white spots on the skin after sunburn Is the sun always our friend? The warm season of the year is most often associated with the sea and sunbathing. Fans of ultraviolet make a lot of efforts to get the skin a chocolate shade. In the course are the best, new and advertised means for sunburn. Many, located on the beaches, prefer to maximize the body, so that there are no white areas of skin under the clothes. For a perfectly even tanning, women of fashion also turn to the solarium, where in just a couple of minutes you can turn into a girl who recently visited the Maldives, Turkey or the Arab Emirates. Unfortunately (or fortunately), not all women can afford a visit to such a magical institution. This concerns both the financial side of the issue and medical contraindications. So, for example, it is better to refuse from a sun deck at presence of diseases of kidneys, a liver, a skin and heart. Pregnant and small children also should not visit it. Being hours under the ultraviolet, many do not think whether such sunbathing will bring a positive effect. For fashionistas, only the aesthetic aspect of the issue is important. The benefits of staying in the sun, of course, there is. Under its influence, the processes of formation and assimilation of vitamin D, which is extremely necessary for the organism, are activated. But you do not need to sit for hours in the open, expecting a miracle. Everything should be in moderation, is not it? As scientists have established, in sunny weather, the probability of a bad mood is minimal, because under the influence of ultraviolet a hormone of joy is produced, and the protective functions of the organism are raised. However, in some cases, if you overdo it with solar therapy, you can hurt your health. Uncontrolled stay under the rays leads to sunburn, premature aging of the skin, malignant formations, the appearance of white pigment spots, as well as to various allergic reactions. However, if you follow the safety rules and stay in the sun only in the morning, you can avoid all these troubles.

Sunburn and its consequences: white spots on the skin

Sometimes after sunburn on the skin appearwhite pigmentation spots that do not want to disappear. Aesthetically, it looks pretty unattractive. Plus, to cover up with light-colored cream light islets is not always possible. Therefore, in order to avoid the occurrence of such a trouble in the future, one should be aware of the causes of such skin manifestations, as well as precautions.

  • Fungus and infection

White spots on the skin after sunburn most oftenappear if your body has a fungal infection. Many of the fair sex do not even realize that the skin is affected by pityriasis, because there are no special symptoms. The first alarm signals are detected, usually after sunburn. The parts of the body affected by the lichen begin to differ in color, as if slightly fading. Independently determine what is associated with such a skin reaction to sunlight, certainly not worth it. It is best in such a situation to immediately consult a dermatologist. To contribute to the development of fungal infection may be various adverse factors. Among the most common stresses, long-term use of certain drugs, a change in the level of acidity of the skin. As you understand, this is only a small list of why immunity decreases.

  • Genetics

If there is a genetic predisposition toreduce the production of melanin, prolonged exposure to the sun can lead to unpleasant and irreparable consequences. White spots on the skin after sunburn in this case can not be eliminated. Hypomelanosis does not respond to treatment, so go out into the street only after you put on your hands, face, back protective cream.

  • Medications

Increase the photosensitivity of the skin cansome medicines. Taking such medicines, tinctures and decoctions can cause damage to the pigmentation. As a result, the skin becomes vulnerable to ultraviolet light, and after sunburn in the open areas of the body after a couple of hours, white spots form. Therefore, you must carefully read the instructions and descriptions of the drugs. In the list of contraindications, such consequences are most often indicated. Please note: if your work is associated with prolonged exposure to the sun, inform your physician about it. And be sure to consult about possible side effects when taking medications. Do not self-medicate!

  • Solarium

When you visit the horizontal tanning bed also notIt is worth forgetting about the rules and precautions. So, for example, if it is very rare to change the position of the body during the procedure, it threatens with the appearance of white spots on the skin. If any part of the body is exposed to more intense and irradiation, then the flow of blood to this place will noticeably decrease. Most often this happens with the skin in the elbows and pelvis. white spots on the skin after suntan tips

All about safe sunburn or how not to get white spots on the body

The most intense and dangerous is consideredultraviolet radiation at noon time. From twelve to one o'clock in the afternoon the probability of getting sunburn is highest. Restricting your stay under direct rays, you will be protected from the corrosive effects of the sun on the skin. If there is no possibility to wait out this time indoors, then be sure to take care of the presence of the headdress. An important role in this case is your clothes. Mesh and transparent fabric is good for transmitting ultraviolet, so you can protect yourself from the effects of sunlight in things made of dense matter. Choose natural products made from cotton, chintz, etc. If you put on synthetics, you will be hot, plus, there is a risk of allergies. white spots on the skin after sunburn effects

How to properly sunbathe while on vacation

Be sure to use sunscreensmeans. It can be as a day cream or lipstick with SPF not less than 15, and a special spray or gel with a light, non-greasy texture. Lubricate all open areas, even back, legs and hands. If, of course, you do not want to get white spots on the body. How to be the one who likes to sunbathe? After all, not everyone has the opportunity to go every weekend to the sea. So our compatriots try to get as much as possible in one week's vacation. As a result - a serious burn, pigment spots, etc. Remember once and for all: do not sit on the first day from six in the morning until eight in the evening on the beach, even if you are under a canopy. Entering the sea to cool, you are at serious risk. Water in this case acts as a magnifying glass. And now remember what will happen if you send the eyepiece to the paper. That's right, after a couple of minutes it will light up. If possible, do not sunbathe with wet, this can also lead to burns. After bathing, the skin should be immediately soaked with a towel. Be sure to use sunglasses, since ultraviolet has a harmful effect on the retina and can lead to various diseases. By the way, the delicate skin of the century can also become stained due to UV. Gain points better in specialized stores. So you will be protected from forgery. Plus, wear a cap, a hat or a hat. If you gradually increase the time spent in the sun, you can protect yourself from burns. Such a daily sparing tan is suitable for those whose skin is very white and quickly acquires a red color in the sun. And do not forget to use sunscreen. Do not think that such products are fiction of cosmetologists who want to earn as much as possible. Before you get on the shelves of shops and pharmacies, this product is tested and subjected to numerous studies. Very gently to sunbathe follows the girls, who have marks on their bodies. If nature has rewarded you with a large number of birthmarks, then do not get carried away by long sunbathing. Such an abundance of formations may indicate a predisposition to skin cancer. If you burn, and after that you will have white spots on the body, immediately contact a specialist. Coping with the harmful effects of ultraviolet light helps the consumption of foods and drinks rich in antioxidants. They reduce the likelihood of the appearance of cancers and slow the aging of the skin. This is tomatoes, carrots, pumpkins, grapes, fatty fish and green tea. Follow all the above rules and tips, you can protect yourself from the harmful and aggressive effects of the sun. And if you want to get a bronze tan, like a southerner, get special tools that give the body a chocolate color.