wedding hairstyle with your own hands Wedding is the day every girlimagines himself, being still very young. She presents herself as a beautiful princess, the most charming and happy. And he (the future prince) bears her on his hands and talks about eternal love. Years pass, the very same prince is, offers his hand and heart, and the long-awaited moment of happiness comes. Naturally, children's dreams do not go anywhere, because now they can become a reality. And we try our best, choose the best dress and makeup, buy the most expensive shoes, gloves and other small things, which should turn Cinderella into a princess. So much to do, so much time .... Find a restaurant, think through the menu, paint competitions, send invitations. Yes, and work on yourself it is necessary: ​​sign up for a manicurist, discuss the details of the hairstyle with the hairdresser. And yet you need to find her - that haircut that will be perfect and fit the most beautiful princess. By the way, many girls do not want to use the services of a stylist and try to make the styling themselves. Wedding hairstyle with their own hands - it's not so impossible. And this has its advantages. Firstly, you will save time and money, and secondly, you will be able to fully demonstrate your creative abilities. The only thing that must be remembered for a girl who has decided on independent experiments - start to create in advance. After all, you still do not know how this or that hairstyle will look, whether it will fit your image. Maybe you'll have to try a few options until you find one that will suit you completely. And you do not need to pat yourself on your own hair. Call a girlfriend for help or bring your sister to work. So you make it easier for yourself, and get an opinion from outside, which is also very important. In this article, we selected the most interesting wedding hairstyles, in different styles, with varying degrees of complexity. Below you will find detailed step-by-step instructions that will help you choose your image and look at your own wedding just dazzling. beautiful wedding hairstyle with your own hands

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

Queen of the ball This laying looks solemn and aristocratic. It will transform you beyond recognition and transfer it to the era of royal receptions. So, let's get started.

  • We comb our hair along the entire length;
  • Separate part of the hair in the parietal zone, divide this part into equal strands, which we wind on the tongs;
  • The remaining hair is divided into three parts, each collected in a tight tail. Tails should be placed vertically, strictly under each other;
  • Now you need three hairpins. We attach them to the bases of the tails;
  • Next, you need to comb each of the tails to give them a volume;
  • We take a hair brush and smooth the tails, we try to keep the volume;
  • Now we put them in a mesh, evenly distributing the hair;
  • Then proceed to the stowage. We take the upper tail (it is already in the mesh) and wrap it in the shell. We fix with the help of hairpins;
  • The other two tails are laid along the same technique, placing them under each other;
  • As a result, you should get a little stretched elegant styling, consisting of large waves;
  • Now we return to the parietal zone of hair, which you wind on the forceps;
  • We take the first string and beat it at the very roots;
  • Smooth and have waves on the finished hair. We fix;
  • All subsequent strands, except the last, are stacked similarly to the first;
  • The last strand, located near the face, is laid on the forehead with a light wave;
  • Abundantly cover the hairdo with a varnish.

Sheer modesty This wedding hairstyle is doneon the basis of an ordinary beam. It turns out to be quite original and stylish - such a sweet combination of splendor and smoothness. In this installation, the bangs are not provided.

  • We comb the hair back. To give your hair a smooth and easy combing, use a hair gel;
  • Take the invisible and make a "skeleton" of the future installation. For this, we pin them from ear to ear. You should have a chain of invisible, passing through the back of the head;
  • We take a small prick from the occipital part of the head, right in the middle. We twist it with a tourniquet;
  • Now we give the tourniquet volume, a little "breaking" it with our hands;
  • We lay the tourniquet with a shell, fixing the hairpins at the very "frame" of the invisible;
  • In the same way we process the other strands, until all the hair is collected in one magnificent bundle;
  • We fix everything with varnish.

French charm This hairstyle in French style reveals the beauty of long hair. The first one was tested by the beautiful Brigitte Bardot.

  • We separate a wide parietal strand of hair;
  • The rest of the hair is divided into two equal parts vertically;
  • We tie the upper part with a tight tail;
  • Now we weave from the resulting tail pigtail, not to the end. Somewhere in the middle we fix it with an elastic band and throw it upstairs. We fix the invisible in the area of ​​elastic bands;
  • The remaining hair in the tail is well brushed with a brush;
  • Now you will need a special hair roller. We attach it around the base of our tail. We do this with the help of hairpins;
  • Brushed hair is placed on top of the roller, carefully distribute them on the entire surface;
  • We fix the learned structure with pins;
  • Now we return to the parietal zone. Leave a pair of strands on the sides of the face, and whisk the rest of the hair at the roots and comb it on the platen, fixing the studs at the base;
  • We twist the strings in the face to make light waves;
  • Loose hair that remained behind, wind up vertically. Beautifully distribute them and fix them with lacquer.

Undying classics This hairstyle will be to the liking of conservative girls who prefer strict and classical forms.

  • All the hair is well combed and collected in a tight tail on the vertex. We divide them into two identical parts vertically;
  • We do not need the upper part yet, we pin it up. The lower part is divided into two parts;
  • Well straighten each part and attach them to the invisible right and left;
  • We take two hair rollers, the first one is placed around the base of the tail, the second one is placed next to the first, just below. We fasten them;
  • Now go back to the top of the hair, release them from the invisible and divide into two strands;
  • Comb one strand, distribute it on half of our form from the rollers. We hide the tip of the hair under the form;
  • The same is done with the second string. We distribute it according to the remaining form. Make sure that the surface is smooth. We attach all the hairpins so that the hair does not get out of shape;
  • We return to the bottom of the hair, as you remember, there we have two strands;
  • Combing them and wrapping around the roller, throwing up. First right, then left;
  • We fix everything with hairpins, so that the styling looks perfectly even and smooth;
  • Spray with a large amount of varnish.

fashionable wedding hairstyle with your own hands

Wedding hairstyles for medium hair

Perfection in the style of "retro"

  • We allocate a part of hair on a parietal zone, we throw it on the face and we fix. It will not come in handy yet;
  • The remaining hair is pulled into a tight tail on the vertex and also toss it forward;
  • We take the roller and fix it at the base of our tail;
  • Now we distribute the hair from the tail evenly over the platen, hide the remaining tip and fix it with hairpins;
  • We return to the parietal part of the hair;
  • We divide it into small strands, leaving a small part of the face untouched;
  • Each strand is combed and neatly smoothed with a brush;
  • Now we distribute all the strands, alternately laying them on the platen;
  • We smooth it with your hands, take care that nowhere is anything jarring;
  • We hide the ends under the roller and fix it;
  • The hair that is left on the face, comb well, if necessary - straighten;
  • We stack them with a light wave in the right side, fix it.

Elegance itself

  • Separate the parietal hair zone, toss it forward, fix it with a hair clip, so as not to interfere;
  • Remaining hair is well combed, treating each strand separately;
  • We collect hair, we brush a little and throw it to the left;
  • At the back of the head, we make a "skeleton" of the hairstyle, pinning invisibility vertically. From the top to the neck;
  • Now we comb the hair in the opposite direction (to the right);
  • We collect the magnificent shell from the hair and attach it with the hairpins to the "frame";
  • We hide the ends under the hair and fasten it;
  • The hair of the parietal zone is divided into strands and we comb each separately;
  • The upper strands are slightly brushed and laid back, the same is done with the strands in the face;
  • We fasten all the hairpins and sprinkle with a strong effect varnish.

Elegant low beam

  • The dark part of the hair is separated and fastened;
  • We collect the remaining hair in a low tail;
  • Now take the roller and place it around the base of the tail;
  • The tail is divided into two equal parts;
  • The first part closes one half of the roller, distributing the hair well. The second part closes the other half;
  • Smooth the hair, if necessary, fasten them with invisible objects and sprinkle with varnish;
  • We take all the hair from the parietal zone and gently comb them back;
  • We lay directly on the middle of the platen;
  • We hide the kones and fix them;
  • The center of the lock is fixed with invisibility.

quick wedding hairstyle with your own hands

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Here you will not get very far. However, do not be upset. If the hair is very short - a haircut "for a boy", the position will save accessories. Gracefully it will look like a Greek braided rim, a small stylish barrette that gathers a bang and is fastened on the side. You can also apply a satin bow or decorate the styling with flowers. When choosing accessories, start from the general image: dresses, veils, make-up. Below are a few examples that will help you decide on the choice of hairstyle and create a unique image.

  • Hairstyle for a haircut bob

It is necessary to wash the hair and dry it with a hair dryer, lifting it at the roots. Next, apply a shine to your hair and pull each strand with an iron. Such a hairstyle looks very organic with a short veil;

  • Forest Fairy

Straight hair must be curled in large curls. Now take the invisibility and fix each curl on the back of the head, creating a "creative mess". The neck should be open. The bangs, too, lift up and fix with varnish. At the back of the head, fasten the strings with a beautiful pin or decorate with fresh flowers;

  • The girl-hooligan

For this hairstyle a hairstyle of a square, up to the ear, will do. Twist the tips of the hair outwards, and comb the strands on the crown and behind the ears back, fastening with small stylish hairpins. The bangs fit in a wave;

  • Hairstyle "cook"

For this styling, the most important is the volume. Take the gel for fixation and rub it into the roots of the hair at the temples and forehead. Now dry the hair with a hair dryer, against the growth of hair, laying them back. On each side, fix the hair with invisible objects. The decoration of this laying will be a small diadem;

  • In the style of the 40's

Take the foam for styling and apply throughoutlength of slightly damp hair. Make an oblique parting. Now divide the hair into small strands, wind each one on your finger and secure it in a crisscross pattern. Now it is necessary that the hairstyle "insisted". After 7-8 hours you can remove the invisible and comb all the hair in one direction. Then sprinkle with varnish and beautifully lay the curls with your hands. This hairstyle will look great with a retro dress. As you can see, everything is not so difficult. The main thing is not to be afraid, to show patience and diligence. You can use your own ideas to create a wedding hairstyle. Who knows, maybe in time your version will become popular and fashionable? So experiment! All the great masterpieces were originally only a figment of the imagination of their creators. We advise you to read: