causes of hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids are varicose veins of smallpelvis and rectum. This disease is one of the most common among the adult population throughout the world. It develops as a result of a circulatory disturbance with a sedentary lifestyle or with excessive stress on the lower spine and pelvic organs. Very often, hemorrhoids occur in women during pregnancy and childbirth. In men, hemorrhoids result from an unhealthy lifestyle and an excess of excess weight. Smoking and the use of alcoholic beverages cause a decrease in the elasticity of the vessels, which causes varicose enlargement, the formation of thrombi and hemorrhoids.

A little about the disease

Symptoms and manifestations of this diseaseextremely unpleasant and painful and bring a lot of suffering. There is external and internal hemorrhoids. When the external hemorrhoidal nodes are lowered low in the rectum, very often they protrude from the anus to the outside, unbearably hurt and bleed. Accordingly, with an exacerbation of the disease, defecation delivers a continuous torment, and any physical activity and simple movements stimulate constant aching pain, bleeding, fever and general malaise. Manifestations of internal hemorrhoids are similar to external hemorrhoids, but the disease is complicated by the difficulty in treatment due to the inaccessibility of inflamed nodes and formed cracks. Proceeding from the above, the whole seriousness of this disease becomes clear and, in particular, its influence on the normal functioning of the patient's body and the quality of his daily life, which, when the hemorrhoids become aggravated, is filled with pain and suffering. How serious is the disease itself, and what treatments exist? treatment of hemorrhoids with raw potatoes

Key recommendations

What are the ways to combat this ailment? Is it possible to get rid of the disease forever, or at least to relieve and prevent exacerbations? Is there a way to treat folk remedies without surgery? Can folk methods be more effective than an operation to remove nodes? So, before deciding on a surgical intervention, recommended by the attending physician, you should try the most famous folk remedies for hemorrhoids. First you need to take the rule after every visit to the toilet to wash the anus with soap. Simultaneously with this procedure, it is necessary to mechanically place the fallen hemorrhoid cones and stimulate the pelvic muscles to their retraction and retention, if possible. This gymnastics is very effective and useful, and very effective. Along with personal hygiene, there are many simple folk remedies for combating hemorrhoids. Basically, they are based on the therapeutic effects of various herbs and vegetables with topical application. The simplest and most effective method is the treatment of raw potatoes. With internal hemorrhoids from a potato, a candle is cut with a knife and inserted into the anus at night. When the nodes are externally dropped, the washed potatoes are rubbed together with the peel on the grater, and this gruel is applied to the inflamed areas. Duration is not limited, and harm such a procedure will not deliver. Still from the elementary external agents of treatment it would be desirable to stop on sea-buckthorn oil which is an excellent antiseptic, perfectly heals cracks, dries and reduces puffiness of the inflamed knots. In the anus, a cotton swab moistened with sea buckthorn oil is inserted for several hours, and the whole area of ​​inflammation is smeared. sea ​​buckthorn oil for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Unusual ways to fight the disease

Along with easy methods of alleviating the symptomsdiseases there are more radical folk remedies for getting rid of hemorrhoids. You can not immediately dismiss their effectiveness, because there are real cases of complete recovery, even from a neglected form of the disease, which today is supposed to be treated solely by surgical intervention. Interesting is the way to relieve pain and relieve inflammation, like ice candles. This tool is rather complicated in its execution, and its effectiveness is achieved in a very painful way. Freezing pieces of ice in the form of anal candles are frozen. The main thing is to make sure that the ice is not sharp and has no chips. Further, such a candle is inserted into the anus and keeps to the full thaw. Sensations are quite painful, but this method effectively removes puffiness. The most famous of the folk methods is the treatment of garlic in a bath. To do this, several cloves of garlic are cleaned and finely cut into pieces. In the heated bath, hot stones are taken from the stove and lie in a galvanized bucket. Topped with sliced ​​garlic, so that garlic smoke from the stones, and the patient sits on the bucket with a bare back. Evaporating and smoldering garlic has a powerful effect. The procedure lasts about twenty minutes, until the stones cool down. Repeats a couple of times a week. It is enough of several such sessions to forever forget about hemorrhoids.

External and internal complexes

In addition to external exposure, it is recommendedto take decoctions of herbs and vegetables, which have an easy laxative and liquefying fecal mass effect. This can be a juice of mountain ash, boiled beets, decoction of dandelion root, mint leaves. Well, the mountaineer pochechuy long since used for exacerbations to reduce bleeding. You can also try contrast baths that will remove the tone of the pelvis, improve blood circulation and return the inflamed veins to normal. To begin with, a steam sessile bath is made: four small bulbs are cooked in half a liter of milk. The intestine is previously cleaned by enema. And then you should sit over the tank with onion milk broth and steam carefully the rear passage with fumes. Next - a cold bath. For a few minutes, go down the anus in a basin with very cold water, diluted with potassium permanganate. Then lubricate the passage with sea buckthorn oil or any other curative ointment or herbal slurry, wrap yourself in a blanket, lie down and rest for at least an hour. Repeating these contrasting procedures every day for at least a week, you can significantly ease your condition and at least remove the most painful manifestations of the disease. folk remedies for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Some useful tips

The name of this disease has long since becomepeople common. Any troubles and annoying interference is called hemorrhoids. It's not for nothing that hemorrhoids were nicknamed as a toothache of the anus. But I would like to place special emphasis on the well-known phrase that any disease is easier to prevent than treat. And hemorrhoids are not an exception in this respect. In total, it is necessary not to allow stagnation in the body. With a sedentary lifestyle as often as possible to do light warm-up gymnastics. It is recommended to walk more in the fresh air. Walking itself is very useful and prevents the development of many diseases, and the complex of light therapeutic gymnastics will not take much time, but will improve blood circulation and gas supply of blood vessels. The main tip: if possible, exclude the use of nicotine and alcohol and try to prevent the occurrence of constipation and prolonged diarrheal conditions. The use of a sufficient number of fresh vegetables and fruits will adjust the proper functioning of the digestive system and normalizes the intestinal permeability, which in turn will be regulated by the stool. Strong tea and coffee also cause a rush of blood to the heart and pelvis, which has a very negative effect on the general condition of the body and the circulatory system as a whole. The main thing is not to forget the truth of the truth - our health is in our hands.