useful oil for tips of hair Healthy, beautiful hair is the dream of every woman. But often growing long luxurious curls is not so easy, because there are many factors that worsen their condition. Sometimes it seems that the hair grows, and it can be observed by the roots, but the length remains the same or at all shortened. What is the reason? Women often spoil the hair, making the styling with a hot hair dryer or curling iron. They also lose their former beauty after staining and perm. All this leads to thinning of the hair, the tips begin to be cut and as a result fall off. But do not despair: solve this problem will help oil for the tips of hair. different oils for the tips of hair

Causes of thinning and cross-section of tips

Before talking about treating the tips with oil,it is necessary to understand, because of what our curls become brittle and dull. Environment and malnutrition In the first place, hair health depends on weather conditions. For example, too long exposure to the sun can worsen their condition. The windy climate has a detrimental effect on their appearance. In the winter season, with improper care, the hair grows dull and becomes unhealthy. Do not forget about the bad environment, namely polluted air, which will certainly have a negative impact on your hair. Proper nutrition is the guarantee of the health of not only your hair, but the body as a whole. With frequent consumption of too fatty and sweet food, the hair becomes neglected because it does not receive the necessary vitamins and trace elements. Frequent diets also have a negative effect on the condition of the hair. In order to make them look healthy, you need to consume enough vegetables and fruits, and in the cold season, when the body lacks useful elements, you can take a vitamin complex. Staining and the influence of high temperatures Strong colors will inevitably lead to thinning of the tips, as a result of which they will begin to be cut and fall off. Today, there are many quality, gentle paints that spoil the hair. Therefore, if you often carry out staining, try to find a remedy that will do the least harm to your hair. Plaiting for styling is the right way to sick and groomed hair. Drying with a hair dryer will also not bring any benefit, and only lead to problems. Of course, now no woman can not refuse a hair dryer, but this does not need to be done. Try to dry your hair at the lowest temperature, and then you will do less harm to your hair. Wrong remedies and inappropriate hair care About healthy hair can not be said if you use shampoos and rinses that do not fit your type. Now there are many tools for any type. If you are having difficulty choosing a shampoo or conditioner, consult a hairdresser or a doctor. Inadequate hair care. If you want to grow or have already grown long hair, this does not mean that they do not need to be cut. Sooner or later the tips will begin to separate and fall off. To avoid this, it is necessary to trim the tips at least once every two months. And do not think that you will lose the length: any hairdresser will tell you that by cutting your hair, you only stimulate their further growth. It is very important to pay attention to the above factors and, if possible, take them into account when caring for hair. The oil for the tips of the hair will be more effective and will bring more results if you try to eliminate other causes that cause the cross-section of the tips. application of oil on the tips of hair

How does oil affect hair?

Currently, there is a wide choiceready oils from various brands, designed for professional hair care at home. But do not necessarily spend a lot of money to ensure that your hair regains its health. In any pharmacy you can buy inexpensive natural oil, which will no less effectively cure the split ends. First of all, oil is an excellent method of caring for dry and brittle hair. It will also be a useful preventive tool to prevent thinning of the tips. The oil moistens the curls, protects them from harmful factors and restores their healthy appearance. When it is applied, they become obedient, do not get confused, and when combed, they drop much less. In addition, it strengthens the hair and gives them a beautiful shine. effect after application of oil is visible after a month

Types of oils and their effect

Each oil has its own specific properties, so choose the one that will suit you most.

  • Castor. This is an effective tool not only to treat split ends, but also for rapid growth of the hairline. Apply it to the roots and tips, and then cover the head with a towel or packet for an hour, then rinse the hair with shampoo. It is advisable to carry out this procedure at night.
  • Burdock. It includes mineral salts, vitamins and acids, which strengthen hair and promote their growth. It is also used to treat the scalp. With the frequent use of burdock oil hair regains its health, which prevents the appearance of split ends. Thoroughly rub oil into the scalp, and then distribute it over the entire length. For best effect, the mask can be left overnight, and washed off with shampoo in the morning. This procedure should be done 1-2 times a week.
  • Olive. Perfectly suitable for hair, damaged and overdried after staining. Applying a mask of this oil once a week, you will forget about split ends, as you will improve your curls, make them soft, smooth and obedient. Preheat the olive oil, then apply it on the hair, trying not to hurt the roots, cover the head with a special cap or towel. Keep the mask for 1-2 hours, but if possible, it is better to leave it for the night.
  • Jojoba oil. This oil contains amino acids that have a beneficial effect on the condition of the hair. It strengthens their structure, gives shine and enriches with moisture. Jojoba oil can be used for combing: apply a few drops to the comb and spread it evenly over the entire head. Then rub the oil into the tips. Do this procedure 2 times a day and after a week you will see noticeable improvements.
  • Almond. It includes a rich vitamin complex (vitamins A, E, B and F), which saturates the hair with vital forces and gives them elasticity. Almond oil promotes the growth of curls, prevents the appearance of split ends and fights with a greasy shine. After the shower, apply the product to the roots and tips. For prevention, almond oil can be used several times a day, moistening the comb in it before combing. To restore heavily damaged hair, almond oil is recommended to warm up, mix with kefir and apply to the head, do not wash the mask for half an hour.
  • Grape seed oil. It contains linoleic acid, which restores the hair structure. With the application of grape seed oil for a short time, your hair will look healthy, and you can prevent the appearance of split ends. Oil effectively and quickly absorbed and does not leave a sense of fat. Apply the product not along the entire length, but on the roots. Cover the mask with a towel and leave for an hour. For greater effect, grape seed oil can be mixed with essential oil.
  • Coconut. It is a hypoallergenic agent that nourishes the hair and scalp and eliminates itching and irritation of the skin. Coconut oil is ideal for the treatment of split ends. After the shower, rub a few drops of oil with your hands and apply it to the ends, trying not to touch other strands. In addition, such a mask can be applied before going to bed and left overnight.
  • Red-haired. Has a moisturizing and bactericidal property. It protects hair from irritants and harmful external factors. Lycian oil is excellent for hair damaged after chemical perm and staining. Apply the oil to the roots and scalp and leave for 40 minutes. Applying the product three times a week, you will achieve perfect and healthy curls.
  • Hair needs constant care. Even after you have restored the tips with oil, you do not need to stop using it. Apply any of the above oils at least once a week (after treatment), and then you reduce the probability of splitting the ends. As a result, you will acquire chic locks that will delight you every day.