The three most successful women in poker In the light of the unprecedented demand for poker and gambling for you, dear readers, we offer an overview and dedicated to the three most outstanding women poker players who lead the ratings of some of the most reckless players and can make a serious competition for men. Without a doubt, is the most successful (financially) woman in the poker industry, as she won a little over $ 5,000,000 for her entire professional career as a poker player. Cathy Libert I want to note the following that during the gameshe has repeatedly won in such prestigious world poker competitions as L.A. Poker Classic, World Poker Tour, Party Poker Million, Legends of Poker, World Series of Poker and other not less prestigious tournaments. In addition, it is Kathy who owns the world record in poker, as she is the first poker girl to win a million dollars on her own. Quite often Liebert is referred to as the American legend of poker. This is due to the fact that a woman has one quite distinctive feature, namely, the ability to reasonably manage the money won in poker tournaments. She puts her savings into profitable and promising projects, while the majority of successful poker people who spend their own prizes on valuables, expensive clothes and sports cars. As a rule, Cathy herself leaves only a small part of the winnings, more rejoicing at the income that her contributions bring. Among fans and spectators, as well as experienced and experienced professionals, Katie managed to win unprecedented fame, respect and fame. During the career of a professional poker player in the direction of Kathy Liebert never poured, not a single remark or a bad word. It is completely open to all comers, and with great pleasure gives answers to any questions and gives autographs. No less successful in the poker world is also Vanessa Selbst, who is a member of the team of professionals Team PokerStars Pro and repeatedly proves her own professional status. It is noteworthy that Selbst since the childhood had equal interest in the humanities and exact sciences, that is, developed comprehensively, and devoted much time to sports. This dedication allowed Vanessa to develop her own exclusive tactics and style of play. Vanessa Selbst Being at the age of seven, she firstbecame acquainted with the game of poker. When Selbst studied at Yale University, she begins to delve into the basics of this card game and after a while demonstrates the first significant achievements. It should be noted that its opponents at the poker table were players who have already achieved amazing results. Of all the existing ways of sharing experiences, the girl prefers online communication in various forums. Among other things, Vanessa Selbst is a member of the professional PokerStars poker room team. In tournaments and poker competitions, she appears under the gaming nickname "Fslexcduck". The girl prefers playing on medium-sized limits, as well as with small buy-ins. Despite the fame he gained, Selbst tries to avoid television shows that are entertaining in nature, as well as sensational and high-profile shows, preferably communicating via the Internet, that is, living a measured and quiet life. She spends most of her personal and free time playing in her own studio, where she writes educational video lectures on poker in which she introduces the rules of the card game and gives her own life advice. Closes three of the best female athletes "Duchess of Poker" - Annie Duke. The desire to poker awakened the girl when she was already 22 years old. Before that, Duke was playing along with Howard Lederor (her brother, part-time ex-poker owner of Full Tilt Poker and a professional player). Annie Duke Today, Annie Duke is also popular with her participationin the company that is engaged in the development of gaming applications and programs for online poker. As a bright victory, Annie made a triumph in the tournament, bearing the non-standard name "Scissors-paper-stone", which was held in the framework of the WSOP. Like all the other representatives of the poker world, the girl still tries to play every day, thus, every day she improves and raises her level of professionalism.