Holidays in the city Summer is already coming to an end, and somebody is notmanaged to find time for vacation. If all colleagues and friends scattered on the seas, and you had to stay in the city, do not despair - even a metropolis can be turned into a resort.

Add exotic to everyday life

No one can disturb you even for the eveningto travel to any part of the world with close people. Select a country, and spend the day in her style. Selecting, for example, Mexico, you can taste traditional dishes in the national restaurant (or indulge your loved ones by home performance), watch a couple of Mexican movies, and spend the evening at a concert of guitar music. Why not immersion in Latin America?

Choose on nature

Nature can be found even in the city. Take a walk in the park before going to bed or arrange an evening run along the waterfront. Walking in the fresh air will help improve blood circulation, which will saturate cells with oxygen. If you find time at the weekend, you can arrange a trip to the barbecue. Fresh food, cooked on an open fire surrounded by picturesque trees, can sometimes be more exotic than lobsters on the seashore.

Find new faces of your native city

From the history of many buildings is breathtaking, and, evenif you have lived all your life in the same city, you can always find the streets, which you have not yet had time to go through. Imagine yourself as a foreigner: find museums that you never visited, go to summer exhibitions, spend an evening at the theater. It is always exciting to get acquainted with the history and culture of your city, as if you are a tourist.

Arrange a home spa

If after work the head buzzes and the body whines,then you urgently need to arrange an evening of relaxation. Start with a hot bath with fragrant salt or gentle foam, light aromatic candles and turn on soothing music. If the soul for a moment wants to be in the semi-awkward country of Indonesia on the other side of the world, take a relaxing shower with shower gel Bali flower and oil from NIVEA. It will surprise you with the delicate fragrance of the Frangipani flower and allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of the island of Bali.