braiding hair hairstyles Afro, spikelet, intricate weaving - in 2013the pigs returned to fashion again, which look equally good both on long and short hair. Stylists recommend choosing such models not only for every day, but also for solemn events, holidays (weddings, corporate parties, parties). And some variants of weaving can become a real salvation for girls who have absolutely no time for permanent laying.

We go to the beauty salon: afrokosichki and dreadlocks

For many womenafrokosy, zizi, corrugation is a way of self-expression. After all, to be different from all and stand out among the crowd these days can only be a few. In addition, this hairstyle looks pretty funny on young girls. The older generation should be cautious with regard to small weaving or dreadlocks, since they, unfortunately, do not go all. But if a businesswoman or teacher is still an ardent admirer of this style, a hairdresser can create a masterpiece that will look pretty solid. Types Afrokosichek Today, there are so many options for such hairstyles. Hair weaving is a real art. An experienced master will even be able to picture a picture or an inscription on the client's head, using only his hair. But only a few agree on such experiments. Inhabitants of our country prefer more simple and feminine options. Classic afrokosichki Weaving in three strands - the most common and popular option. Hairstyle in a similar style, perhaps, at least once in life, each girl made herself. Naturally, salon work looks more accurate, and the result is kept for more than one month. The number of braids may be up to two hundred to three hundred pieces. At the same time, the more they are and the thinner they are, the longer you can walk with them. In the salon or hair salon you can be offered two types of hair: with a chopped or live tail. In the second case, the tip does not completely spin, but remains free. Which option is best to choose - completely depends on your wishes and preferences.

  • Main questions

The time of work in this case directly depends on thequantity, length of weaving and used materials. On average, this procedure takes the master from three to six hours. That the hairdresser could work with you, the length of your head of hearings should not be less than six-seven centimeters. If you contact a true professional of your case, and also use special care products, you can walk with such beauty for up to four months. Then it is necessary to do correction (to weave and re-braid the hair). hair weaving braiding Brady Such a hairstyle is a complexbraiding, which is done close to the skin. It can be like ordinary lines arranged in even vertical rows, as well as complex drawings. Representatives of fine sex usually combine brady with afro, and do not cut off sharply plaits. On this option, you should stop bold, confident girls, as well as people who want to radically change the image. By the way, French pigtails are very often done by athletes and dancers.

  • Basic moments

In a good salon for a hairdress, the master will not spendless than forty minutes. At the end, you should carefully examine yourself in the mirror. There should not be any defects (fuzzy, shifting, tattered). If something does not like it or if there are any doubts, it's better to ask for a remake. After all, you will have to walk with braids for at least a week and a half. Girls who want to extend the time of socks, it is worth informing the hairdresser. In this case, he wove special elements (artificial hair), which extend the period to two months. Pay attention, the length of your head of hear should be from ten centimeters. Pony tile Externally, these pigtails are quite similar to Afro. But the technique of weaving is completely different. Another visible difference is the length of the curls and the degree of the curl. In this case, all this is regulated by the girl herself, and not by the master. The main advantage of pony tile is that you can experiment with the color of your head and your style. In this case, your own hair will not suffer.

  • Basic moments

This hairstyle is done for a long time - up to eighthours. But then you do not have to spend on expensive shampoos, masks and balms. The main thing is not to forget to comb the ends with a soft massage brush with sparse teeth. Otherwise, the curls will turn into stuck together coils. Zizi Zizi is one of the simplest and fastest ways of weaving. To the girl's hair, the pigtails, already prepared from special material, are attached to the girl, similar to very thin afro. You can choose wavy, corrugated or perfectly even elements. The only drawback of this option is a small palette of colors. In some cases, girls have to repaint beforehand, so that the hair looks harmonious.

  • Basic moments

In the master's chair you will spend from two to fourhours, depending on the complexity of the work. You can walk with the braids for three months. And that in this period you look beautiful and natural, do zizi for short hair. The maximum length is twenty to twenty five centimeters, no more. beautiful hairstyle braiding hair Advantages and disadvantages of Afro-towel Benefits

  • The huge plus of braids is that forhair almost do not need to look after. I went to the salon, and you can go on vacation, not being afraid to ruin your hair. This option is great for those who like to relax in the mountains or the woods, where there is no possibility to wash your hair every day with shampoo and balm.
  • Weaving can be performed with the help ofadditional materials (special yarns, artificial strands). Now you do not need to wait until the hair finally grows to the desired length after an unsuccessful haircut.


  • The biggest disadvantage is the length of the procedure. The master can spend more than five to six hours at work without interruption. And you all this time will have to sit and wait quietly, when the stylist will finish. At the same time, if you have too much hair or you do not have enough material, you will have to go home with an unfinished hairdo. Of course, the next day the barber will continue to make pigtails.
  • Weaving is rather troublesome and time-consumingprocess, and the procedure itself can be very painful, especially if you have sensitive scalp. To the created masterpiece is not disheveled after a week, the master will tighten the strands as much as possible. In the first days after visiting the hairdresser's, the head may be slightly hummed.

Dreadlocks Whoopi Goldberg, Darius "Nookie" Stavrovich,Lorin Noel Hill and many other celebrities never change their style and constantly go with pretty dreadlocks on their heads. The easiest way to acquire such beauty is to stop combing your hair. And after six months or a year, the strands themselves fall and fall into tatters. This method was previously used by the Celts, the Aztecs and other nationalities, where there were problems with water. Of course, these days no one will tolerate such a disregard for personal hygiene. In addition, now it is enough to apply to the salon and you will make a similar hairstyle in just one day. However, before you go to the master, read the basic information about dreadlocks. So, first, you should have a suitable length - from ten centimeters. If the hair is shorter, the materials used for the hairstyle may disappear one day. Secondly, you need to correct defects in time. Naturally, if you do not want to acquire solid roots, which need to be cut off under the root. In extreme cases, have to get a wig or go with a nice hedgehog on his head. To help you avoid such unfortunate consequences, every morning you have to drive your hair out back into the base. This hairstyle looks neat and even causes an adequate attitude of others around the girl. If you want to walk with fluffy dreadlocks, like hippies, then once in two months you have to root roots. Thirdly, you will need to constantly care for your hair. Washing the head is very difficult, so some beauties prefer to resort to this procedure as rarely as possible. Unpleasant odor and skin diseases are the least that can be expected in this case. Pay attention, the first days you will not be able to wet your hair. In the future, experts recommend using a conventional soap. Shampoos, balms and conditioners will have to be postponed until better times. Fourthly, in no case can you trust to weave dreadlocks to non-professionals. Moreover, you should not try to make such a masterpiece yourself with the help of improvised means. Otherwise, you risk losing your hair for a long time. In addition, during the work the master must use professional materials, thanks to which the hair is kept very long. Honey, wax, ash and other folk ingredients are not recommended, as there will not be any efficiency from them. By the way, weaving dreads and removing them is not the most pleasant procedure. To sustain such pain, unfortunately, not every representative of the fair sex can. But the result, obtained after five to eight hours of hellish torment, you just have to like. beautiful hairstyle hair hairstyle

Lovely pigtails with their own hands

If you are going on a date and planconquer a young man, it is better to stop at the pretty French pigtails. Unlike the rough dreadlocks, such hairstyles are added to the girls of femininity and fascination. By the way, most models can be done by yourself. And the result will look no worse than if you turned to the salon. At the same time everything will take about ten to fifteen minutes.

  • A simple French braid

Do you want to look like a la Lara Croft? First, comb the hair and apply a small amount of foam on it so that the hair will stay as long as possible. At the base of the forehead, select three small strands and begin to braid the pigtail. Each time you alternately put hair on the base, grab a small bundle from the side. In the end, when there will be nothing to pick up, continue to weave a standard pigtail of three bundles. In the end, if there is a small tail, the hair style is fixed with a hair clip, ribbon or elastic. If desired, you can twist the remnants in the bilber, which is fixed by pins and invisible. Pay attention, the spikelet must pass exactly in the center. If you previously did not deal with these haircuts, try to take thick strands. Girls with a sparse straight hair while working may not use the comb. Flaws (roosters, broken hair) are corrected at the very end. Curly beauties can either align the curls with ironing, or do not tighten the pigtail tight.

  • Inverted spit

The principle of creating such a hairstyle is almost suchsame as in the previous case. Only strands are picked up from below, and not from above, thanks to which the pigtail will turn out to be three-dimensional. So that during the day the hair is not disheveled, sprinkle them with a small amount of varnish. It should be noted that making a "dragon" is much more difficult, so it's better to start it after you master the "spike".

  • Fish tail

Collect the hair on the back of the head in a tight tail,fasten them with a thin elastic band and divide the hair into two identical parts. On the right side, select a thin strand and toss it to the left half. The same is done on the other side. As a result, you will get a rather funny haircut, which looks like a tail of a fish.

  • Lush French braid

After you braid your hair with spikelets,With a thin side of the scallop, pry each of the strands. However, be careful when doing such manipulations. If you put too much effort, the hair will fall apart. To weaken is not only the basis, but the end of the spit. As the stylists say, this season, slight negligence, like you just got out of bed, is very relevant. The main thing is not to overdo it with the image as a whole. If you prefer this option, pick the right bow. Wearing a stretched T-shirt, old sneakers and life-worn jeans, you risk being known as a slut, not a sexual goddess.

  • Harness

Such hairstyles are very often seen intime fashion shows on flaunting girls on the podium. Plaits curled into a tourniquet open a pretty face without distracting attention to minor details. For residents of our country, this option will be relevant in the hot season, when the neck begins to sweat because of the long shock of hair. So, divide the tail into two halves, which should be twisted in different directions. Pay attention, the tighter the tourniquet, the longer the hairstyle keeps! Then twist these pieces together. In this case it is very important to guess with the direction, otherwise the spit will simply unwind.

  • Two trashy pigtails

We do neat and ideally even in the middlea stretch. For this, you can use a scallop or a nail file. Now on both halves we begin to weave the usual tight spikelet. At the end you can either fix each pigtail separately, or fasten them together. In the latter case, you must have very long and thick hair, otherwise your hair will look unfinished.

  • Four-strand braid

First divide the hair into four identicalparts. Now, from left to right, we begin to throw strands, then, when you reach the last, do the same in the opposite direction. After passing five or six rows, fasten the hair with a barrette. If desired, as a decor, you can use a thin silk ribbon, chosen for the color of the attire.

  • Scythe Bezel

Separate the thick strand from ear to ear along the linebangs. To the rest of the hair do not interfere, fasten them on the back of the head with an elastic band (but only so that it would be convenient for you to get strands). Now, from the right temple, start around the head of the weave ordinary spikelet, grabbing a small part from below. When you reach the left side, fasten the tail of the invisible under the head of hair.

  • Braids of hippies

No time for packing? Screw thin pigtails along the sides and press them lightly with an iron to smooth the hair. As a result, the tails will not bud and the hair will not spoil. If you want to add elegance and brightness to the image, use colored threads that are weaved from the very roots. Also, you can braid the braids over the hair, like a hoop. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone. First, quickly bring your head in order. Secondly, finally get rid of eternally falling on the face of the curls. Fasten the ends with a small barrette or a regular rubber band. unusual hairstyles hair weaving Celebrities prefer pigtails.this is the destiny of lonely young ladies? And in vain, because with similar hair styles on the red carpet paths there are even stars. Kim Kardashian, Nicole Kidman, Selena Gomez prefer to plait a magnificent braid on their side. And even Rihanna wore a couple of times with an elegant weaving on her head, which truly can be called a real masterpiece. Over the hair of celebrities, usually only professional stylists with a world-wide name conjure. Therefore, there is no reason to doubt the choice, tastes and preferences of the great actresses and singers. Errors in hairstyles

  • Dirty hair

It is believed that with dirty hair is much easiercope than with a clean one. However, to make the hair look neat and beautiful, you must first thoroughly wash your hair. If necessary, after drying on strands, it is possible to apply foam or mousse of weak fixation.

  • Cocked "cocks"

If you have braided, for example, spikelets, and on the headformed "cocks", try to get rid of them with a scallop or a conventional crochet hook. It is better to hide such a defect than to pin it with stilettos or invisible ones. In extreme cases, remodel your hair.

  • Unsuitable style

It's not worth doing among the week in the office incrediblycomplex laying with a bunch of ribbons, pins and bows. All the flashy and bright elements should be left for later. After all, it is unlikely that you will put on your evening dress or negotiate, no matter how expensive and fashionable it was.

The secrets of real ladies

Slavic beauties have long been famous for their beautifullong braids up to the waist. Unfortunately, in our time girls prefer pre-practical short haircuts. Modern women on weekdays try to spend as little time as possible to create complex masterpieces on their heads. But when holidays, weekends or holidays come, the ladies go to the hairdressing salons to bring shine. Thanks to first-class masters, women turn from Cinderella into real Princesses. And the harder and more interestingly the hairstyle is made, the more often men pay attention to the beauty. But the real Lady knows how to look stunning every day. And it is not necessary for this to spend a lot of money, time and effort. It is enough to practice a little before a mirror or go to special courses for beginners. You can also ask the master to make a haircut that you do not need to look after. Options - a lot, it remains to choose what you prefer. We advise you to read: