pimples on the chest Acne can occur absolutely on any sitebody, including on the chest. Of course, the breast is not a face, but nevertheless, most women are not ready to give up the decollete. Getting rid of acne on the chest is very real and the sooner you start to fight them, the faster the enemy will be defeated. Of course, the most reasonable way to go to a dermatologist, who can accurately determine the cause of acne and select the best course of treatment. But in practice, the situation is quite different and it is unlikely that any of the lovely ladies, having found acne on the chest, will go to the clinic. That's why women prefer to be treated independently. Nravonucheniya situation is unlikely to correct, so we'll try to help you understand at least how not to hurt yourself.

Causes of Acne

Acne on the chest does not appear just like that, sofirst of all it is necessary to understand the reason. Otherwise, your struggle with acne can be delayed indefinitely. The most common reasons are:

  • Allergic reaction

If the cause of acne on the breast isallergies, the symptoms are quite specific. Firstly, acne on the breast arise suddenly, they are quite numerous, the skin around the pimples is reddened and swollen. Secondly, skin rashes are accompanied by itching. If you are confronted with this phenomenon, analyze - what was unusual about the last 24 hours? Most often this is manifested in food allergy.

  • Infectious diseases.

Another reason to be excluded is:these are various infectious diseases. Yes-yes, do not smile, but with measles, rubella or chickenpox very often, even adults are encountered. In this situation, pimples on the chest are far from the only symptom. Increased body temperature, weakness - all this can not go unnoticed.

  • Problem Skin

If you have problematic oily skin of the face - acne andEels - the chest is also unlikely to remain aloof. We are not going to find out the causes of the problem skin now - there are a lot of them: genetic predisposition, hormonal background and others. acne on the breast treatment

Methods for fighting acne

Trying to cope with pimples on your ownBreasts can only be if infectious and allergic causes are excluded. We offer you several handy tools, which in most cases are very effective:

  • Salicylic alcohol

Salicylic alcohol can be bought at any pharmacy. Every evening, after taking a shower, wipe the entire problem area of ​​the skin with a cotton disc moistened with salicylic alcohol. If there are a lot of pimples, then the procedure can be repeated also in the morning. Just a week of this treatment - and the skin will improve at times. By the way, this same salicylic alcohol can be wiped and facial skin.

  • Tincture of dandelion

If the problem is catastrophicscale, you can try to get rid of acne with the help of alcohol dandelion tincture. It is prepared as follows: chop fresh dandelion leaves, fold them into a glass bottle, pour in vodka in the proportion of 1 to 3. Cap tightly cover and put in the fridge for a week. Before use, you must strain the tincture, add one third of the volume of pure boiled water. The resulting tincture wipe the skin on your chest as often as possible - but at least three times a day. Treatment should last no less than ten days. If necessary, it can be extended by making a five-day break.

  • Aloe with honey

If acne is constantly inflamed, you cantry a mixture of aloe with honey. But remember that honey often causes allergic reactions. Therefore, you should be absolutely sure that your body will not respond to the therapeutic procedure with allergy. The treatment itself is as follows: Peel and peel the aloe leaf to a clean state, add a third of a teaspoon of honey, mix thoroughly and apply the resulting mass to the problem areas of the skin. After 15 minutes, flush the skin with plenty of water.

  • Zinc ointment

A very good tool is zinc ointment -especially if the skin is very oily. Every evening, apply a thin layer of zinc ointment on the surface of the skin, leave it until it dries. Then properly wash off the ointment from the skin. In just a week of such treatment, the skin will become much cleaner. But if this did not happen, look for some other method of treatment - zinc ointment dries the skin hard enough. Whatever method of treatment you choose, remember that there should be a control point - one month. If during this time you will not notice any improvement, you will still have to see a dermatologist. Well, or continue to hide his chest for "deaf" attire.