wedding hairstyles with false locks Wedding hairstyles are always given a special place. Of course, this is due to the significance of the wedding day in the life of any girl. This is the day when you want to feel the princess from a fairy tale - charming and romantic. And it's the hairstyle that plays an important role in complementing the image of the bride. To create the desired image stylists use different hairpieces, curls and similar tricks, they are also used to increase the length of hair. Styling on long hair looks more impressive, which is why many brides choose wedding hairstyles with overhead strands.

Attaching overhead strands

So, get a set of false hair,preferably natural, because the artificial will look unnatural. Make sure that the color of the strands matches your natural hair color. Standard overhead curls are attached using special clips. If you do it right, it will be almost impossible to notice the difference, and you will not get any inconveniences purchased.

  • Clean hair thoroughly comb and divide into several parts by horizontal parting;
  • The first strands are fastened under the parting, which is located closer to the neck. Then rise higher;
  • The same is done with the following partitions;
  • Along the sides attach the most thin and narrow strands. Take care that they do not stand out against the background of natural hair.

Now that you've got a thick and long head of hair, you can start creating a wedding hairstyle. Beautiful wedding hairstyles with false locks

Retro hairstyle

  • First, you should divide the hair into two parts, from ear to ear. The upper part must be stabbed, so as not to interfere, and lower - to screw on the curling iron;
  • Then leave the lower wound part of the hair and go back to the top. We make the tops of the upper part, slightly twisting the tips with the plait;
  • The combed part of the hair must be rolled into the roller, forming a volume and fixing it with hairpins, invisible and then with hairspray;
  • Lower hair you need to wind on the roller, you can scratch a little. Then fix hair hairpins and a varnish;
  • The bang can be screwed with a curling rod, forming a wave to the left ear. We give elegance and emphasize the retro style of this hairstyle;
  • The transition between the parts can be decorated with any favorite hair clip.

Golden curls

  • The first point in creating this high wedding hairstyle is straightening the hair along the entire length. Thanks to ironing, the hair gets a smooth and silky appearance;
  • After straightening it is necessary to comb hair and process them with the help of packing means. Now the basic stages are passed, and you can start creating the most hairstyle;
  • Divide the hair into strands and fasten;
  • Those strands of hair that on the vertex need to tie in the tail and hide the elastic under the hair;
  • Hair from the resulting tail form into curls, each fixing with varnish and clamps;
  • To form curls it is possible by any means - to make curls and to fix each invisible and hairpin;
  • After the formation of all the curls, you can remove the clips and finally fix the hairstyle with hairspray.

how to make wedding hairstyles with overlaid locks

Babette "- hairstyle from the 60's

  • Locks should be straight;
  • Divide the hair into two parts - the top (bangs with the crown) and the bottom (the rest);
  • The lower part of the hair should be screwed into the shell andfix with studs. To do this, you need to collect a tail on the back of the head, it is good to comb it. Then you should wrap the hair forward, hiding the tips, trying to form a voluminous dome;
  • The upper part is screwed using large curlersand warming up their hair dryer, this will betray a larger volume of hair. And after that a couple of minutes should use a cold flow of hair dryer, which will better fix the wrapping;
  • Remove the curlers from the strands of the upper hair and scratch them;
  • From the resulting strands, form a roller and fix it with invisible and stilettos on top of the shell that you had previously twisted;
  • It should be a little comb out the hair in front, so the hair will look more neat and smooth. After that, sprinkle the resulting hair with a hair spray;
  • You can attach a diadem or hairpins with rhinestones above the bangs.

An important part of the wedding hairstyle are andaccessories - flowers and feathers, diadems and tiaras, rims and ribbons, studs with large rhinestones and hair clips, and, of course, veil. The choice of the accessory is based on the data of the bride - height, body shape, face oval, wedding dress. The main thing is to submit yourself so that nothing breaks the integrity of the image. If you feel comfortable, you will be assured of your beauty, then the holiday will necessarily be held at the highest level. But this is the main component of the wedding ceremony! We advise you to read: