reasons for the appearance of pimples on the pope Do not think that the priest - not very noticeablepart of the body. It is not visible to you, but others may well "contemplate" it. Especially in the summer on the beach. What to do if you are not in perfect condition? Especially if there were pimples on the pope? Cellulite, sagging, birth streaks, terrible pimples - these are the problems that an ordinary female priest faces throughout his life. If you take the age limit, then you can distribute these problems so: the first problem - acne, then - cellulite, and only after - stretch marks and sagging. Today we'll talk about acne. How to remove pimples on the pope? Why did they "choose" you? What is the reason for their appearance? What can I do to cure this misfortune? Acne is usually a problem of adolescence. Sometimes very early: the first pimples on the pope appear at a time when the baby is still pissing in diapers. This disease is called diaper dermatitis and, in most cases, does not require serious medical interventions. It is enough just to bathe the baby in a decoction of chamomile or a turn and sprinkle the causative place with baby powder. Sometimes pediatricians advise to apply a special cream from diaper dermatitis. And everything passes without leaving traces! So, we learned that such a problem is really a misfortune for both sexes. One joy is that acne does not cover the entire surface of the buttocks with a "crust". There are only single reddening and micro-foci. A lot of them, as a rule, do not happen. However, with age, the problem of how to get rid of pimples on the pope becomes more serious. After all, pimples are "cunning" and, if they already appeared in some place, they will not want to get out of there. Even when they disappear, very often there are ugly traces and redness. And this is already a real problem for creating a normal intimate life. And, by the way, not only for women! Men even more often suffer from the presence of ugly red pimples on the buttocks. That, too, you see, does not give the partner much pleasure. The reason for the appearance of acne in men - the excessive work of the sebaceous glands, rough clothing and even "punching" the hairs. It is also not very easy to get them out. Especially if there are a lot of them. The appearance of acne in men is hormonal. In addition, irritating perspiration contributes to the onset of the disease. talc to remove excess moisture

Why do pimples appear on the pope?

The reasons for which acne appeared are known. Any doctor will tell you that the problem of the appearance of acne should be associated with the general psychophysical state of a person. What does the mental state mean? If you do not wear your "fifth point" for walks, do not go "with her" to the sea in the summer, and instead sit whole days "dead weight" in tight jeans and synthetic shorts at the computer, then a pimple on the pop will necessarily arise. If your food is chips, coca-cola, fatty burgers, beer, then you can not avoid acne on the pope. Like gastritis, colitis and other all sorts of unpleasant internal diseases. There are clever men who claim that a sick pancreas is nonsense, but if a pimple on the pope jumped up, then this is a serious problem! We hasten to assure that one without the other really can not be. Therefore, if acne (not only on the "fifth point") - your problem, it is better to go to the doctor and examine your gastrointestinal tract. Why? Everything in the body is connected. It is possible that you will need a diet that excludes harmful food for the skin. You will be recommended dietary supplements, a local remedy or even a medicine. Do not neglect the advice of doctors. Another problem that contributes to the emergence of pimples on the pope is a banal lack of air. Linen from natural fabrics is now "not in vogue". Do you know what "healthy underwear" looks like? Cotton unpainted panties semi-adjacent cut with not very tight elastic bands and normal waist. Only natural fabrics, such as cotton, cotton, etc., let in enough air to make the skin on the pope "breathe". And besides, a finger should pass between the fabric of the underpants and the booty. Walk freely, and not squeeze! In occasion of "strings". It's awful lingerie. Not only that they "rub the anus" with synthetic inserts, so also let the skin on your pope rub against jeans or pantyhose (also harmful synthetics). This friction does not contribute to the health of your skin on the pope. As a result, pimples appear. So if you already wear thongs, then only in the summer and with a skirt. The ladies are also aware of one more problem - the excessive humidity that arises "there" in critical days. It is often necessary to change the gaskets and take a shower, wiping yourself dry. Excess humidity is the first "friend" of acne. Use powder and cream. With their help, acne can be "cured", that is, taken out, finally.

What is good for ass?

As is known from the advertising of children's diapers,friends ass - clean and dry. And also air baths. This means that for the skin on the pope it is very useful to walk at all without panties. Of course, if this is not a violation of public order and in your apartment is not cold! In this regard, as real fighters for healthy skin on the spouses, we recommend ... nudist beaches! Ultraviolet is very useful in the fight against acne. The same is the solarium. But swimming in a swimsuit, on the contrary, is harmful. Especially in the pool, where water is "poisoned" than horrible. If you are going to a resort, be sure to take in a suitcase two pairs of swimsuits and change them after each bath. We remember about dry ass! Why there are pimples, we figured out. Let's try to figure out how to cure this misfortune. treatment of acne in the sauna

What are the varieties of pimples on the pope?

Acne is acne, purulent, inflammatory. If the pimple jumped up, consider it in the mirror. The most harmless and most ugly are acne pimples. They have black dots on the wings. Fight them with the help of scrubs and masks. A good remedy is cream. The cream, containing the functions of biocorrector, helps to improve the skin condition. Ask the cosmetologist what cream is most suitable for your skin. As a rule, acne painless and during treatment quickly pass. It's good to go to the sauna regularly and take with you the whole "arsenal" of anti-acne masks, scrubs and a medical cream. After a few visits to the sauna you will forget about pimples on the pope (if, of course, you will observe hygiene). Inflammatory acne is already a signal of illness in the body. If they appeared and every pimple is large and sore, you should "sound an alarm". The accumulation of foci of purulent or red pimples indicates that in this place "lymphocytes" have been "tragically killed" in the fight against an unknown infection. Acne can be a consequence of fungal diseases, so if the red pimples do not pass and are located in foci, you should visit a dermatologist. If the dermatologist has not revealed serious infectious diseases, then the fight against acne can be continued with cosmetic methods. To do this, we prepare the ointment and cream. Thus, treatment will be much more effective. As a rule, such pimples are large and painful. And there are quite a few of them. The occurrence of painful acne is often caused by colds, or trivial mud. This problem should begin to be treated "from within". If catarrhal diseases are often your problem, you should start making courses of procedures that increase immunity, as well as general hardening procedures. You should sit less and do exercises. curing cream for acne treatment

How to get rid of pimples on the pope?

Local treatment for acne is reduced to their"Drying" by cauterizing alcohol solutions (tincture of calendula, ordinary alcohol, tincture of the oak bark). The subcutaneous layer of fat acts on the epidermis (skin), moisturizing it naturally. If there is any imbalance, then from overheating or, conversely, hypothermia often there are red dots, which then turn into pimples. Conclusion: the natural balance of the skin should be maintained. If it is already broken by pimples, the body needs to be treated. Salicylic ointment is an excellent tool for fighting acne. After its use, no traces remain. Another medicine is the basiron. With regular use, it can save you from the problem of pimples once and for all. Remember that all medicines should be applied only to the foci of the disease, but not to the entire surface of the skin. Otherwise, excessive dryness of the skin will occur, which is also bad. So pimples will not last long. Use moisturizers for the skin. However, in the process of applying, "bypass" the pockets of acne, applying on them, on the contrary, a drying ointment or cream. Especially if the pimple hurts! Be sure to let the ointments soak in and then wear clothes. Sweat is a bad companion for the skin of your priests. If you go to the gym, be sure to visit the shower and then follow all the procedures described above. In time, treat colds. Smear inflammation. Treatment is an important condition of health. Otherwise, pimples will remain. Now you know how to clean up pimples on the pope. It's quite simple. Skin health is in your hands.