," - that's what most men think that do not attach special importance to telephone conversations. Moreover, all people have such moments in their life when they just do not want to talk on the phone. In general, with anyone. Although rare, but such situations happen, and you in this situation can be absolutely nothing to do with. If this is the case, then there is no point in worrying: if you just calm down and stop waiting for his phone call, he will immediately appear, as if nothing had happened.
  • Perhaps, you have become too hasty events Yes,you have a good time together, you've already had a few dates and everything went great. But if you began to tighten the nuts, consider it your own property and be wildly jealous, then wait for misfortunes. Men are not very willing to say goodbye to their freedom, especially at the very beginning of relations. Of course, we girls, after the first date we can fantasize about what children will appear in marriage with the newly made knight, how we will live happily ever after and die in one day. Guys do not suffer with such sentimentality.
  • What if he has not decided to the end, whether to callyou are your girlfriend, and you are already seriously thinking about wedding bells! If everything is really the case, then it's not surprising that the guy does not call anymore. He just walked away from you for a decent distance to make it clear that he is not ready for such a serious change in his life. At least not so soon. It remains to be hoped that he has not gone into the shadows forever, but simply until you understand that there is no need to rush things. The reasons are serious, but you do not depend on us. Here we will talk about the reasons why the guy decided to just quietly step back from your relationship. Maybe he could not write silenok in your face about the time to leave, or maybe he wanted to give you a chance to throw him first. Well, he stopped calling for a week, another, you were offended and sent him a message that you do not need him anymore. And you feel better, and he's a mountain from the shoulders .... He thinks so, you still shudder at any phone call and hope for a miracle. What makes men do this?

  • Perhaps he thought you were too good forHe is too smart, beautiful, educated. You can continue for a long time. If next to you, he feels like an unsophisticated simpleton with a bunch of complexes, then it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain relations on an equal footing. Perhaps you are too clever on dates, and the guys, as you know, do not approve of it. "We do not like it when we are loaded, we did not engage in porters," - that's the whole story. And if you can completely shine with your erudition, education and knowledge of the political situation on the world scene, then he may have a completely different view of what an ideal girl should be. A simple-talker, adoringly gazing at him in the mouth - many enough of this behavior from the girl to feel like a real macho. Perhaps the same giggles are not any more stupid than you in terms of education and general erudition, but they had the intelligence not to put their sharp mind to the fore. Well, love, as they say, is evil and it is necessary to somehow get out. But think for yourself: why are you so unsure of yourself and a weakling who is not able to reach your level? Very rarely, such relationships turn out to be successful. Is not it better to look for someone with whom it will be really interesting to go through life?
  • Gets a price for himself Oh, it often happens withyoung people. If a guy feels like an asterisk from the sky, if you are sure that you are crying on the phone day and night waiting for his call, he will keep an icy silence. "The less a woman we love, the more we like her." Such guys can behave like the most real romantic heroes from the movie about love, and then stop ringing and disappear from sight for an indefinite period. Well, to provoke you, bring it to the right condition and after that you will be "warm". That's just not take into account such thoughtful guys that during this time you may have five new guys. And even more. And you can forget about the unlucky "asterisk". And believe me, this is the best option, if you are lucky to stumble upon such a narcissistic type.
  • It does not matter when a man does not call, afterthe first date or after the tenth - in any case this is a very difficult situation for any woman. Do not despair until you do not know the reasons for his long silence. There are many cases where men disappeared from the field of vision for quite important reasons, and having appeared, immediately contacted their beloved women. But if in your case the guy just did not want to continue the relationship, then try and in such a situation to find positive aspects. Firstly, he may not be that prince on a white horse, which you have dreamed of since childhood. Then you have untied hands and you will find the opportunity to continue searching for your true happiness. Secondly, he acted even nobly, deciding not to fool your head and not to reassure in vain. Send him an air kiss, spit three times over his shoulder and forget. Somewhere along the side, your happiness is wandering about, wondering where you have gone. It's bad to make your true love suffer for too long, it's time to go to a meeting. And if you are lucky enough to find him, then the questions about why a man does not call will not be in principle: your second half will never upset you with a long wait. We advise you to read: