signs of thrush Unbearable itching, white cheesy discharge,redness and inflammation of the genitals are the very first signs of candidiasis. Unfortunately, with the thrush, at least once in the life of each representative of the fair sex. The reason is the yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida. Incorrect intake of medicines, neglect of hygiene products, promiscuous sexual intercourse, weakening of immunity and many other factors could lead to the onset of this disease. Modern representatives of the fair sex who spend a great deal of their time at work or in caring for the family are increasingly turning to specialists for help. They are used to either ignore the symptoms of the disease, or seek advice from their friends and via the Internet (on various forums and sites). Worst of all, when the women find a suitable, at first glance, variant of the disease and begin to be treated. The results can be sad, up to infertility or cystitis, if the diagnosis was incorrect. Therefore, do not rely on luck, looking for similar symptoms. This article is only for reference. And if you really are concerned about something female, immediately sign up for a gynecologist. And the sooner you do this, the faster and easier you get rid of the existing disease.

Diagnose thrush: signs and symptoms

  • Allocations

As indicated at the very beginning of the article, whenthrush from the woman's vagina begins to stand out a thick mixture, reminiscent of its appearance curd mass. Thus allocation can be both dense white, and cream, yellowish or with a greenish shade. The quantity is strictly individual. Some representatives of the fair sex are abundant, others have scant excretions.

  • Itching

Also there are unpleasant tinglingsensations, burning or itching in the area of ​​the external genitalia and near the entrance to the vagina. After taking the shower, the symptoms become weaker or disappear, but after an hour and a half they return. At the same time at night, in warmth, during critical days, these symptoms only increase.

  • Rash and irritation

The next thing you should pay attention to -this is the appearance of a rash, redness, inflammation, a small swelling. However, with this sign, you should be careful, as pimples can be a symptom of other sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Smell

To say that in the first days with thrush atwomen will feel a pronounced smell - you can not. In addition, it will not be as sharp as in inflammatory processes. However, in the advanced stages, it necessarily becomes slightly sour, unpleasant.

  • Pain

Often, the affected womenthe fair sex is a pain when urinating. There is a feeling that the urine eats away and gives boiling water to the genitals. Plus, over time, there is discomfort even while walking, as if you are wearing tight clothes. During sexual intercourse, there is pain, even if the girl is very excited. By the way, it is established that candidiasis is transmitted and during unprotected sex, therefore it is recommended to use a condom. Of course, ideally not to make love at all, and not only during an exacerbation, but also a couple of weeks after a complete cure.

Errors in diagnosing thrush

You checked the symptoms and made sure that you -thrush. However, inflammation and discharge are not necessarily signs of the disease. In fact, there can be many reasons. It's like the heat that accompanies both colds and pneumonia. Secondly, if you do not go to the doctor, how do you know the type of fungus. It turns out that there are several types. And everyone is treated individually. Do not take medicine without setting a cause. Otherwise you will do much harm to yourself, and you will not get rid of the disease. signs of thrush and treatment

Going to the doctor: examination by a specialist

If you find yourself with any signsthrush, buy a special gynecological kit consisting of gloves, a mirror, sheets, and go to the doctor. Before a visit to a specialist, it is better not to use any medications, ointments and creams, do not make baths and steam baths. It can affect the disease, strengthen or distort the symptoms. So, at the first examination the doctor will be able to detect the degree of lesion and inflammation of the mucous of the genital organs. Also the gynecologist will need to take a smear to exclude other diseases. On the same day, the doctor will prescribe the medications you need and recommend a special antifungal ointment. If the treatment is properly administered, the symptoms will disappear on the second or third day.

How to reduce symptoms yourself

As mentioned above, self-medicatein any case it is impossible. But what to do if before the visit to the gynecologist a week, and you can not endure itching and unpleasant sensations? There are several safe ways, how you can alleviate your fate, reducing the manifestations of thrush to a minimum.

  • Refusal of sex

The first thing you need to abandon allsexual contacts. You can infect your partner, which in the future you will call. That is, after you are cured, you can again pick up the fungus, which feels great and multiplies and on the male genital organs.

  • Hygiene

The following is compliance with elementary ruleshygiene. These days you will have to wash yourself as often as possible, using slightly acidified water. By the way, in shops and pharmacies special gels for intimate hygiene are sold, which have a disinfecting effect. But what you should not do is take steam baths with soda. Such mockery of one's own body was practiced by our grandmothers and mothers about 30-40 years ago. The results can be unpredictable. This will only provoke the reproduction of the fungus, will intensify the symptoms. Relief comes on the first half hour (maximum), but then you will not know where to get away from itching. Douching is also not recommended. For example, you may be allergic to ingredients. Plus, so you wash off the grease that is allocated for protection. In addition to irritation, reduced acidity and deterioration of well-being, you will not achieve anything. As a result, an infection (not necessarily a fungus, in nature and other harmful microorganisms is complete) will affect both the cervix and the ovaries.

  • Correctly eat

Remember once and for all: seasoning, spices, pepper, salt, vinegar and other various substances to use during thrush is strongly discouraged. All this provokes itching, burning, intensifying unpleasant sensations in the perineum. The same goes for baking, sweet, food, which contains yeast. Because of this kind of food, the fungus starts multiplying many times faster. Then what can you eat? Choose vegetables and fruits (domestic, not imported for overseas), porridge. Drink as much water as possible, green tea, freshly squeezed fresh.

  • We select funds for critical days

During menstruation, you should only usegaskets, which change every three hours. Otherwise, microorganisms and bacteria will multiply on the surface, gradually penetrating inside. After all, the protection of your body due to thrush has greatly decreased. As for tampons, no matter how convenient they are, they will have to be forgotten for a long time. Firstly, they injure the affected and inflamed vaginal walls, and secondly, you and so will not be very comfortable. Any, even the most insignificant movement in this case will cause terrible pain.

  • We choose clothes

Underwear should be comfortable, natural andquality. Thinning thongs are not the best option, not only in this case, but also in ordinary life. Weners, irritation, inflammation - this is only a small list of what will lead to experiments with close, but insanely beautiful cowards. And do not forget about the material. Of course, no one will argue with the fact that synthetics look much more attractive and seductive than cotton. But there is a lot of harm from it. It creates a certain greenhouse effect, preventing the skin from breathing. And, as you remember, because of the high temperature the fungus starts to grow faster. the right signs of thrush

What is fraught with self-medication and inaction?

Often, the fair sexprefer to stay idle or engage in self-medication, hoping that the disease will soon recede. In fact, this will not happen, no matter how much you do not want to. But these ladies risk to acquire a new bouquet of diseases, from which it is not so easy to get rid of. So, it can lead to inflammation of the bladder, spread of infection, damage to the uterus, etc. If you do not fully cure this disease, it will develop into a chronic one. Plus, such a representative of the fair sex is the carrier of fungus candidiasis. She not only communicates this to her partner during sex, but also infects her children during pregnancy. Note: candidiasis can accompany any disease, and not be the main one. For example, with diabetes or HIV, thrush occurs much more often. Therefore, be sure to take all necessary tests (blood, urine, etc.) to make sure that you do not have dangerous illnesses.