wedding manicure To complete the image of the bride from ancient timesVarious bright accessories were used. Nowadays you will not be surprised at this, but, nevertheless, every girl, going under the crown, wants to be irresistible. Therefore, we need an unusual wedding manicure: it will give a complete look to the appearance and emphasize the individuality. And it simply needs to be done, because the girl's hands at the wedding are always paid attention, even if she is wearing gloves during the registration of the marriage. To the groom put a ring on the bride's hand, she will have to remove one of them, and then everyone will see what the girl's nails.

Wedding manicure at home

To be sure of its impeccability, it is worthbeforehand to worry about their pens. Of course, to do a wedding manicure is better in a beauty salon: professionals themselves will offer a design, apply a varnish, and take care of all other nuances. Unfortunately, today not every woman can afford such an expensive pleasure. Therefore, the decision of this issue should be taken not later than a month before the planned celebration. You'll see, after a little practice, you can achieve excellent results: regular manicure, even at home, can create real miracles with your hands. The ability to make beautiful nails is useful after the holiday. With him, a young wife will always please herself, her beloved husband or her dear friends by renewing her image. By applying the wedding manicure, creating a new drawing, thinking through the design, the girls and women will be able to change subtly, embody interesting look'i, and not leaving the house, so everyone should learn some secrets. For manicure you will need:

  • nail polish remover
  • cotton sponge
  • nail file
  • moisturizing lotion for hands
  • Cuticle Cream
  • lacquer base
  • special coating
  • nail polish

wedding manicure on your nails

Technique of manicure

  • First remove the old varnish from the nailsuse for this product without acetone. Then give the nails the desired shape with a nail file. To avoid brittleness and delamination of the nails, try to file the nail plate always in one direction.
  • To soften the cuticle, hold your hands in a warmsoapy water for 5-10 minutes After that, apply a special cream on the cuticle and carefully, trying not to damage it, push it away with a wooden stick.
  • Put on the hands cream or moisturizing milk and massage them. Surplus cream with nails remove with a soft napkin.
  • Several options for a wedding manicure

    Simple manicure Apply a nail base to the nailand let it dry. Then apply the main lacquer in two layers, starting from the edge of the nail. This is recommended by three strokes. After the varnish has dried, a protective coating is applied to the nails, preserving the design in perfect form. French manicure Stick on the edges of the nails special strips, which will more accurately and quickly apply on their nails white lacquer, giving them a natural look. Then apply the lacquer and allow it to dry, then remove the adhesive strips and apply the main lacquer in two layers. After the varnish dries, you can apply a fixing coating - and here the wedding French manicure is ready. Nail-design "Luxury flower" Before you perform a wedding manicure, you need to prepare your nails - to give them a shape. After giving the desired form of nails and applying the base preparation, cover them in two layers with white lacquer.

  • Create a picture Apply on a dried lacquercover wavy patterns, reminiscent of garlands of exotic flowers, using for this red acrylic paint and a thin brush. After that, apply a small petal from the side of the nail. Using 5-7 of the same strokes, let the newly born bud blossom, logically completing the chosen design in this way. From the resulting pattern, draw two wavy stems with leaves.
  • Add brilliance and luxury to manicure withshine To do this, apply a soft touch of the brush "shimmering accent" to the center of each leaf. The final step is the final touch: give a glossy glow with a fixing tool.
  • After the final stage, you can admire the wedding manicure of the bride, thanks to which she will become even more fashionable and beautiful.
  • This design places emphasis on bold and brightbeauty. Applying the "Luxury Flower" on your nails, the bride can be sure that her wedding manicure will be noticed and appreciated. This option is great for girls who appreciate and choose confidence. Nail-design "Primrose" This is one of the most actual solutions for the romantic manicure of the bride. This is a gentle option, which is sure to appreciate moms, grandmothers and girlfriends of married girls. And the severe male half of the guests of the holiday will receive another proof of the brittle and airy beauty of the bride.

  • Coating with varnish On the prepared nails, apply a gentle pink lacquer in two layers.
  • Creating a "French" To create a "smile" lineWhite lacquer and special stencils are required. Spend a light movement of the brush on the tip of the nail, without touching the stencil. That's ready exclusive base for a wedding manicure.
  • Drawing a drawing After the varnish has dried,Apply stems with leaves to the nails using white acrylic paint and a brush. Further, the design involves fine work: to focus on the nails of nameless fingers, continue the "creative idea" only on them. On the white part of the nail, represent the continuation of the branch. Use a pink acrylic paint for this.
  • Wedding manicure "Pervotsvet" is not only beautiful,but also practical. The resulting design will add to the bridal handles touching, and the image - a mysterious fragility. There can be no doubt that Pervotsvet with all its tenderness and freshness will be more than relevant, interesting and noticeable. As you can see, without a beautiful wedding manicure, almost no wedding is complete. It happens to be very different, and it is possible to apply it correctly at home without much difficulty. So be sure, you can always find an interesting design, stylishly decorate your nails and create an image that is flawless in all the details and is ideally suited for one of the most important days in life. We advise you to read: