Wedding hairstyles 2012 Preparation for the wedding is always excitinga moment that takes a lot of mental strength. The bride and groom need to solve a lot of organizational issues, choose in the store of wedding products outfits and various accessories and accessories. Not the last place in this list is taken and the bride's hair. The list of fashionable wedding trends in 2016 includes fluffy hair, chic locks, high hairstyles, retro style and weaving. These are the main requirements for the wedding hairstyle of 2016, and if the girl prefers to follow fashion trends, then she must adhere to the established rules. But here every bride should be very careful, as, in addition to fashion trends, it is necessary to ensure that the chosen wave harmoniously fit the wedding dress and the whole image as a whole. Deciding to come to the marriage ceremony with her hair loose, the girl must, first of all, take care of their appearance. If the hair is dull, brittle and dry, then it is better to give up the flowing curls. On the contrary, if curls are chic, then they should be shown to all. Simplicity and naturalness is the main requirement. You can decorate your hair with the help of low-heeled hairpins and other accessories. Long loose hair will look great in combination with a dress made of lace, rhinestones and an abundance of other decorative elements. Wedding hairstyles 2012 No less popular in 2016 will be andretro style. Girls with a round face such haircuts are very suitable, as they visually extend it. Equally fashionable will be the hairstyles of both the 40's and 60's. You can use a bezel as an accessory. Brides with a round face shape can create high hairstyles. In addition, thanks to them, you can emphasize the beauty of the shoulders and neck. However, not only with the help of hairpins can you decorate curls. The most fashionable wedding accessory 2016 for the hair will be fresh flowers. Roses, orchids, lilies and other flowers will bring a unique flavor to the image. In addition, you can weave the hair ribbons, especially if the hair itself consists of braids. In this case, accessories such as ribbons and bows will add charm to the image of the bride. If you can easily buy lush "Or any other prestigious and respectableinstitution, then with a choice of a good hairdresser will be somewhat more difficult. It is best to know in advance the addresses of the salons where they make good wedding hairstyles, but before you visit them, you should ask the opinion of the brides who were already there. This can be done with the help of forums. We advise you to read: