whitening toothpaste It is hardly possible to find in the world a person whoI would not like to have beautiful white teeth. From ancient times, people used a variety of means to brighten tooth enamel, many of which harmed the teeth, and the entire human body. The appearance of the first toothpastes was recorded in Ancient Egypt. Such a remedy consisted of a mixture of pumice and wine vinegar. In the Middle Ages, ashes were used to mechanically remove plaque and whiten teeth. Time passed, and chalk and soda became used as abrasive components. Although now at home sometimes resort to folk methods of clarifying enamel with the help of soda, juices of some fruits, such as strawberries, strawberries or papayas. In the modern world it is impossible to imagine a beautiful woman without a snow-white smile. Today, a woman can choose from several methods of teeth whitening the one that is most acceptable for her. In this case, do not necessarily seek help from professional dentists. Teeth can be made white at home using special whitening professional or folk remedies. A professional whitening paste contains many abrasive ingredients. Such funds are conventionally divided into two main groups - for teeth whitening with chemicals and with high abrasiveness, which have a mechanical effect.

Whitening toothpastes with chemicals

Whitening toothpastes with contentspecial chemicals perform their main function due to strong oxidizing agents - urea or hydrogen peroxide. These substances in the splitting release free radicals of oxygen with high activity, while oxidizing those pigments that give our teeth a yellowish shade. Under the action of the whitening agent, the pigments become transparent, and the teeth become white. It is worth noting that bleaching agents can contain components capable of changing the color of the fillings. In addition, the agent can produce the opposite effect, in which the tooth surface becomes lighter, and the color of the filling does not change. In this case, the paste is picked up incorrectly. Especially it concerns attempts at whitening with chemicals in the home. The advantage of professional whitening pastes with chemicals is their ability to lighten their teeth in a very short time. This fact is explained by the high rate of passage of chemical reactions. However, this is precisely what experts consider a clear drawback of the chemical method of bleaching. Such funds are considered to be professional products for oral care. Uncontrolled use of such a drug can cause rapid destruction of tooth enamel, and there are also manifestations of allergic reactions. So it's better not to experiment, but to follow the recommendations of specialists. In view of the foregoing, toothpastes based on hydrogen peroxide and active organic acids can only be used after a professional consultation with the dentist and under his constant supervision. The specialist should choose which paste will suit your teeth, and advise how to use it. Dentists recommend professional whitening pastes as an aid to maintain the results of whitening in clinical settings. Some pastes can be used as a curative and prophylactic agent for inflammatory diseases of the gums, such as gingivitis or periodontitis, or when the enamel is damaged, which manifests itself as increased sensitivity of the teeth, the appearance of defects in the enamel, as well as caries. What kind of toothpaste is better to choose, an expert will be able to advise.

Whitening toothpastes with abrasives

Let's now talk about toothpaste the secondgroups, which are still more often used at home. Which toothpaste will be better for self-clarification of enamel? So, their main difference is a pronounced mechanical action. Such tooth whitening paste can include active ingredients like silica, alumina, or dicalcium phosphate. Professional toothpaste can contain up to 40% of various abrasive compounds. Such compounds have excellent polishing properties and carefully clean out teeth from plaque and food debris. The size of the particles determines the degree of abrasiveness of the paste: the larger the particle, the whitening toothpaste is more effective. Of course, such a paste will help you to clean your teeth perfectly, but at the same time you expose your teeth and gums to mechanical damage. Abrasive toothpaste is a good tool for whitening, but constantly using such a paste, you will notice the appearance of a symptom of hypersensitivity of the teeth - hyperesthesia. All the same clarification of a teeth is a professional procedure, therefore it is necessary to be extremely accurate. Most modern dental equipment contains soft abrasive materials. The most safe whitening agent today is papain, which is a natural enzyme derived from papaya fruits. The main property of papain is the ability to break down the protein structure of plaque without damaging the tooth enamel. Thus, the natural enzyme papain is able to provide low-abrasion whitening. Although a good bleaching agent, as a rule, contains a certain set of extracts of medicinal plants or fruits. Popular brands in the majority offer exactly abrasive whitening pastes. So that you can choose which of them is the best for you and which one can do harm, we offer you an overview of various brands. toothpaste whitening

Efficacy of whitening toothpastes

As much as we would like, but whitening dentalpastes are not able to give a stunning whiteness effect, despite all the loud advertising slogans. In addition, the toothbrush does not reach all areas of the teeth. When buying such a product, you need to choose a product of proven dental brands that meet all the safety requirements for human health. For the longest preservation of a positive whitening effect, you must follow the basic rules of dental care. Such drinks as juice, cola, iced tea, coffee should be consumed less often, and then rinse the oral cavity with water. Of course, you can try drinking drinks through a straw, if it does not hurt the etiquette at the table. This way of drinking drinks helps to avoid tooth staining. After this, it is also necessary to thoroughly rinse the mouth with acids and sugar.

Contraindications to teeth whitening

First of all, do not lighten the color of the enamelpeople with carious lesions of tooth tissues and periodontal diseases. In this category are also people with sensitive thin enamel. First you need to be treated at the dentist, and only then with healthy teeth and gums is better to conduct the whitening, otherwise you can only aggravate the course of the disease. Do not trust even the best whitening paste and those people who wear braces and have crowns or seals. In this case, bleaching, most likely, will turn out uneven. It is not recommended to whiten teeth to children under 16 years old and pregnant women. Do not buy paste if it contains more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide - this is the highest limit of the allowable rate.

Toothpaste Splat

Toothpaste with Splat Extreme whitening effectWhite clarifies at home for 3-5 tones. At the heart of this tool is the active component of carbamide peroxide, which is currently considered a safe and effective drug. Splat tooth whitening products help to produce a gradual tooth whitening, which is the safest way to lighten. Granules of carbamide peroxide are released during the cleaning process and effectively brighten the tooth enamel. This procedure better affects the enamel and does not increase the sensitivity of the teeth. The patch has one unique feature: usually carbamide peroxide is not stored in the paste in the required state, and only in Splat Extreme White it is encapsulated in microcapsules that protect the component from chemical reaction with substances until it is used. In addition, Splat contains polydon and enzymes from papaya fruits that split the plaque, and this is a good protection of teeth from the accumulation of new bacteria and from the formation of tartar. Splat has very good reviews: users note that even after a single application of this tool, the enamel becomes significantly lighter. In just a month of regular application of the paste, a professional bleaching effect is achieved. To get the most striking result, you need to brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes. Paste Patches should be used at home in alternation with the usual to prevent the erasure of enamel. In this case, it is better to choose a soft paste with anti-inflammatory ingredients, calcium and fluoride.

Toothpaste Rocs for bleaching

Rocs Toothpaste is intended for useexclusively adults. This tool is based on a progressive principle that helps to achieve maximum results while maintaining high safety. Rox performs enzymatic removal of pigments and returns to the teeth their natural whiteness. The composition of the paste includes microparticles of silicon dioxide, polishing enamel and giving it a beautiful shine, as well as xylitol and a mineral complex that provides active demineralization of tooth enamel. As a result of the use of Rocs pastes at home, the teeth become noticeably whiter, there is increased resistance to caries. It should be noted that the toothpaste Rocs collected positive reviews. Users say that this paste helps to keep the whiteness of teeth better while smoking cigarettes, drinking wine, tea and coffee. In the Rocks there is no antiseptics and fluorine, and only natural components are used in the odors. what toothpaste bleaches better

Toothpaste President for whitening

Pasta President is recommended by specialists atincreased inclination to stone and plaque, manifested against the background of drinking coffee, tea and bad habits. Due to the unique combination of abrasive-polishing components of the sea shell and silicon derivative, there is no trace of bacterial plaque and dental plaque. Whitening toothpastes President perfectly polish the surface of the teeth, protect against tartar and restore natural whiteness. The President's paste includes calcium glycerophosphate - this component strengthens the enamel of the teeth with minerals and protects the teeth from various injuries. It should be specially noted that the use of this dental product is not recommended for people with increased sensitivity of teeth and thin enamel, which is easily damaged and destroyed, as well as children and adolescents whose enamel is in the period of maturation.

Whitening toothpaste Lacalut

German whitening paste Lacalut BrilliantWhite Menta uses a radically new approach to effective teeth whitening. Perhaps this is the most effective paste for clarifying the color of enamel, because it combines a safe level of abrasiveness and a unique set of enzymes developed by scientists. Lakalut is intended for use at home and intensive removal of darkening of tooth enamel, which is caused by the use of drugs, juices and other foods with food dyes, tobacco, fruits, wine, coffee and tea. Lakalyut contains high-quality abrasive component RDA 110 based on silicon, as well as fluorine, which serve to prevent caries and strengthen enamel. Special enzymes help to effectively remove plaque, clarify the enamel and give the gums protection from inflammation. Regular use of this remedy helps to make the enamel of the teeth lighter by several tones and to give a beautiful smile.

Whitening toothpaste Rembrandt

Rembrandt's toothpaste brightens teeth at about2 shades without damaging the enamel. This tool contains soft abrasives, as well as citroxaine - a mixture of natural enzymes, which, together with soft polish substances return the teeth to their natural whiteness. Rembrandt has a pleasant mint flavor. Among the additional components of the remedy, mention is made of baking soda and fluoride, which reduces the risk of calcium. The method of using Rembrandt is quite simple. It is necessary to brush your teeth at least twice a day, ideally after each meal, or according to the directions of the dentist. The paste is suitable for regular daily use. In this article, we tried to tell you about the most effective bleaching dentals and about their correct use. Remember that the best toothpaste is the one that is right for you. Let your teeth be healthy and your smile be irresistible! We advise you to read: