plastic face massage Face and neck massage is extremely importantcourting procedure. A good competent massage improves lymphatic drainage and microcirculation of blood, and this helps to relieve edema, oxygenate the tissues, improve their nutrition, so that the face becomes fresh and radiant. In cosmetology, various types of massage are used, and each of them performs its specific function and aims at eliminating these or other problems. One of the most effective types of massage is a plastic face massage, which we want to tell you in more detail.

Facial plastic massage

This type of massage has a significantimpact on the tissues of the face and neck. As a result, lymph and blood circulation improves, muscles strengthen, the skin turgor raises. Indications for plastic massage are sluggish, aging skin, an excess of fatty tissues, a decrease in muscle tone. A plastic massage is recommended for a course that includes 10-15 procedures. The amount directly depends on the skin condition of the patient. It is very important not to interrupt the course (as a rule, massage is done every other day). After a full course, it is recommended to do supportive procedures twice a month. Very often the beautician alternates plastic massage, which is performed on talcum powder, with cosmetic, performed on the cream. This is especially effective for people with dry skin. A very important role is played by the correct technique of performing plastics (meaning plastic massage). Therefore, it is possible to trust the performance of this cosmetic procedure only to a qualified cosmetologist with a medical education. plastic face massage technique

Technique of plastic massage

Plastic massage is performed by alternatingpressing, vibrating and fixing movements, which are produced by the so-called massage lines. This is a very important point, which must be taken into account, so as not to stretch the skin. In general, the same movements are used as with other types of massage, the fundamental difference is in the technique of kneading, which is performed by reciprocating movements in a circle.

  • Plastic massage begins with stroking - we go on massage lines from above, we finish with fixation on each line.
  • Superficial kneading of the face is performed:
  • from the middle of the chin to the earlobe
  • from the corner of the mouth to the tragus
  • from nose to temple
  • from the outer edge of the circular muscle of the eye through the bridge of the nose and along the brow to the temple
  • from the middle of the forehead to the temple
  • from the temples along the cheeks to the lower jaw
    • Superficial kneading muscles:
  • from submandibular area to earlobe
  • from the lower jaw to the clavicle (along the lateral surface of the neck), the subclavian area, the sternum
  • from the sternum along the anterior-lateral surface of the neck up (toward the lower jaw)
    • Deep kneading (performed according to the same scheme as the surface one).
    • Stitching (staccato) - on the massage lines from the bottom up.
    • Vibration is from the bottom up.
    • Stroking is the final stage of plastic massage.

    After the massage, the skin should bewipe with lotion or decoction of medicinal herbs (according to indications) and apply the appropriate mask (depending on skin type and existing problems). Very good masks with lifting effect, which are shown to almost all patients who need plastic massage. They fix the result obtained from the massage. Currently, in many advanced salons offer a so-called chiropractic massage, which is based on the principles of plastic massage, but the technique has some differences. This technique was developed by the Spanish professor Enrique Castells Garcia of the Institute of Manual Therapy (Barcelona). According to the specialists of aesthetic cosmetology, for today it is the most effective massage with a pronounced tightening effect. The highlight is, first, in very vigorous, even sharp, movements, due to which it is possible to achieve increased blood circulation in the tissues. And secondly, this massage affects not only the face - it is necessary to work on the back and side zone of the neck, the collar zone, trapezius muscle and hands (from the shoulder to the elbow joint). The results are impressive. plastic massage

    Results of plastic massage

    Already in the name of this massage is laida deep meaning - an analogy with plastic surgery suggests itself. And I must say, not without reason. The masseur, thanks to a special technique, in a certain sense simulates the face, improving its contours. And age changes precisely also demand such intervention, at which it is possible to restore a face oval. How can this effect be achieved without cardinal intervention, but only by massage? Deep stimulating treatment of the muscular framework, the impact not only on the facial muscles, which are already in their tone due to their nature, but also on the static muscles, gives a tremendous result. Without a scalpel, without anesthesia, without a recovery period (and it is necessary for surgical intervention), it is possible to achieve a permanent anti-aging effect. So, plastic massage leads to the following results:

    • Smoothes wrinkles
    • improves microcirculation and lymphatic drainage
    • swells go away
    • oxygen saturation of tissues increases
    • disappear or become less noticeable pigment spots
    • narrowing of the pores
    • disappear rashes
    • the skin becomes more elastic and elastic
    • the face oval is restored

    From a certain age, plastic massageit is necessary to include in the program of care of a skin of the face and a neck if, certainly, there are no contraindications to massages as those. The only thing I would like to draw attention to is that this massage requires professional knowledge, in particular on the anatomy of the face and neck. However, any massage should be performed only by a professionally trained person. We advise you to read: