microcapsule hair extension Have you ever heard of such a service asmicrocapsule hair extension? If not, then you are probably wondering what this innovation is in the beauty industry, and how it differs from the already habitual belt-building or build-up on clips. Let's try to understand this question and find out whether it is worthwhile to spread a decent amount of money for such a service.

What is microcapsule hair extension?

In the name of the build-up, its essence is already hidden. In order to increase hair in this way, the master uses special capsules as "glue" and strands of natural hair. The main difference between microcapsule build-up and the capsular keratin capsule familiar to many women of fashion is the size of the capsules themselves. In this case, they are half the size and the forceps are only 3 mm wide for them, whereas for large capsules a tool of 6 mm is needed. By the way, the strands for microcapsular building have less weight, which means that the load on your hair is significantly reduced, and the probability that you will ruin your hair is minimized. Microcapsule build-up refers to the technology of hot build-up. That is, artificial hair is attached with a special tool to a small strand of your own hair with the help of a high temperature, which melts the "rasinka" of the capsule. To remove hair, if they are grown in this way, it is possible with the help of alcohol-containing solution and tweezers. Of course, you do not need to do this yourself. It is better to turn to the master who made the build-up. hair extension

Is microcapsular building suitable for you?

This question is asked by every girl whowants to do hair extensions. In principle, if you have good thick and strong hair, then there is no point in this elongation at all. It's also the case if you want to add volume to the hair for the celebration, so to speak for one evening. For these purposes it is better to choose the build-up on the clips. It will cost much less and does not require a lot of time. Microcapsule buildup is suitable for girls who have thin, weakened and thin hair and hair does not have enough volume.

Pros and cons of microcapsule buildup

As with any other care procedurehair, this build-up has a number of pros and cons. And they need to be weighed well, before running to the master for a new thick head of hair. Otherwise, you risk not getting what you wanted and spoiling your mood. Pros:

  • This build-up lasts a long time and does not damage your hair;
  • Due to the sufficiently tight attachment of the capsules, you can easily apply balms, hair masks;
  • Microcapsule buildup is not harmed by hair coloring;
  • Due to the small size of the capsules, the hair keeps better and is almost not combed;
  • This build-up looks natural;
  • With the help of microcapsular extension it is possible to increase the length of hair up to 80 cm.


  • This build-up is not suitable for holiday hairstyles;
  • A high price makes this service not available to everyone;
  • This build-up does not allow you to increase the volume of hair several times, but will only make hair a little thicker.

Knowing all the pros and cons, you can takethe decision on whether it is worth resorting to microcapsular hair extensions or whether to choose another method. In any case, it must be remembered that the hair requires quality care and should sometimes rest from similar procedures. We advise you to read: