hair discoloration Almost every second girl dreams of becomingthe blonde. Perhaps due to the fact that there is an opinion that men like blondes more, or maybe thanks to glossy women's magazines that are full of photos of charming girls with blond hair. Very often, women prefer to bleach hair at home, since there are many opportunities to do this. However, in order to become a real blonde, a woman will have to work hard. It should be remembered that from the first hair can turn reddish. To desaturate them to whiteness, it will take at least 4 procedures, sometimes more. The number of procedures depends on the color and thickness of natural hair, as well as on the desired result. To avoid brittleness and dry hair, discoloration should be carried out at intervals of 4-6 days. Desaturate hair in several ways. The simplest thing is to buy a special paint in the store. It is advisable to choose those paints that are made on an oil or cream base, since they cause less harm to the hair. Before using the paint, be sure to check whether you are not allergic to its ingredients. Apply the paint on the strands as soon as possible, so that each hair is evenly colored. Sometimes women use powdery colors to discolor. Undoubtedly, they are more suitable for dark curls, but they also spoil them more. When using them, you should be very careful and be sure to follow the instructions that are written by the manufacturer. This especially applies to the time of exposure of the dye on the hair. Also, hydrogen peroxide and glycerin can be used for discoloration. However, this method is not very good, because after its use, luxurious head of hair can turn into a miserable loofah. Moreover, it will be very difficult to correct the situation. The most common restoring masks can already not help. bleaching hair with citric acid

Discoloration of folk remedies

If you want your hair leftbeautiful and healthy, it is better to begin to try folk methods of discoloration. For example, with the help of cinnamon. To do this, you need to take 6 tablespoons conditioner or hair balm, add 3 tablespoons mustard and 2 tablespoons of natural honey (if the honey is very thick, it is heated in a water bath or in a microwave). This mask is applied to clean strands and neatly distributed over the entire length. After applying to the head, a special hairdresser's cap is used for staining or wrapped with a plastic bag. Then the head is warmed with a towel and keep the mask in this form from 40 minutes to one hour. After that, the warming towel is removed and the mask is kept for another 4 hours. After the first procedure, the curls will become lighter by 2 tones. This method is suitable even for the discoloration of very dark hair. Desaturate your hair with a single natural honey. For this, honey is slightly heated and applied to only washed wet strands. Distribute the honey along the entire length, put on a cap for staining, warm it and leave it overnight. The procedure should be conducted for at least nine hours. You can turn into a blonde with a lemon. To do this, squeeze out its juice, mix it in the same amount with water and apply to the hair. Then the procedure is the same as with honey. bleaching of hair folk remedies

A few tips

It can be said that the decolorization of folkmethods refers to the most safe discoloration. In addition, these recipes will help not only make the curls lighter, but also strengthen them, make them more silky and healthy. If you choose discoloration with the help of paints, then remember that these procedures can harm your hair. So use them as sparingly as possible. After discolouring with colors, do not forget to provide good hair care. To do this, you can purchase professional masks for the care of discolored hair. You can also use folk methods and improve hair with their help. For example, very good helps burdock oil. And remember, whatever shade your hair is, the main thing is that they are healthy.