anorexia symptoms Modern rhythm and way of lifehigh demands on the appearance of people. And, of course, to the appearance of women. And the women themselves concern this problem so seriously that they begin to want the impossible from themselves and their appearance. The key standard of modern beauty is the ideal figure. And this is not accidental: everywhere we are surrounded by photographs in magazines, broadcasts on television, video clips on the Internet. Ideal images of models voluntarily involuntarily impose on women the notion that beauty and leanness are equivalent concepts. And this is the first step to what doctors call anorexia: her symptoms are initially indistinguishable from the behavior of an ordinary slimming woman. Unfortunately, nature ordered so that only a small number of women by nature have external data corresponding to these fictitious standards. And that's why a huge number of women always heroically fight with extra kilograms, centimeters, folds. And often the tools in this unequal struggle are not the most innocuous methods. Tablets and teas for weight loss, exhausting physical activity, starvation - all this can end very badly. How to distinguish weight loss from anorexia, and what are its main features, we'll tell you in this article.

What is anorexia?

In order to recognize the problem in time,you need to know the main symptoms of anorexia. Doctors describe this disease as a violation of normal eating behavior, expressed in increased attention to one's own weight and the desire to almost completely limit yourself from eating. People suffering from anorexia are so afraid of gaining at least one extra gram that they make themselves almost exhausted. Unfortunately, most of the time this disease affects young girls, sometimes quite teenagers. And this is not an accident, because they are much more than other age groups are influenced from the outside. These girls are so exhausted by various diets that their weight is reduced by fifteen to twenty percent below the norm, and sometimes even more. But also in the event that their weight is nowhere lower, and the state of health is very much affected, when looking in the mirror, the girls still feel that they are too fat. And they continue to torture themselves with cruel diets. For young girls, these "experiments" are the most dangerous - their body is still growing and forming. And as a result, instead of a beautiful and pampering girl, the surrounding people see a kind of almost disembodied ghost, with pale skin, bruises under the eyes and a whole bouquet of concomitant diseases - these are the consequences of anorexia. At a time when there is an intensive growth and formation of various functional systems of the body - the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal and others - as a result of which huge amounts of nutrients are needed, the teenager starves for weeks, because of what her body is applied irreparable harm. signs of anorexia

Symptoms of anorexia

As a rule, sick women and girls themselvesflatly refuse to recognize the presence of a problem, therefore it is very important that the first signs of anorexia are noticed by relatives and friends on time. Otherwise, the pursuit of ideal weight can end very, very badly: not only the health of a girl, but sometimes her life, can be endangered. The most important symptom of anorexia overtake a girl is a significant weight loss, sometimes in a very short time. However, unfortunately, this sign becomes evident only when the depletion dangerously approaches the critical level. Up to this point, it may seem that the woman simply decided to lose weight in a very harmless way. Another manifestation of anorexia, which is also by no means unavoidable, is loss of appetite and a significant reduction in the size of the portion of the food consumed by the woman. In addition, a girl can very often and completely refuse to eat, finding a large number of excuses - at times very plausible: just recently ate, tired, sore stomach. However, despite this, a person suffering from anorexia can spend a lot of time talking about food: different diets, calories and weight loss strategies. Moreover, many anorexic women spend a lot of time in the kitchen, preparing a wide variety of dishes. On the one hand, it may seem that sick girls are completely uninteresting. However, in fact, this is not so: thinking about food takes almost all of their free time. But it is worthwhile to reach the realization of these thoughts, as all their desires disappear somewhere. As the disease progresses, the girl's general health deteriorates to a large extent. This is manifested in various clinical symptoms of disruption of many body systems.

  • Increased fatigue Sick girl beginsto experience a strong weakness, very quickly tired. The woman does not have time to get up and wash, as she already feels the strongest fatigue. This is not due to some hard physical work, but from elementary things, which, in general, is not surprising: the body has nowhere to take much-needed energy, and it refers to its internal resources, which, it must be said, are not are endless. By the way, in especially neglected cases a girl may have a strong feeling of drowsiness, she can begin to fall regularly into fainting.
  • Changes in the condition of the hair and nailsIn a sick girl, her hair loses its shine, becomes dull and begins to be severely cut off. And none even the best balm for hair care is not able to improve the situation. This is due to the fact that the body loses those vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain hair in good condition. The same goes for nails: they become thin and brittle, they can begin to separate.
  • Change in skin condition As a rule,a woman with anorexia becomes extremely pale, and blue circles appear under her eyes. The cause of this phenomenon is very often iron deficiency anemia, which is a compulsory companion of this disorder. Also anorexia often causes the development of problems with the kidneys. A peculiar bluish tint is acquired by the skin of the hands and feet of a sick girl. It arises because of poor microcirculation of the skin. By the way, for the same reason, a sick woman is almost always cold, often her body is even covered with a layer of very thin and short hair - in this way the body tries to protect herself from hypothermia and keep the heat.
  • Amenorrhea or the disappearance of menstruation Not quiteunderstand the mechanism of the occurrence of this symptom: whether the long absence of the necessary nutrients in the body affects the hormonal level of the girl, causing various failures, or it is generally the effect of the mental state. In any case, amenorrhea is a serious violation, which says that the problem has gone far enough, and the girl urgently needs medical help.
  • Development of other diseasesessential vitamins, minerals, nutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates is a tremendous shock to the body, it is very difficult to predict how it will react to anorexia. In some cases, women start serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract, disruption of the central nervous and endocrine system, the development of osteoporosis.
  • symptoms of anorexia

    Causes of anorexia

    So, who and why does this disease strike? First, it should be noted that there are several types of anorexia: primary, psychic and nervous. Primary anorexia occurs in women due to various organic and physiological pathologies: hormonal dysfunction, neurological disorders, malignant tumors and other diseases. Mental anorexia is caused by various psychiatric disorders: depression, delusions, catatonic stupor, schizophrenia. However, when we say the word "anorexia", most often we mean a nervous anorexia. And in this case the saying goes: "All problems from the head". Psychological causes of anorexia are a great many: these are family characteristics, and personalities, and difficulties in communicating with others. Most often, this broad range of problems includes:

    • Dysfunctional family Simply put, it's a family withan unhealthy psychological climate where all members of the family either hide their emotions or are constantly annoyed at each other. One or more family members often suffer from various kinds of addictions: alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, etc. ... Nobody takes into account each other's needs. Children are either left to themselves or are under constant authoritarian control of their parents. Not surprisingly, in such unhealthy conditions, one of the family members - most often a teenage girl - develops anorexia.
    • Negative atmosphere around mealsthe source of this cause is in a deep childhood. Some parents believe that the child should be fed at all costs, and his reluctance is not an obstacle. They begin to forcibly cram food into the child, and he has a vomitive reflex and a general negative attitude towards food. Anorexia due to this can begin at a very early age, and can be lurking and manifesting itself already in adolescence or even in maturity with additional factors.
    • Low self-esteem and impaired perceptionof their body All girls who suffer from anorexia consider themselves ugly fat urodynes. Even with a very small weight and bulging out bones, it seems to them that they "completely swam in fat." But this is more likely a consequence of anorexia, and the reason lies in the fact that such girls in general consider themselves worthless: stupid, weak, uninteresting and passive. And they are trying at least to succeed in something, having found a beautiful, in their opinion, figure.
    • The obsession and obsession in behavior,perfectionism This trait has very bad consequences with prolonged weight loss. Even if it starts as a completely healthy process, because of the excessive desire for perfection, a girl can so "stuck" in it, which will always seem to be not beautiful enough. And, means, it is necessary to eat even less, and more, and more ...
    • Unmet need for love and acceptanceIn this case, anorexia becomes a bridge to begin to like other people. This very often happens with girls who have been overweight. Having started losing weight, they note that other people began to reach out to them and show sympathy. This fixes the positive effect of losing weight, and they "sit down" on it. And very soon it begins to be pathological.
    • Struggle against obstacles Very interesting pointthe view of the problem of anorexia was suggested by the psychophysiologist Vadim Rotenberg: he believes that it is based on the desire of the girls to overcome any difficulties, such as their constant appetite. The girl refuses to eat, thereby defeating him and receiving satisfaction. This is for them a victory over themselves and makes sense in their life - that is why, in his opinion, it is so difficult for an anorexic patient to abandon his pathological behavior.

    Lovely girl! If you are unhappy with your figure and plan to experience another diet, think carefully, is it worth risking your health for some illusory beauty? And if you decide to improve your body and fight against what you think is superfluous, do not forget about the limits of this very struggle. Include the head and soberly assess what is happening, as the boundary between losing weight and anorexia nervosa is very, very illusory. Going it is quite easy, so if you or your relatives have felt any doubt, it is better to be reinsured once again and consult a specialist for advice. Most importantly - you can remain beautiful and attractive in any body and with any appearance, because self-confidence and charisma is more important than a flat stomach! We advise you to read: