anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen Each of us wants to be slim and beautiful, butit happens that there is neither time nor energy to exercise, strict diets are complicated by the schedule of life and craving for delicious food, but we still want to make our body perfect. To help in such cases comes anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen and other parts of the body, which will tighten the skin and remove the unevenness of adipose tissue. You can do it yourself, it does not require any complicated equipment, besides it is simple in execution. Of course, in its pure form it will not become a panacea for fat accumulation, physical activity and a review of diet are still necessary. But, as often happens, the first actions for a loved one can entail a full range of changes. anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen how to do

How to make an anti-cellulite massage

Please note that the mostimpressive results can be achieved if you do massage on an empty stomach, then you will get a deeper study of the muscles. Be careful, with the unaccustomed after the first procedure, the treated areas may ache, and small bruises may also occur. Do not be frightened, this indicates the quality of the massage, but in this case it is better to regulate the pressure. Before you begin to study the technology itself, you need to do a few things. First of all, it is necessary to clean and warm the skin, for this dry grindings are perfect. Ideally, they should be done with a special bristle brush or massage glove. The skin should be massaged in a circle, necessarily clockwise, until a small redness appears. This procedure should not be given more than five minutes, because it can damage the surface of the skin. If in the proposed area of ​​massage there are wounds, burns or other violations of the integrity of the cover, rubbing for these places is contraindicated. After preparing the skin, you can start. It is best to use special oils or creams for massage, but if you want, you can replace them with talc. Remember that, as in the case of skin warming, all movements must be done clockwise. Keep your hands "soft" and "calm", because, despite the opportunity to buy a lot of special devices, our hands - the best possible tool. If we talk about basic techniques without the use of honey or cans, they are not so many. For starters, let's talk about the plucked technique, this kind of massage should be done in a recumbent state; the application of anti-cellulite cream will strengthen the effect, but you can use the usual massage oil. Relax and grasp the fat fold with your fingers, then move it around in a circle, quickly intercepting the crease, strengthening the pressure with each new circle. This procedure should be done within ten to fifteen minutes, increasing the time of the session with time. This seemingly simple form of massage is very effective, it helps in a short time to achieve an amazing result. Even simpler, but very effective movement - circular movements with an open palm with extended fingers, the same principle - repeat the movements, with each circle intensifying the pressure. But do not overdo it. You can clench your fist and tug your belly with your knuckles. If you combine and alternate this method with a massage with an open palm, the results in a couple of weeks will surprise you. Also extremely effective honey antitselljulitnyj massage - this technics has been thought up enough for a long time and represents, as a matter of fact, vacuum massage. It requires a small amount of natural honey, if desired, you can add a little essential oil. The palms on which honey is applied are patted on the stomach. Honey, thanks to its properties, glues hands to the skin, and when you tear them away, the same vacuum effect is created. If in the process your skin starts to emit white matter from the pore, do not be scared - this is a natural and useful process of separating the slag. The duration of the procedure is about half an hour; during the massage, it is most effective to alternate between patting and stroking. After the end, take a warm, but not hot, shower. You can, combining business with pleasure, use an ordinary shower for anti-cellulite massage. Water massage will make your skin smooth and supple and improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. In performance, it is as simple as honey and pinch. Before starting the procedure, adjust the water temperature - it should be warm or cool. Direct the water jet to your stomach and guide it around in a circle clockwise, change the temperature and the water pressure in the process. This massage is easier to do regularly than other types. Sometimes it is difficult to force yourself to go to the store and buy honey, or to find time in the morning, so that you should pincer yourself on an empty stomach; but each of us takes a shower, so you can always give yourself ten minutes during hygienic water procedures. The results of a regular massage, which you will do with water, will appear in a week, and you will be pleasantly surprised. However, keep in mind: this massage is contraindicated during pregnancy. Of course, anti-cellulite massage in the abdomen should be done with caution. Too deep study can negatively affect the work of internal organs, which in this zone is very much. Therefore, significant results will take more time than, for example, for the riding breeches. But do not lose patience and do not quit this occupation. If you do any of the three massage options regularly enough, your figure will change, especially if you alternate or combine them. Of course, if you at least to a small extent adjust the diet and bring a little sport, dance or yoga into your life, the results will not keep you waiting too long.