what women like men rams Men-Aries, by their nature, are very ardent andpassionate. Probably, therefore, many representatives of the fair sex can not understand what kind of women they like and how to win them. We will share with you useful advice that will reveal the veil of secrecy over the questions "how to attract Aries's attention", "how not to scare him away at the beginning of the relationship" and "how to build long-lasting and harmonious relations with him." But before you break into practical recommendations, you first need to get acquainted with the strengths and weaknesses of the character of the Aries men. Despite their passion and emotionality, Aries can not always show their feelings. They mature late enough and are sometimes extremely naive. At the same time, such a man clearly knows what he wants, what kind of a girl he likes, and moves confidently towards his goal, not paying attention to reproaches and criticism. Despite their irritability and stubbornness, Aries are endowed with courage and do not hide from problems. Of course, they create most of these problems because of their uneasy nature. Born under this sign, men are often energetic and creative personalities, so they can spend their entire lives searching for something better and more important. Sometimes they can so immersed in themselves that a woman will need a lot of patience to attract the attention of the chosen one. Knowing all the main features of Aries character, it will be much easier for you to like. Now let's move on to more specific recommendations. what men like rams

9 Practical Tips for Conquering Aries

If you are determined toAries, our recommendations will be very useful for you. We will tell what kind of ladies he likes, what he values ​​in a relationship and what does not accept in his second half. Despite the seeming simplicity, the advice is quite complex, as it requires you to change yourself somewhere, to limit yourself in some way, but for true love such sacrifices are not terrible. Watch your speech Representatives of this sign prefer the ideal in terms of moral self-organization of women. Aries and themselves are distinguished by excessive decency, so next to themselves they want to see no less worthy ladies. Rough statements, curses, and even more, profanity should remain for you in the past - men do not like it. Otherwise, you will scare off a man with his manner of communication. If you are accustomed to swearing badly and are not going to get rid of this bad habit, then, most likely, you will hardly be able to build a long relationship with a representative of this sign. If you are very determined, immediately get rid of your harmful habits. Do not be obtrusive Aries, as true knights, the very process of conquering a lady of the heart is important. Such men are not accustomed to hide their feelings and actively show them, but do not rush to rush into the pool of their love with your head. Try to tease it a little to warm up feelings and increase interest in your person. You can, for example, do not call him first, from time to time briefly disappear, but infrequently. Aries attracts impregnable and proud women - pursuing his chosen one and imposing his attention on him, you will only push him away. But do not overdo it with inaccessibility, otherwise the man will retreat. Do not forget to take care of yourself. The men of this zodiac sign like, of course, beautiful ladies, but their understanding of beauty does not always correspond to generally accepted standards. Dress stylish and beautiful - this is a valuable art that will help you seduce Aries. Tight jeans, a narrow skirt, a few unbuttoned buttons on the blouse, a deep, but not vulgar décolletage - all these techniques are virtually trouble-free for men, and rams in particular. There is one "BUT" - do not overdo it with frank images, otherwise from a sexy young lady you quickly go to the category of "vulgar girl", and these girls do not attract Aries, and even on the contrary - repel. Picking up the wardrobe, remember that Aries are conquerors by nature, so they like everything that is inaccessible. Your image should beckon, interest, and not speak directly about the fact that you yourself will easily surrender to his captivity. Do not take the initiative Women who like Aries, should be a little unapproachable, not only in terms of appearance, but also in behavior. You can flirt with a man, hint at readiness for a closer relationship, and then try on the mask of a proud impregnable person. By such behavior you will certainly intrigue him. Do not take decisions for Aries - give him the opportunity to take the initiative. During the conversation, listen carefully to your lover, show your involvement in what he says. Do not forget each time to praise him for the right decision and the demonstrated tenacity. Only all of your compliments should be sincere and on the case, because Aries flattery does not like. He will certainly feel your insincerity and will be offended. It is not necessary to say long speeches to express your admiration for a man - sometimes just one sincere look is enough. Let him feel like a real man. To build a lasting relationship with a representative of this sign of the zodiac, you need to internalize the fact that it is very important for him to feel close to a woman as a real man. This does not mean that you have to become completely passive for the sake of your choice, no - just try sometimes to play the role of a weak woman, even if in life you are confident and independent. A man likes to take care of his beloved, to feel needed and strong. Let him hang a picture or a shelf, even if he does not come out exactly, do not give up his help, when he offers, praise him when he tries to be gallant and courteous for you. Perhaps, for you it's trivial, and he will be very pleased that his efforts are appreciated. Be gentle and feminine. It is important for men of this zodiac sign to feel necessary and loved, it is important that they are taken care of. Therefore, in their chosen one, they very much appreciate femininity with its characteristic softness, tenderness, sincerity and care. Sharp and brutal girls do not attract them. But in everything you need to know the measure - excessive intrusive care and restriction of freedom of the beloved will put an end to long-term relationships. Do not deny the beloved in the vicinity Aries prefers a passionate, hot, dynamic and frequent sex. Sex for him is really very important not only for getting physical pleasure, but also as one of the main ways to prove his masculinity, masculinity, solvency as a sexual partner. It is not surprising that representatives of this sign prefer this method to prove their masculinity, because it is not only the easiest, but also the most pleasant for both partners. Because Aries often prefer fast (dynamic) sex, women simply do not have time to experience a full range of sensations in such a short time. To achieve orgasm, you have to deliberately slow down the pace, prolong the prelude. The main guarantee of strong harmonious relations is the desire to adapt to each other's features, including in sex. Go to any tricks to iron out these moments, just do not say or hint to a partner that you are dissatisfied with something in bed. Do not reproach him for male insolvency, especially in a rough form. Doubting a girl in his sexual abilities is experienced by Aries extremely painful. Worse than a short sex can only be his complete absence, so do not rush to get upset - there is a way out of any, even from such an intimate situation. Let your man feel like a hero-lover, and he will certainly live up to your expectations. Be patient. Usually women have the glory of capricious persons, but it happens that men like to poke a little, especially when it comes to Aries. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac differ stubbornness (sometimes excessive), irritability and even a tendency to whims (albeit infrequent). Accordingly, the lady of the heart of Aries should be patient, more calm, able to compromise and be not very capricious. Otherwise, the relationship will turn into a kindergarten - the partners will disperse to different angles, not wanting to fight their stubbornness, everyone will defend their point of view instead of hearing each other. Of course, such a relationship has no bright future. Be careful with your words and actions. This advice is especially useful to you in case the man will already be subdued, as it will help to maintain the relationship. When the honeymoon is over, the heat of passion will subside, Aries will become more sensitive to the actions and words of her chosen one. Remember about this and behave more cautiously, because otherwise you risk losing your loved one. Men like this sign of the zodiac like in the relationship ease, dynamism, passion, novelty, sense of humor (healthy), tenderness, the presence of common hobbies. If you bring this into your relationship, your lover will worship you. And it is you who should do this, because the responsibility for the development of family and love relations falls more on the shoulders of a woman - she is the guardian of the family hearth. Of course, this does not entirely remove the responsibility for keeping the relationship with the man, but it must be remembered that it is not up to him alone that all depends. Knowing which girls like the representatives of this sign of the zodiac, it will be easy for you to win the heart of your lover. Appreciate it, love it along with all the shortcomings and virtues, go sometimes to concessions, and all your efforts will return to you in a multiplied quantity - this man will surround you with such care, tenderness and attention that you did not even dream about.