hairstyle for medium hair Curls are a gift of nature. Representatives of the fair sex with straight hair envy the owners of curls. But mistresses of curly hair do not often understand their happiness and sadly look at themselves in the mirror, not knowing how to tame fluffy hair. But you should turn to different sources, learn how to deal with disobedient curls, and now a smiling, confident woman looks at you from the mirror.

The most optimal length is up to the shoulders

The average length for curls is best. As a rule, hairdressers in this case choose a graduated haircut. With curls of medium length, you can come up with a variety of hairstyles even at home. It is not necessary to attend salon masters. For curly couples of this length and easier to care for. One, perhaps, the most useful advice: when you have laid your curls as you are in today's mood, wet your hands with cold water, and then smooth your head with them. In this way, you can correct hair in places where curls are naughty from the overall composition. The asymmetrical haircut looks original in curls of medium length, that is, when the hair on the front on one side is longer than on the other. Such a hairstyle is used to see on straight locks, but on the curls it looks, perhaps, even more spectacular. If you decide to do this with your curls, believe me, they will think of you as a woman who is not afraid to go to experiments. In addition, you get a bonus for one more hairstyle: if you straighten such hair, get the same asymmetry, but in a "smooth" version. beautiful hairstyles for medium hair

Features hairstyles with curls

Weekday or festive evening - any hairstyle on curly hair will look profitable

  • Loose curls can already be considered a hairdo, and it looks like this option is quite advantageous and with medium length, too.
  • Pin in your curls a shiny hairpin or a small flower, and the hair gets more festive look.
  • Curls of medium length, collected in low luxurianttail - why not. Many girls have to comb their hair to get a similar option, and you absolutely do not need to spend this time.
  • Remove the curls from one side, and your face will become more coquettish.
  • The braids on the curls look chic. They are tight, dense, even if the hair itself is thin. Weave a pair of braids in your curls, and you get another option, how you can beautifully remove curls. Or make a weak braid, do not tighten it and make sure it looks very romantic.
  • List all possible hairstyle options forcurls can be long. But the most important thing is your imagination. It will help create a beautiful image and rejoice at your reflection in the mirror. Everything is very simple. After all, as lay the curlers, they will still look beautiful, even if they are very simple hairstyles. So do not prefer curly hair straight. Short, medium or long curls - it does not matter. Experiment and do not be afraid of the results.