French beam Women give their hair much time,no matter what their length. Quite short boyish haircuts are extremely easy to care for and fit. But the hair of medium length and long leaves us many options for the manifestation of fantasy. It is not necessary to do hair styling in the salon, there are many ways to make the styling at home - quickly and effortlessly. One of these styling options is a hairstyle called "French bundle". It also has many other names: shell, twist, banana. The hair is really like a cockleshell: the hair is curled inward, resembling the curl of a sea shell. Today, the shell is very fashionable and popular, it is appropriate for workdays as well as for holiday days off.

A bit of history

For the first time such a hairstyle was created in the capital of fashionParis, even at the very beginning of the 20th century. It was extremely fashionable in the 50s of the 20th century, in perfect combination with bright fluffy a la style dresses. Initially, the haircut was acceptable only for evening outings, festive celebrations. Later, in the 80s of the 20th century, an unprecedented popularity among women's audience ensured the hairstyle a worthy place in everyday styling. She was successfully used for business image, she was distinguished by strictness and restraint and was ideally suited to a business suit. In the 90s, the convenience of the shell, the French bundle was appreciated by women of all trades and housewives. And to date, the cockleshell is at the peak of popularity, and does not go off the podiums and pages of fashion magazines for a season in a row. It is appropriate not only on holidays and in offices, but also extremely convenient for everyday hair styling. There are many varieties of French beams that will suit both mature ladies and young coquette. how to make a French beam

The technique of performing a French beam

It would seem that such a fancy hairstyleonly a professional stylist or hairdresser. However, do not rush to run to the beauty salon. The Internet is full of training videos, and a detailed description of all the sequential steps of the stacking will help you to fulfill it at home. How to make a French beam yourself? Necessary tools Even professional hairdressers do not use a large arsenal of tools and styling tools to create the French beam. You will find everything you need at home.

  • Brush for styling

This can be any brush with which you dry your hair with a hair dryer or comb every day. You can also take a massage brush. The main requirement is that the brush is wide and not round.

  • Hairbrush

There are special narrow combs of natural bristles to perform naches. However, an ordinary flat and narrow comb with small thin denticles is also suitable.

  • Hair iron

It is not at all necessary to create a French beam, but if you want to achieve the ideal smoothness and shine of hair, it is worthwhile to straighten them and smooth them with iron.

  • Hairpins and the Invisible

They are necessary for fixing the beam and individual hair strands.

  • Mousse and hairspray

Mousse or foam is necessary for application on hairin the process of laying, and lacquer - for the final fixation of the finished hairstyle. French bunch - step by step Let's consider the sequential execution of the main classical version of the French beam.

  • Wash and thoroughly dry hair with or without a hairdryer.
  • Straighten hair with iron, give them smoothness and shine.
  • Apply a little mousse or foam on the hair, comb them along the entire length of the comb for styling.
  • Scrunch hair on the crown with a comb for naches, so the hair will be much more spacious.
  • Using the same comb, comb the hair back, collecting them in a pony tail in the middle of the neck, without fixing it with an elastic band.
  • The resulting tail is twisted into a tourniquet, tight or free - according to your desire.
  • From the harness make a loop on the head to form a shell, the tip of the tail hide inside.
  • Secure the shell with stilettos and invisible ones.
  • The bangs can be smoothly combed back together with the rest of the hair, or laid separately back or to the side.
  • Fix the hairdo with a varnish, do not be afraid to apply it abundantly, because the hairstyle should hold well.
  • French hair style

    Variants of the French beam

    Based on this classic technique, you can create a variety of variations on the theme of the shell.

    • Curls and curls

    Curly hair can be laid in a careless andrelaxed bundle. Thus, the curls will be drawn, give it volume. A few strands of curls let out forward, framing the face. Straight hair must be pre-curtained.

    • Spiral shell

    This is a variant of a smooth beam. We gather the hair in the tail low on the back of the head, we do not tighten it until the end, and the remaining hair is laid in a spiral. We fix hairdress with hairpins. The hairstyle has the form of a real sea shell.

    • Evening option

    For festive decoration of the beam, you canUse hairpins with stones or pearls, beautiful hairpins, artificial and natural flowers, hoops, ribbons. You can also add trailing strands of natural or artificial hair to your hair, which will match or contrast in color with your hair. We advise you to read: