Goods from the USA and China on In our time, large distances ceased to bean insurmountable obstacle in the way of those wishing to buy goods from the US, China or Europe: a special "bridge" between the product and the consumer have become special online services. One of them will be discussed in this article. Is a site where residents of Russia and the CIS can find and order goods from Taobao, eBay, Amazon and AliExpress - the four largest trading platforms in the world.

Why use

The first advantage of the service is a convenient search byall areas. The procedure is as follows: enter the name of the product or the keyword to it, then click on the tab of the site where we plan to order this or that thing. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the left is a system of filters, it will differ from site to site. Consider the situation on the example of eBay. Here you can find both new and used goods, which means that the filtering will take into account the options for displaying the categories of goods that are present on the site you are looking for. Simply put, if on eBay there is a division into categories, then they are duplicated and on All interested in trend products direct way to the main page of the site: here there is information about the "hot" offers and blocks with the appropriate types of goods. Another useful "chip" is the "ability" of to recognize the copy-paste of a link to a product taken from the seller's page. "Smart" service "learns" the link and signs everything in its interface. Another important advantage of the service is thoughtful usability, an intuitive interface. In addition, the plus in the Karma is the built-in translator Google, so that you do not have to learn Chinese exactly. How to calculate the shipping cost? Online a special calculator with detailed explanations is provided, which is what. Goods from the USA and China on The confusion with the sizes too should not arise,Since there is a clear table of the correspondence of the sizes of shoes and clothes. The very procedure of order is extremely simple and understandable even for a beginner. And as for active buyers, they will certainly be pleased with the opportunity to enter their shipping addresses in a special profile, so that they can be inserted into the order form with a single click. In the international format, the entered address is converted automatically by the system. Warms the soul and the fact that information about additional services of the service is provided right in the process of making an order, in addition, and the price on them is displayed right there. It is worth mentioning about savings options and payment methods. Total methods 13, including, this is an alternative to the usual bank cards (Yandex.Money, WebMoney, QIWI, etc.). With payment of problems does not arise. It is important that does not oblige customers to access the services of their own warehouses. If the opportunity to deliver the goods directly to the buyer will be, then the user will certainly be informed about this.


It was not without a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey. For a number of reasons, goods from Europe are temporarily not delivered, and there is also a 30 kg limit for the weight of the order. There is a delay of 3-5 days in receiving tracking number after sending.

Feedback has its own VKontakte ( ), here you can share your impressions about the service. We welcome constructive criticism and suggestions for improving the service.

Verdict - a useful service that greatly simplifies the process of buying goods via the Internet. It will have to taste like novice in the business of overseas online shopping, and experienced shopaholics.