aromatherapy For many residents of cities the morning is the mostthe hard part of the day. In order to put yourself in order, you need to spend a lot of effort, and yet there is still a long working day. With such a situation, aromatherapy will do great. Everyone knows that pleasant aromas have a positive effect on the mood and well-being of a person; so why not use this method to combat morning absentmindedness and slowness? How does it work and what is it? Aromatherapy is the use of various essential oils in cosmetology and medicine. Scientists have long determined that the human body instantly reacts to various smells. A variety of oils perform their actions not only through our sense of smell, but also through the skin, for example, the skin of the face. It is also known that quite a large part of their constituents has a special structure, due to which they normalize the general condition, relieve fatigue, drowsiness and tension. In addition, they also have anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties.

What do you need to know?

Aromatherapy for the face - science is thin, therefore, inFirst of all, you need to start using several oils at once. But there is a main condition - choose your own, those that you like most. Among the oils there are several common ones, those that contribute to a significant increase in the vigor and activity of a person. The most popular are coniferous tree oils (fir, juniper, cypress, pine), as well as lemon, tea tree, ginger, rose and thyme. It is also very important to know about the properties of various oils and their correct application, which we will now introduce to you.

  • Dry facial skin is very sensitive to sunlightrays in summer and cold in winter. It easily flakes and quickly inflames, and wrinkles appear quickly in the most vulnerable areas. It is in such situations that aromatherapy is most often used: it helps to strengthen cell membranes, stimulates metabolic processes, improves skin regeneration, significantly increases muscle tone. Soothing effect has the following oils: jasmine, almonds, geranium, chamomile and orange. They can help smooth the wrinkles of the mask, which includes lavender, rosewood, tea tree and geranium oil.
  • Oily skin of the face is characterized by oilyness andbrilliance. Aromatherapy in this case is used to discolor and dissolve a secret that constantly clogs the pores, and also contributes to their further narrowing and strengthening of immunity. Masks that contain the oils of lemon balm, mint, lemon, geranium, ruminant, ginger, thyme and juniper, tone this type of skin. Calming effect is chamomile, lavender, and also ylang-ylang. Smoothing is lavender and lemon. These recipes are easy to make, the main thing is to collect the necessary oils beforehand.
  • Normal skin of the face is a reward for eachgirls, because it adequately reacts to the environment; but still it requires periodic care. Toning action has geranium, lemon, juniper and rosemary. Recipes that are used to make masks, contain lavender, rose, mint, jasmine or chamomile. Regular procedures with the above oils soothe and relaxes the face. Helps eliminate fine wrinkles of oil of orange, lavender, lemon, tea tree.
  • Mixed skin most often combines at oncea few properties, that is, it is normal, and greasy, and dry. For this type, it's best to use masks recipes that contain mint, neroli, lemon and a pink tree.

aromatherapy recipes

Recipes using oils for facial skin

Unfortunately, every woman, sooner or laterfaces such an unpleasant factor as the rapid aging of the skin. Wrinkles appear, the elasticity decreases. All this contributes to the violation of metabolic processes, a possible change in the hormonal background, unfavorable ecology and stress. Aromakosmetika helps to block these processes. In order for wrinkles to decrease or completely disappear, use rose, mint, pine, incense, nutmeg, sandalwood, myrrh. There are also simple recipes, using which you can prepare a mask that helps to rejuvenate the skin on the face. And here are a few of them:

  • Mix two drops of lemon oil, two drops of melissa oil, one drop of lavender oil, one drop of camomile oil, one drop of jasmine oil; gently rub the resulting mixture into the skin.
  • Mix well three drops of geranium oil, two drops of lavender oil, two drops of roman chamomile oil, one drop of lemon oil, then carefully rub it into the skin with light circular motions.

Swelling of the face - a fairly common and common thingmany women. They are the cause of stagnation of fluid in the skin cells, disruption of the heart or kidneys. In advance, consult your doctor and determine the cause. The most common prescription for edema is two drops of lavender oil, two drops of juniper oil, two drops of rosemary oil, one drop of orange oil, one drop of pine oil. All mixed well and rubbed into the skin in a circular motion. A remarkable modern panacea for acne is the following composition: two drops of cypress oil, two drops of bergamot oil, two drops of lavender oil, one drop of sage oil, one drop of tea tree oil. Stir in a separate small container and slowly, gently rub into the affected areas of the skin. There are some simple recipes, using which you can easily make an excellent mask at home. Further, the resulting mixtures are used for procedures that improve mood and improve performance. For example, a bath in which to add five drops of rosemary oil, three drops of pine oil. You can also experiment, for example, by mixing five drops of rosemary oil with two drops of lemon oil, or two drops of anise oil and three drops of lemon oil. But remember, in such a bathroom you can not lie for more than ten minutes! Aromatherapy is a modern, pleasant treatment for your facial skin. But it is worth noting that all the presented mixtures should be used in the evening, before going to bed, before cleaning the skin of cosmetics and dirt. Massages are worthwhile to lead two or three times a week - no more; at the same time, make sure that the oils do not get into your eyes. Use our recipes, follow all the rules and be beautiful! We advise you to read: