bridesmaid dress 2012 Very important component in the image of the newlywedsplays the upper vestments of girlfriends. Accordingly, the choice of dress for them to a large extent will depend on the perpetrators of the celebration. This year presents the women of fashion with special pleasant moments. There are many trends that perfectly emphasize femininity and perfectly fit into the festive atmosphere. This season, pick up the bridesmaid's dress is not a problem - 2016 is rich in interesting couturier solutions - photos from the podiums of famous designers are perfectly illustrated.

Color spectrum

Wedding fashion in the coming spring-summerseason presents as a gift to the girls colorful colors. Eyes will please the dresses of the fundamental green, blue, pink and purple hues, as well as the charming crimson. Persistent pastel colors emphasize the tenderness of girlfriends. Do not give up the leadership position and red. In the autumn and winter season, the classic black color will perfectly cope with its task - such a bridesmaid dress in 2016 will be a trend. Thanks to bright elements, like red shoes, a white handbag or a purple shawl, it will look especially impressive. This year, you can invite young guests to choose one specific bouquet from the color spectrum of your wedding. For a palette of purple and orange, one bouquet of orange lion's pharynx is perfect, and the other one is a purple delphinium. Bouquet of the culprit of the celebration can contain these all the flowers together, finally completing the composition. fashionable bridesmaid dress 2012

Style and materials

In this season, choose long-sex options ormodels to the knees. Atlas, romantic chiffon or shiny silk, taffeta are hits of spring and summer. An actual solution that fits into the modern style is a huge flower, a wide ribbon at the waist or waist, a rectangular neckline or a one-shoulder model, bare back. In 2016, there is a bridesmaid dress that can be considered a trend of the year - a short-sleeved model, similar to the one in which Pippa Middleton was at the wedding of his elder sister and heir to the English throne - on that day it was a masterpiece from Alexander McQueen. Of course, the cost of girls associated with the purchase of clothes for the marriage procession, will result in a round sum. Therefore, so that money is not wasted, designers recommend this season to choose universal options. By choosing a simple and sexy models, you can use them at other events, and they definitely do not get dusty in the closet. An excellent option in this case can be considered a stylish cocktail dress - in 2016 the bridesmaids will be able to wear it more than once. dress for bridesmaids 2012 Another universal specimen inspring-summer season is a dress-transformer. Models that differ in length, with different cutouts, with or without straps, are tight or spacious - this is a winning option for creative people who adore novelty. A variety of uses allows you to emphasize the individuality of each woman who wears it. Fashion is also a return to the old models. Vintage dresses or accessories will take you to the beginning or the middle of the last century, and perhaps even in the Victorian era. In this style, the holiday will be remembered for a long time by all present! Any dress for a bridesmaid in 2016, a photo of which is presented on our website, may well be an excellent example of the latest fashion trends and trends. Beautiful outfits this season will not leave indifferent any of the women of fashion who will please the guests and newlyweds with their bright and bright appearance. We advise you to read: