perfume with pheromone pharmacy All women, without exception, strive welllook, and not the last role in importance, although the last in sequence, in this play perfume. After all, they are the final touch of the female image, which makes it truly "tangible." Recently, perfume with pheromones has become an extremely popular topic in women's conversations. And no wonder - on the Internet appeared a lot of ads that position them as a means that will color your life with the brightest palette of sensations and give you incredible self-confidence! There is an opinion that with the help of spirits with pheromones, you can not only restore biochemical equilibrium, but and cause a very strong tide of sexual desire for the person himself, and that perfumes with pheromones are an original and quite scientific tool in bringing the sexes closer and harmonizing their relations. But what is the influence of spirits with pheromones in reality? And anyway, what is this amazing product - perfume with pheromones - reviews of those who tested them in the majority assure that they can actually attract the attention of men, and what else is the beautiful half of humanity needed for happiness?

The history of perfume with pheromones

Winfred Cutler, a biologist who isthe creator of this pheromone, so to this day and keeps his real composition in absolute secrecy. Pheromone is a fragrant volatile substance, which is isolated in small quantities by almost all representatives of the animal world, and which determines the behavior of individuals of one species in the period of courtship. That is, it turns out that pheromones are biologically active substances that cause the highest sexual desire in men. Pheromone signals recognize a special organ in the nose, and when he senses this very pheromone, he sends a certain sexual signal to the brain. Hence we conclude that the real spirits with pheromones attract attention to their possessor from the opposite sex. Of course, the most relevant were such perfumes with pheromones for women. By the way, the word "pheromone", translated from Greek, sounds like "attracting hormone". And the real natural scent of pheromones is most like the smell of musk. The action of spirits with pheromones is still questioned by many, but many experiments conducted by scientists from different countries only confirmed that men immediately unambiguously reacted to female perfumes with pheromones. The first perfume with pheromones was produced by a company from the US Erox Corp. So in 1989 she introduced the fragrance Realm on the perfume market. The sale of such perfumes was accompanied by an advertising campaign that explained to women how to use perfume with pheromones. Then there were opponents and supporters of spirits with pheromones - the reviews were at first very different, both very enthusiastic and completely disappointed. In any case, the spirits themselves, which were also elite spirits with pheromones, left no one indifferent. Therefore, perfumes containing pheromones, firmly established in the world market of perfumes. Although there were critics and perfume perfumes of these spirits themselves: some women said that they would be glad to use the magic power of spirits with pheromones for women, but the smell does not suit them at all. For this reason, in the following years, the producers of the "fragrances of love" focused on ensuring that these spirits could be caught and appreciated. They produced perfumes with pheromones that had different perfume compositions, poured pheromones into the spirits of various famous brands, and even offered perfume with odorless pheromones and colorless pheromone medicines that were suggested to be applied directly to the skin or added to personal care products. Today, you can easily buy perfume with pheromones: a pharmacy, departments of elite perfumes and even online stores offer a wide choice of perfumes with pheromones. From such a variety, you can choose, for example, oil perfume with pheromones or give preference, if you so much to taste, perfume with pheromones odorless. Of course, there is always a desire and a goal to find the best perfumes with pheromones, after all, the influence of perfumes with high quality pheromones will be the same in efficiency. Although it is still not clear to everyone whether the perfume with pheromones works. Or, to paraphrase in the direction of female eternal problems, whether spirits with pheromones help to win the elect. It would seem that in almost 20 years, as first learned about them, the action of the spirits with pheromones should have already formed the unequivocal opinion of consumers. But not everything is as simple as it seems. So, where lies the truth about spirits with pheromones.

Secrets of perfume with pheromones

Perfume with pheromones In various scientific and popular literature, there area lot of information about this successful synthesis of animal pheromones. After all, the main secret of spirits containing pheromones is that they do not contain human pheromones, because such substances have not yet been discovered, and therefore it is not possible to synthesize them, let alone on real industrial scales. Although scientists continue to search for human sexual pheromones, and, of course, once they are discovered, they will create new best perfumes with pheromones. In the meantime, this does not happen, it remains only to assume what specifically contained in the advertising bubbles, what perfume with pheromones in fact, and which are only called the best perfumes with pheromones, but have nothing to do with them. In the best case, perfumes with high-price pheromones contain androstenone or related compounds. Although there is nothing wrong with this, because during the experiments it was found out that many women androstenones cause a calm sense of confidence in the partner. And some, moreover, perfumes with pheromones help, to believe in their own strengths, to become self-confident. But are perfumes with pheromones acting on all men without exception? Of course, all women expect that these spirits will not only have a very pleasant smell, but will attract a worthy representative of the opposite sex. It is possible that perfume with pheromones works the same way, but most likely in the future their own feminine pheromones and, of course, other virtues come into play.

How to buy perfume with pheromones?

The question immediately arises as to how to choose perfumes withpheromones? First, beware of fakes, because as soon as pheromones are isolated in its pure form, then, naturally, all world perfumery companies immediately seized on this discovery and undertook the development of the best perfumes with pheromones. But they were joined by a variety of rogues who, with no less enthusiasm, picked up a new trend. From here and spam with offers of profitable purchases and pheromones in its pure form, and oil spirits with pheromones, etc. at a very tempting price, periodically arriving by email and, as a rule, by female users. And if one of them naively falls for such a fascinating provocation, then they after some time to the question: whether the perfume with pheromones acted, the answer will be extremely negative. So, where and how to choose perfume with pheromones, so as not to remain without a desired flavor. After all, the real spirits to acquire, as already mentioned above, is not so difficult. If there is a desire, then these substances can be bought directly from the manufacturers. In the company Pharmacom, for example. This is one of the well-known suppliers of chemical products, which on its website offers a whole set of perfumes with pheromones. To give an unequivocal advice on the purchase of real spirits with pheromones is not as easy as it seems. The most mysterious thing about this question is that it is not known with absolute certainty how many pheromones are actually contained in the proposed aromatic liquid. Probably, in the bubble that you buy, only two molecules of substance that excites men will float. If they are there at all. Even the largest and most famous perfumery companies can not be said for sure that they use synthetic or natural attractants. Or just write the word "pheromones" in the names of their spirits. After all, always the composition of any perfume kept and is kept in great secret, so about the whole truth about perfumes with pheromones you can not be sure until the end.

The action of perfume with pheromones

And, know that the psychological side of women'sspirits with pheromones is also ambiguous, because stimulation, for example, of a sufficiently strong male sexual attraction can give too strong an effect, since pheromones affect not at all romantic feelings, but, we recall, carnal instincts. Although a number of recent Russian experiments gave some exact answers to the question of the action of spirits with pheromones, simultaneously, warning and advising on how to use perfume with pheromones.

  • Perfumes with pheromones strongly affect men who are particularly close.
  • Most spirits with pheromones, a very sharp smell - keep this in mind.
  • Do not forget that perfume with pheromones is nothelp fall in love with a man. They cause only sexual attraction or, in other words, sexual interest. And, as we all know, love and sex are absolutely different concepts.
  • There are men, on whom even elite spirits withpheromones do not work at all, or, say, such men do not show that they are feeling something there, for the reason that they may have a beloved woman, or simply they are too modest.
  • And, at last, spirits with pheromones, certainly, help, but their "help" can become dangerous for women. In case you suddenly feel this smell just a drunk or completely mentally not healthy person.
  • How to use perfume with pheromones?

    perfumes with pheromones reviewsNow about the practical side of the question: how to apply perfume with pheromones? In order to reveal the fragrance in its entirety and strength, perfume with pheromones is best applied to where you can feel the pulse: on the neck (the hollow between the collarbones), the folds of the elbows and the inner side of the wrists. In special, for example, intimate cases, sprinkle a few spirits on the ankles and knee folds. Just remember that all fragrance fragrances necessarily include synthetic products with the smells of amber and musk. As this is a prerequisite for creating the fragrance, it provides the skin's affinity for any flavor. Thus, it turns out that pheromones are almost in all spirits and help such perfumes with pheromones in any cases, the difference is only in a greater or lesser effect. In principle, this is not surprising. Women's perfume has always been a special magic bait for men. Therefore, it may not be so important which perfumes with pheromones will work best. After all, in essence, what kind of perfume you use, the attractive aura of your scent will act in any case, the main thing is that it is the fragrance in which you feel most comfortable. Psychologists believe that long friendship and strong communication are possible only on a solid "olfactory basis": a pleasant smell has the ability to create an atmosphere of intimacy, mutual trust and warmth. What kind of perfume with pheromones better to contribute to this specifically for you, will tell your taste and unmistakable female intuition. We advise you to read: