haircuts on curly hair Curly hair is the real wealth of a woman. With proper care, they look very nice. Styling of curly locks - a matter of painstaking, but it's worth it. Haircuts for medium length curls are very diverse. Before you cut your hair, you need to take into account the structure of the hair. Those who have elastic curls, fit only certain haircuts, and having wavy hair can afford almost all haircuts. The average haircut is an ideal solution for both business ladies and housewives. Hairstyles with this length are practical, elegant, feminine and beautiful. They are able to correct not only the shape of the face, but also the figure. There are many varieties of haircuts of wavy curls of this length. The average length for curly hair is the most popular, since with this length the curls are almost not confused and do not swell, like with a short haircut. beautiful hairstyles for medium hair

Haircuts for curly curls of medium length

Haircut for curls "bob" To datethis haircut is popular to do on any hair. On medium hair, it looks very good in classical style. In this performance, curls are cut along one line. Also, the curls look stylish when the front strands are lengthened. Such a haircut could be seen in the singer Rihanna. This hairstyle is suitable for stylish and glamorous girls. If the bean is laid with foam, you will get neat and romantic curls. A girl with medium wavy ringlets, making an asymmetric bean, will not make a mistake. Such a hairstyle will not allow the hair to tangle, but lie down with neat curls. "Kare" - a haircut for curly ringlets Kare classic shape is great for those with medium curly hair. Also this haircut is suitable for those with thin curls. This hairstyle is quite bulky, and at the same time unpretentious when stacking, unlike, for example, from a cascade. Those who like to experiment with their hair, you can try laying haircuts with a diagonal cut and an asymmetrical bang. Girls with thick wavy hair are most suitable multi-level haircut. Such a hairstyle will make the image vivid and sexy. This season, very popular are fillet and ripped ends. For example, Meg Ryan Bob-kar has been holding for a long time, despite the fact that the actress has curls. And she looks great with such a hair. If the hair interferes with the eyes, then you can fix this problem with a rim or a hair clip. To style this hairstyle, mousse or foam is usually used. Recommendations for choosing the length of the carat for different types of face:

  • For women with a round face, an elongated square is recommended.
  • Women with a face shape triangle or square is best suited square to the chin.
  • The oval face shape is suitable for any length of haircuts.
  • Fashionable haircuts for curly hair

    Care for curly hair of medium length

    The main condition for a stunning view of undulatingringlets is the right care. Women with an average length is not at all difficult to take care of their hair. Most owners of curly curls complain that it is difficult to follow such hair. Therefore, very often they cut them for easier care. But it is not necessary to cut hair short, it is enough to make them of medium length. Plus such a hairstyle is the ability to make a variety of styling and ease of care. Remember: a medium-length haircut is suitable for any type of face. Tips for caring for curly hair:

  • To improve blood circulation, it is necessary to massage the scalp during washing.
  • Hair should be washed in several stages (2-3 times).
  • After washing your head, it is recommended to use a balm that can improve the condition of the curls.
  • At least once a month it is desirable to cut off the ends of curls for 1 cm. This procedure will help the hair feel good and comfortable.
  • Once a week, you need to moisten your hair with masks.
  • When choosing a comb, it is necessary to take a plastic comb with rare teeth and a large comb.
  • If a styler is used to straighten the curls, it is recommended to use it as rarely as possible, since it adversely affects the condition of the hair.
  • If curls are unruly, then you can feed themhemp oil. To do this, the oil must be heated in a water bath, and then rub it over the entire length of the curls. After covering the head with polyethylene and a warm towel. Leave for half an hour. Then rinse with shampoo.
  • Shampoo is better to choose such, which includes cornflower extracts, licorice oil, hamamelis extracts and coconut oil.
  • Drying curls hair dryer is recommended to do as rarely as possible, since in most cases curls suffer from dryness and when touched with a hot hair dryer are easily damaged.
  • Curly locks do not really like moisture, so it's better to go under the umbrella during the rain.
  • To curls do not stick out in different directions, you can use a gel or mousse.
  • Cutting the ends, it is better to make the filing, which will give grooming to curly hair.
  • Medium-length hairstyles for curly locksrequire special attention and special means for styling. Too violent curls are completely unsuitable for the use of lacquers or other hairline fixers with a weak fixing property. For such curlicues, it is recommended to use products with strong and extra-strong fixation. Care must be taken to select a shampoo for curly ringlets. Shampoo should separate and soften the curls, without hampering the combing of the curls. After shampoo it is desirable to use conditioners and balms that help curly hair to be strong, elastic and crumbly.

    Styling curly ringlets of medium length

    Installation tips:

    • when laying it is not necessary to use a brush, it is better to use a comb with rare teeth, and when laying your hair, it is better to comb your fingers with fingers. This will help form beautiful curls;
    • when laying curly curls you can use the rim;
    • with naughty curls, it is better to fight with a special smoothing agent and spray for hot styling;
    • if you need to straighten the curls, then useyou need only a high-quality iron, which has a ceramic coating and temperature control, with the temperature better to set low or medium heat.

    Styling a hairstyle from curly curls of mediumlength, it is good to have at hand a special tool for laying curls of this type, a curling aid and a finishing cream. Having such a set, you can easily maintain the shape of the hairstyle, and, if necessary, quickly correct it. If you use thermic clippers when laying such a haircut, a protective spray must always be present. And that curly hair does not dry out during drying, it is better to use an ionic hair dryer. If desired, you can make curls larger, using forceps with large thermal cylinders. Such locks look elegant and chic, and are perfectly suited for solemn events. Having a haircut of curly hair of medium length, you can create many hairstyles. And if the owner of such hair learns to manage them, she will always be irresistible.