Wedding accessories and decorations for the bride Wedding decorations - an indispensable part of the decorationany bride, they effectively complement the elegant and gentle image of the girl, emphasize her taste and sense of style. They say that the appearance of the wife is judged on the welfare of the whole family - it is possible that this statement applies to the bride too! That's why choosing jewelry for a wedding dress should be especially careful, because to create an ideal image, every detail must be flawless, harmonious and matched with taste. In the first place, wedding accessories and decorations should be combined with the design and color of the dress. If your outfit is supplemented by catchy elements - beads, pearls, various ruffles and lace, decorate with tranquil, not standing out decorations. For dresses of classical style pearl accessories, various vintage ornaments will suit. A wide selection of costume jewelry for wedding dresses of any style can be found on the pages of the online store of wedding accessories Svadba-Dream: from thin pearl beads to wide bracelets with rhinestones. Also, it is very important that the decorations are combined not only with the dress, but also with each other. Agree, when the earrings "for silver" and the necklace "for gold," the impression will not improve even the most beautiful wedding dress. In order to simplify this task for you, the website presents an assortment of wedding jewelry sets. Also we offer beautiful accessories for the most important decoration on the wedding - cushions for the rings. Jewelery for the wedding must be selected in accordance with the external characteristics of the bride. Many women forget about this, trying first of all to pursue fashion, and already in the second - to give their wedding ensemble laconism. One of the most important features that must be considered when choosing a necklace, necklace or chains is the length of the neck. Girls with short neck fit long ornaments, while a tightly fitting necklace is most suitable for the owner of a long neck, it will visually shorten it. Long earrings, as a rule, visually stretch the face oval, whereas ordinary carnations - on the contrary. In the online store "Wedding Dream" you are sure to find suitable ornaments that will emphasize your personality. A wedding is one of the main events in the life of every girl. Make your wedding unforgettable with the "Wedding Dream"!