what to do in the weekend Oh, great Friday! At last it has come, the working week behind and we all dream of the best days off in our life. Friday directly means that you have a whole free evening and night, the whole of the following Sabbath day, evening and night, plus the whole day and evening of resurrection. Delight? Well, of course, who does not like to rest? So what to do on the weekend, so they remembered, and fun and impressions were enough for the next working week. How to spend time in the best possible way, distributing it between a cozy family idyll, a book, a thick rug, a glass of cocoa and an active dynamic rest with walks, cultural events or night Sabantuy?

We rest at a discount

So what to do at the weekend in Moscow? You can certainly rely on the will of the case, a sudden call from friends or relatives with an invitation to a party or a visit, but the popular wisdom says: "A good rest is a thoughtful rest." So it's better to plan everything in advance. Option one is to purchase discount coupons. Now there are many sites on the Internet that offer this type of recreation. Here you can choose from all kinds of leisure activities. This is a classic evening in a restaurant or a trip to the theater. Or more non-ordinary entertainment, for example, meetings in English in Speed ​​Dating format, mini-golf, illusions or a 5d movie theater. And the most wonderful thing is that on Thursday, sitting at work, you can quietly glance at these pages and quickly pay for tickets with a bank card. So a pair of coupons on Friday and Sunday will definitely come in handy, and the discount is pleasant.

Extreme entertainment - recreation for courageous women

Now we will talk about entertainment, which manyknow by hearsay, but they did not have time to test them. Either the time is not enough, or they think that this kind of rest does not suit them. Yes, extreme kinds of entertainment on the shoulder are far from every girl, but why do not you try? Who does not take risks, as they say, he does not drink champagne, for a glass of which you will enthusiastically share your impressions with your friends. The first is flying in a wind tunnel, it's better to try than tell. Next, flying in a hot air balloon. By the way, a great way to admit to love and spend romantic moments with your loved ones. Archery, zorbing or ramp from the hill in a huge transparent ball. Flight on a steamer, flight on an airplane with a personal pilot. And the race for buggies, quad bikes, driving school, riding horses. Well, how impressive? Ever wanted to try? Then why long to think - go ahead! And do not doubt - these days off will be remembered for a long time. what to do in the weekend in Moscow

City Adventure or Night Watch

Many entertainment companiesoffer this type of recreation. You come to the gathering place by car, pay the entrance fee, you tell the rules and give out the means of communication. After that, everyone is divided into teams and gets tasks that must be performed in a certain time. Tasks can be completely different. For example, to find a street that used to be called by another name, on this street to find the oldest tree, on which there will be an index of further actions. Or a girl with a balloon, solve her riddle and she will tell you a secret word. Insanely interesting, very positive, fast and funny. Especially when you jump out of the car in fact on the fly, you run into the nearest supermarket, all soapy, with a phone in your hands, and behind you runs another couple of people. You run to the shelf with canned food and begin to actively sort through all the cans with olives in search of a six-digit code, and there is a minute left. Passers-by look at you like a crazy minimum. And here it is, the cherished bank of olives, at the bottom of the code 023975, which instantly screams into the phone's phone and also quickly escapes. The winner is the team that will pass the maximum number of tasks and will be in time to arrive at the finish, she gets a prize. Compensation of the envy of the company that arranges this entertainment. And after rewarding and exchange of impressions, photos and a buffet table follow. This entertainment can be visited with a husband or with a girlfriend, they will definitely like it! what to do on the weekends

Unusual excursions

Have you been to Moscow for a long time? Maybe yes. After all, with all the daily worries and routine affairs, modern girls can not even go to the movies even in the cinema, but what can we say about the excursion. And if you still think that the tour is a banal visit to museums or exhibitions, you are deeply mistaken. You can visit the Viper Vasilyevna, an unusual lady who lives in the village of Gadovo. In general, there are a lot of all evil spirits in this place, so store garlic, silver bullets and, of course, a camera, get a ticket and go on the road. To leave this place you will be with a lot of impressions and photos. If you are interested in mysticism, then be sure to visit the bus tour entitled "Chertolsky Secrets" or "Secrets of Moscow Mansions". This program was developed by the founders and participants of the programs "Battle of Psychics" and "Top Secret". Here you will find many interesting things not only in the mystical plane, but also better learn the architecture of your native city. On the excursion "Legends of the Moscow Pyramids", you will learn the history of the foundation of eight Moscow pyramid skyscrapers, as well as about where the legendary secret entrance to the Metro-2 is located, and many other secrets of the capital. Perhaps you will see Moscow in a completely different light.

Urgent for the city!

Well, never discount the possibilityget out of the city for a couple of days, especially since the spring sun has already begun to warm up the earth. It can be a boarding house, hotel or recreation center, where you can spend a fabulous weekend with your family or with your loved one. As a rule, such weekend tours include the all inclusive program, so you will not have to worry about anything. Get in the car, get to the destination, and three meals a day, football, fishing, billiards, darts, paintball, sauna, BBQ and shish kebab are provided to you. For a large company, you can rent a house somewhere in the forest near the lake, away from the city bustle and concrete boxes. And spend two wonderful days in the wilderness, alone with nature and in the company of good friends. Remember the old stories from life, take your mind off and relax. what to do on the weekends in the city

Houses are also good

What to do on the weekend, if you do not likenone of the above options? Or did the weather let you down and have to stay in the apartment all weekend? Do not despair, there is always a way out. Even at home you can spend an unforgettable day. It takes a little imagination and the presence of a good company. You can arrange a costume party based on your favorite bestsellers. All you need for this is to call friends, decorate the apartment, cook light snacks and stock yourself with a great mood. Well, if you have a Twister at home - a fun active game for a big company, then you definitely will not be bored. Cards, dominoes, lottos or some table games, for example "Monopoly", or "Overboard", are also able to brighten up leisure and help to have fun. Enjoy, relax, have fun. Americans have such a rule, they rest with great enthusiasm, with all their might, but also work just as well. To work well, you need to rest well. Do not be lazy, get out of the house, combine business with pleasure and new. Go shopping, play table games and outdoor games, do not put off the parachute jump into the long box of unfulfilled dreams. All this is available, really and most importantly very interesting! We advise you to read: