how to relax on weekends At the end of the working week, everyone asks about thewhere and how to relax on weekends. But the more common, and most importantly, not too burdensome and original ideas (snug in your favorite chair, watch TV, do household chores, go shopping or talk with your girlfriend on the phone), it does not go down. And the next weekend become days from the category of "nothing special". Such a rest does not bring any benefit and knocks off the rhythm. And do not calm yourself by the fact that two days - this is too little for a full relaxation. In your hands to change everything, there would be a desire. Just do not forget that the main rule of good rest is to forget about work. And about home including. Do not waste an already short weekend for another general cleaning or creating an exotic culinary masterpiece. Dedicate the weekend to what will help you relax. Do you think that you can really rest only during a long vacation? The question of colleagues about how Sunday passed leads you to some confusion, forcing points to reproduce in memory a list of "cases" that you could or did not have time to finish? Then this article is for you.

The success of any holiday is in planning

Take a piece of paper, close your eyes and justdream about where and how you can relax on the weekends. Undoubtedly, the choice will depend not only on your desires, but also on the time of the year. Think and correctly determine the purpose of the future of the weekend. What do you most want now? It is not necessary to immediately build grandiose plans. Start small and make a list that looks something like this:

  • to go on an improvised journey through the streets of his native city;
  • to attend the event in cultural and sports-leisure centers (theater, cinema, concert hall, art gallery or museum, sports match);
  • arrange a SPA weekend, visit a make-up artist and hairdresser;
  • relax in an aqua park or an ordinary swimming pool;
  • sing to the public in a karaoke bar;
  • Rolling on the main square of the city;
  • enroll in a horse club and make a country outing on horseback.
  • go with friends or family on a tripon bicycles to the nearest, interesting from your point of view, city or into the forest for a "quiet" hunt (options are possible: a bike ride through the picturesque surroundings of the home city or in the park can include mushroom hunting or a picnic in the clearing in the shade of trees).

The bulk of the proposed ways of howit is best to rest on the weekend, refers to the spring-summer period. A hot sun, a fine day, a great mood - all these are indispensable companions of the warm season. But you want to relax and in the autumn or winter. By the way, it is the seasonal deficiency of ultraviolet that adversely affects our body, forcing us to experience depression and a breakdown. To increase vitality and cheer up, do not neglect relaxation in the cold season. If the winter is in the yard, then your list can be supplemented with quite accessible and fun games:

  • remember childhood and ride a slide on sleds or tubing;
  • To master mountain skiing or a snowboard, on the frozen lake or the river to drive on a kite;
  • run through the forest or park on cross-country skiing;
  • go to the ice rink in the company of friends.

This list can be continued for a very long time. The number of items in it depends only on your desires and preferences. It is worth noting that such a vacation will not cause any damage to your wallet, it will cope well with the blues and bring new colors to life. Impressions received from any of the ways described above are interesting to spend a weekend, will stay with you for a long time and inspire you to great deeds throughout the whole week.

Discover your city and join the beautiful

How long have you been deviating from the usual route -work home? How well do you know your hometown? Can not you remember when just so, without any purpose, people wandered through its shady streets, dreamed of under the trees in the park, admired the evening lights? So, it's time to remember a carefree youth and give yourself the opportunity to turn back time. Arrange a small impromptu tour of the city in which you live, quite simply. Leave the car at home, put on old sneakers - and forward, to meet impressions! And let your feet do not have to rest, but the soul will fully enjoy the view of long-familiar and not very places, absorb the spirit of a modern metropolis not only at the time when it is filled with fussy everyday events. After all, you probably already forgot about how the city looks during the calm hours of the day off, when there is no noise and bustle around, and friendly smiles are more and more often observed in the kaleidoscope of human faces. Here it is - a bit sleepy on a Saturday morning, but - festive and elegant on a Sunday evening, and now it looks like a woman who, putting on her favorite robe, slowly thumbs through the book, sips sips of coffee and enjoys the quiet hours of idleness. Well, is it tempting? Then what are you waiting for? Remember childhood, when a trip to the neighboring courtyard seemed an adventure, an event full of incredible discoveries. Believe me, your city can give you a lot of surprises, open with a new, unknown side. It is only necessary to drive a few stops, bypassing the usual routes, and a famous stranger will appear before you, just waiting for the moment when he will be able to tell you about his secrets and secrets. In such a journey, you can find an interesting coffee shop or a small cozy restaurant. If you decide to explore new routes with your second half, then the right and organized romantic dinner will be an excellent end to the day off. By the way, this little trip can be improvised or determined in advance with where you would like to go, guided by the map of the city. Just listen to your inner voice and go for a long and enjoyable walk. And when was the last time you were in a theater or a movie? Already remember difficult? So what are you waiting for, already on Thursday wondering about where to go next Saturday? Look at the poster of the city. Why not take a couple of tickets for a new play and not go with a friend, girlfriend or child to the theater? Communicate to the beautiful, because nothing inspires as an opportunity to enjoy the real art of acting. And in the picture gallery, where the new exposition appeared very opportunely, have you already visited? If not, then leave without hesitation. After all, having a rest and simultaneously getting pleasant impressions from a good performance, an interesting exhibition or a new film is not only correct, useful and informative, but also so great! They can become a bright memory that will help you stay the next working week until the new weekend. where to rest on weekends

Weekend with benefit to the body

Yet for a woman, the best isa holiday that allows her to become even more beautiful. So why lay on the couch again, aimlessly asking yourself about where to go if the answer suggests itself? Leave for later all the orderly bored household chores, worries and troubles. Believe me, no one will die of hunger, if my mother does not prepare something for dinner, something masterpiece, and just put in the plates yesterday's cutlets and buckwheat porridge. Or you can even ask your spouse to arrange a romantic dinner. It's enough just to whisper to him about the reward that awaits him at night, and the matter is in the hat. Do not doubt, the husband will not only feed the children with dinner, but will also cover the table for your return, not forgetting about champagne and flowers. Allow yourself to relax in the hands of a massage therapist, experience incomparable pleasure from SPA procedures, change your hair style, make a pedicure manicure, get a light summer tan in the middle of the winter and experiment with make-up. In order to feel refreshed and full of energy, to change your style elusively and to hear from your beloved how beautiful you are, and from friends to receive well-deserved compliments and questions about where you went this weekend that you managed to get such a fresh look, in total -you also need to visit a beauty salon. You can create yourself and others the illusion that you actually visited the resort and comfortably spent time on the white beaches of some exotic island. Go to the aqua park! It's good to rest like this if you want to spend time with your family, friends and children. All sorts of water attractions, jacuzzis, saunas, slides and jumps for jumping - everyone can find something to their liking. Such a holiday can be called active. And what can give strength and vivacity better than an excellent Saturday day, if it is pre-planned and properly planned!

Fun and easy holiday for the whole family

Those who like to sing will be easy enoughanswer the question about where to rest on the weekend. Of course, in the karaoke bar! And this is not only an opportunity to replay the entire repertoire of your favorite artist, but also a chance to relax with your friends. To talk over a cup of coffee, laugh and fool around. Remember how in childhood, standing in front of a mirror with an improvised microphone, you imagined yourself a star, applauded by enthusiastic fans. A large company will help you feel more confident if you experience discomfort when speaking to the public. They are your friends, which means they will certainly support you. By the way, this way of fun and relaxed vacation suits those who want to please your child. Why not go with him to a children's cafe where there is karaoke? Together to sing "Song of the mammoth" or "Song of the Cat Leopold", and then with pleasure to see how your baby is having fun with other children. Such a weekend will remain in your memory for a long time, causing a smile on your lips when you remember about especially ridiculous moments. And if you shoot it all on a photo or video camera, you will have the opportunity to relive the wonderful moments. In warm sunny weather, it's nice to spend a Saturday or Sunday in the nearest park. Walk along the paths of cozy squares, enjoying the play of light and shade in the foliage of trees. Or remember your long-standing dream and learn how to skate. True, this kind of rest will be safer if you take with you someone from friends who confidently owns this way of travel. The weekend is fine. But do not forget about the feeling of self-preservation. By the way, ask for help from your child. Perhaps it is he who will help you to master the videos. You will have another point of contact, and you can confidently say that this weekend brought you not only the pleasure of a pleasant pastime, but have become one more way to get closer to your child. where to rest on weekends

Horseback riding: horse or bicycle?

If you like horseback riding or you justlong dreamed of learning how to ride a horse, but postponed the embodiment of your dreams for later because of lack of time, then for you the most correct answer to the question of how to relax on the weekends will be a visit to the equestrian club. This adventure can become a one-time action, and can begin a serious development of riding. Of course, this kind of rest will require you to invest in equipment and entrance fee. But just imagine the pleasure that you will receive by learning to interact with these noble, intelligent and beautiful animals. And how your posture will change! Horse riding will remind you that no everyday life can not make you wearily drop your shoulders. Only in this way, with a proud head and posture of the most august person, a modern woman must walk through life. Walks on horseback outside the city will help you relax, enjoy the beauty of nature and get such a positive charge, which is enough for the whole working week. And those who feel an overwhelming fear of these proud animals (yes, everyone has their own phobias), an iron horse will come to the rescue. Probably, one of the most popular ways to spend a weekend in the summer is to leave a noisy metropolis and spend time in the bosom of nature with family or friends. But why not complicate the task? Rather, give it a touch of adventure or make such a trip not only fun, but also useful. No, we are not talking about occupational therapy, or about a well-coordinated struggle against weeds in the suburban area. We agreed to forget about public works. Your goal - just to relax, because the weekend is invented just for this. All you need is to change the usual way of traveling in a car or in a suburban train to a bicycle. Determine the route in advance and look at the maps in order not to get lost and correctly calculate your own possibilities. For those who are not so sure that the long bike ride can be divided, the journey can be divided into two stages: half way to go by car, bus or train, and half by pedaling and exposing the face to wind and sun. Such a holiday is suitable for those who like extreme sports. If the relief allows, it is always possible to arrange a small race in cross country rides. Bike tour outside the city is not only a way to relax actively, but also a chance to get some fresh air and get a beautiful tan. And if you come up with interesting games or try to surprise your friends and relatives with a new recipe for cooking shish kebab, then this way to spend the weekend will be your favorite. And it does not matter what you do. Whether you start a kite with children, build locks from river sand, arrange a competition, who will swim faster to the other shore, stroll through the forest, pick berries, or just lie, enjoying the company of friends - you really rest. If you have chosen to walk on bicycles as an opportunity to spend your weekend unusually, be sure to take care of the first aid kit and the map. It is likely that they will not need you. But in any journey, even in such a short one, you need to be prepared for any surprises so that in case of trouble you do not have to rush about, not knowing where to run for help.

Winter opened the snow embrace

Do not think that if there is winter in the yard, snow has fallen andlight frost nips the skin, you need to sit at home and dream of the onset of heat. Of course, sometimes you want to spend the weekend so comfortably sitting in a chair and throwing a warm blanket over your shoulders, indulging your thoughts and plans, reading a long-bought book or watching an old film. But two consecutive weekend, conducted in this way, can cast such an unbearable melancholy and melancholy that you want to howl like a wolf. Therefore, the time of year is not an obstacle for active relaxation in the fresh air. For those who still do not know how it is possible to have a good holiday on a weekend in winter, there are also a lot of ways to relax and distract from thoughts about working in the company of friends or relatives. For example, you can go to a nearby sanatorium for a couple of days, where comfortable rooms and all kinds of procedures, an entertainment program and fresh air will be at your service. But it will require some expenses, and you will have to take care of booking tickets, buy tickets and so on. If you prefer comfortable rest, the opportunity to realize your bold dreams and desires, then for you, the weekend in winter can turn into a real adventure. Do you want to try something new and unexplored? Skiing in the winter forest is an excellent chance to enjoy the snow-covered landscapes and pure frosty air. Fans of photography can replenish their portfolio with a lot of interesting pictures. And for health, such a walk will be useful. Just do not go on a ski trip alone. In the company you will be much more fun and safer. You can make a short halt and sit by the winter fire. Many pay a lot of money to rest at the famous ski resorts. And you can afford to go skiing from the slopes of ravines, without spending almost anything. The sea of ​​vivid impressions from the beating in the face of the wind, flying past the snow-covered trees will allow you to get a charge of vivacity, good mood and a dose of pure adrenaline. By the way, and a light tan from the winter sun will be to your face. For a couple of evenings, forget that you are serious adults, and sledding will help you to return to your childhood. Just for a moment, imagine a breathtaking sense of flight, when the sleds are flying from the mountain. Nothing clouded happiness that you experienced in childhood, will return, turning the usual weekend into a journey by a time machine. So why not directly on the next Saturday to call friends with an offer to go and ride with the breeze from the highest mountain? By the way, progress has also affected winter entertainment. Walking on aerosleighs and snowmobiles is a godsend for lovers of extreme winter holidays. You can arrange races or simple friendly competitions. Do not be discouraged if you do not have the necessary equipment. Many recreation areas provide a service for renting sledges and snowmobiles. So you will not have problems with transport. You can learn and quite a new kind of winter recreation - snowboarding. Of course, it is difficult to comprehend this science alone. In addition to a special board and a sense of balance, you will need the advice of those who already know how to ride. And this means that this way of holding the weekend can be repeated until you feel confident on the slope. When you learn to go around obstacles, you will get real satisfaction from not only resting, but also learning something new. Do not forget about the usual winter fun - skating. Here you can choose either a covered skating rink, or the frozen surface of a natural reservoir or icy paths under the open sky in a city park. By the way, invite the children to go along with you, they will only be glad of the opportunity to have a rest together with their parents, and even in such an interesting way. You will see how the eyes of a young son and daughter will shine with happiness and pride for being introduced to such adult entertainment. It is worth noting that you do not need to have your own skates, skis, sledges or snowboard to rest on a winter day. A lot of rental of sports equipment for a small fee will supply you with everything you need. You only need to choose the right clothes and take a thermos with hot tea with you, to take a sip or two in the intervals between skating and take a breath. Yes, and to not think about where to go to have a bite with children, take sandwiches. Of course, it's possible to solve the problem with food in a cafe, but for this you will have to interrupt entertainment, change shoes and so on. Where it is more pleasant and easier to practically eat a bit on the go and fly forward again, substituting a face for the winter wind. And how you will be surprised by the appetite of a child who in the morning capriciously refused a healthy and nutritious breakfast! The best way to combat boredom and ordinary life is active rest. And it is not necessary to wait for a vacation to relax and get a charge of vivacity for the soul and body. Often, the long wait for the cherished two weeks turns into that they fly by as one moment, and you do not have time to enjoy in full such a small period of freedom. Agree, the feeling that a trip to the sea is just a dream, beautiful, but so short, often accompanies the first working days after returning. And this is due to the fact that we do not know how to rest properly in our city or town. Therefore, fill every minute of your life with meaning, giving joy to yourself and your loved ones. Then every weekend will turn into a holiday. And you will never get bored or start a working week in a bad mood.