the whole truth about men They say that the strong half of humanityextremely worried about the question of what women want. But even what men want is of interest to the weaker sex no less. Myths on these topics have divorced so much that sometimes you get lost trying to determine men's desires and preferences. In fact, most of them are just idle inventions. Now we will try to determine what it really is, the whole truth about men.

Myths about male inclinations in relationships with women

If to reason with reason, then that "the whole truth aboutmen ", which we are imposed on all sides, invented by people who have a very vague idea about the nature of the representatives of the male. Or the women, offended by them, suggesting that "all the peasants are smeared with one world". Well, unless you can find out the truth about men, if you take as an example one or two of them? Yes, even with a dozen or a hundred, but to approach this issue biased? That's right, you can not. Because the general conclusions in this case are incorrect, and each of them can be challenged. Here, for example, take the usual ideas about how men behave towards women.

  • Myth first. Men like blondes with a big bust. One who is convinced that this is indeed the whole truth about men is deeply mistaken. In fact, representatives of the stronger sex are drawn to both brunettes and brown-haired women with no less force. And the size of the bust, of course, is important, but not so great as we are trying to prove. Men choose a companion of life not according to the color of the hair or the size of the breast. And in general not on any particular image. It is important for them to feel comfortable next to a woman;
  • Myth of the second. Men want from women only sex and tend to drag any of them to bed. Sex, of course, they want. But this is not the whole truth about men. Because most representatives of the stronger sex prefer to have sex with the one that likes, and not with anyone. They also need communication, as we, women. Sex quickly loses its appeal, if the partner has nothing to talk about;
  • Myth three. Men are afraid of a stamp in a passport and believe that the family will tie them on the hands and feet. Again, this is not the whole truth about men. If a woman liked, then walk with her in the registrar does not scare away, but attracts. And the stamp that appears in the passport helps to increase self-esteem. The truth about men in this case is that they are frightened by the process of preparing for the wedding and the costs associated with it. And the fact that you can make a mistake and face female betrayal. However, if a representative of the stronger sex is convinced of the reliability of his girlfriend, he is ready to put a stamp on marriage;
  • Myth number four. Men avoid love. They, they say, try to break off relations with a woman who requires deep feelings. And this, too, is not the whole truth about men. They are simply very vulnerable and experience love failures more than we women do. We just think that parting with a friend for some young man - a common thing. The truth about men in this case is that they can endure a severing relationship very painfully. But they try not to show it with all their might. And then reflexively close from the senses and consciously put on the first place a career or hobbies;
  • Myth five. Men do not tell the truth if they are addicted to other women. In fact, many men are willing to admit that they like the other, if they are sure that the existing relationship has already outlived itself. When there is no such certainty, a strong gender does not dare to go on breaking these relations. Sometimes the man does not tell the truth, regretting or fearing the woman with him at the moment. But this also means that he is not ready for drastic measures. If there is such a willingness, most of the stronger sex will not lie and dodge.
  • In a word, a strong sex is romantic andsentimental at the very least, than the weak sex. It just so happened that its representatives do not have to show their feelings. That's what our favorite kind of impenetrable thick-skinned types do, which we do not care. Conclusion: the whole truth about men in love is like the truth of women. Only women are frank. Now let's see what is the truth about men in everyday life. the truth about men

    Myths about the male character

  • Myth first. Men do not cry. It is difficult to say what guided those who invented such a statement. The truth about men in this case is that they would allow themselves tears. And not at all less than we women. But it's not allowed! Accused of weakness, spinelessness, spinelessness. And in vain, as tears are the natural reaction of our psyche to stresses. A person who does not cry under any circumstances, either exclusively fetuses, or mentally exhausted;
  • Myth of the second. Men do not like to cook. Well, if a boy is taught from childhood that he does not have a place near the stove, then there is nothing to expect that he will show activity in matters of cooking. The truth about men in the cooking business is that it is interesting to cook many of them! But that's only to admit this they do not dare. It seems like it's not a man's business. However, it is worth to the representative of the stronger sex to do some delicious dishes, as in it excitement arises. And he fishes with pleasure, he hovers, bakes;
  • Myth three. Men do not gossip. This is generally not the whole truth about men. Gossip, even as they gossip! Bread do not feed, just let them wash the bones of the boss or potential rival. True, such gossip of men is called criticism or a conversation heart to heart. In fact, their criticism and heart-to-heart talk are the same gossip, only in a different form;
  • Myth number four. Men do not like shopping. Yes, they do not. When a woman is engaged in it, and they are dragging her for shopping as a walking wallet and counselor. But if they go on such a trip on their own, they can choose fishing gear for hours, some car lotions, clothes and even cosmetics.
  • What we have been talking about is not the whole truth about men. Our dear strong sex is ambiguous in both deeds and desires. Well, for this ambiguity, we actually love him!