how to choose a wedding dress So, it happened! You applied to the registry office and the date of the wedding is known for certain. And in a woman's life comes a special period, filled with pleasant troubles - preparation for the wedding. And here is the list of guests compiled, a limousine ordered, with a restaurant and a wedding menu determined. What is left? That's right - the most important thing. The woman faces a very difficult question - how to choose a wedding dress? No man will ever understand the importance of this wedding dress for a woman! After all, this is not just a beautiful backgammon, but a real magical dress, in which a woman starts the way to a new, already family life. And it is very important that on this significant day the bride feels herself the most beautiful, attractive, desirable and irresistible woman. Every girl dreams of a wedding dress, and from the most tender age. Even the unintelligent crumb in his dreams sees himself in a dazzling white dress, with a long veil - the real queen of his holiday. And after the crumb grows, cardinally nothing changes - the girl continues to dream of the most beautiful dress. And let all the skeptics claim that the outfit is completely unimportant - the main thing is that the family after the wedding live happily ever after. We know that a wedding dress plays not the least role in the life of any woman.

Where to look for a dress?

After you apply to the registry office,you, most likely, will be issued several promotional booklets of wedding salons in the city. As a rule, pages of advertising booklets are full of various beautiful booklets - pink, sand, cream, white. What kind of dress does not exist! Carefully review these booklets - perhaps this will help you decide on the salon, in which you will go first. By the way, a preview of various catalogs and sites on the Internet can significantly save time and narrow down the search for the best wedding dress. In addition, before you go on a tour of the wedding salons, well fantasize and imagine how the dress of your dreams will look like. And only after that go shopping. which wedding dress to choose

Simple Tricks

There are some simple tips that will help you to facilitate such a difficult task as choosing a wedding dress:

  • Purchase amount

The first thing to decide is which onethe amount you are willing to spend on the purchase of your wedding dress. To date, the price range is extremely large - from five thousand rubles and almost to infinity. In addition, do not forget that in addition to the wedding dress you will need a large number of all kinds of accessories - veil, gloves, garter, costume jewelry, shoes, a bridal bouquet, after all. And in the end you will get a very impressive figure.

  • Timeliness

In no case should you delay the choice andbuying a wedding dress at the last minute. If you take care of this matter only two or three weeks before the wedding, you can be overcome with bitter disappointment. It is very likely that you will not be the size or color you need and you will have to wait a few weeks in a row. Therefore, it is better to start searching for a wedding dress for a month, or even earlier. The time reserve in this case will play into your hands.

  • Phone is our all

In order not to waste time in vain,going around all the wedding saloons at random, call them first. First, even on sites, the correct time of work is not always displayed - after all, the schedule can be changed at any time. Secondly, you can know in advance the price range in a particular salon to decide whether you should go there.

  • Support Group

It is advisable not to send in search of a weddingdress alone. Take with them a person whose opinion you trust completely and completely - for example, mother, sister or girlfriend. Of course, it is unequivocal to say how to choose a wedding dress, they can not. But here to get from them a good advice is still quite real. By the way, do not take more than two people with you. Otherwise, the disagreement of opinions may confuse you completely. Yes, and the psyche of sellers also should be pity - a crowd of excited relatives, headed by a nervous bride, is capable of driving anyone crazy.

  • Cosmetics

Be reasonable - on the days when you are planningTry on wedding dresses, be sure not to use cosmetics. Especially lipstick. You do not want to blush before the seller, dirty cosmetics expensive model of a wedding dress? And the use of perfume is also worth noting - otherwise the dress will remain a steady smell. But in the event that you do not buy it, some other bride can "put an eye" on him. Be polite! Choose a wedding dress so as not to inconvenience other people.

  • Money

Going shopping for a wedding gown,be sure to ensure that you have in your wallet the amount necessary, at least in order to leave a deposit for the wedding dress that you liked. Unfortunately, even today the calculation of a bank card can not be made in all the salons. So keep this in mind and stock up on cash in advance. How to calculate the amount of the deposit? It's very simple - in the whole world this amount is about ten percent of the cost of the thing itself.

  • Camera

Be sure to take your camera with you. Take a picture in those dresses that you like. After fitting the wedding dress - the occupation is very exciting. And no wonder to get lost. But at home, having calmed down, you can calmly and soberly assess how you look at this or that dress. Yes, and girlfriends can be shown.

  • Seller advice

In the event that you re-measured all the dresses,which you wanted, but your choice and could not stop anything, and the consultant strongly advises you to wear a dress that did not attract your attention - listen to it! Believe me - trying on any dress for the seller is not an easy task. And just like that - out of idle curiosity - he will not impose on you this or that dress. Simply the whole point is that very often a thing that is not noticeable on a hanger starts to play with very different colors. Very often, and it is possible to find the most cherished and desired wedding dress. what wedding dress to choose


But here you dressed the next dress, went toa mirror and .. about a miracle! You think that this is the very dress you were looking for. It is necessary to trust your intuition. Put on all accessories - gloves, veil, jewelry. Look at yourself in the mirror again. And if after that there is no doubt - do not delay, buy. And then there is a risk that more determined brides simply take the dress from under the nose. After all, the dress - not the bridegroom, will not resist! And the last thing I would like to mention. If you have chosen and bought your wedding dress, forget the way to the wedding salons. Otherwise, you can find an equally interesting model and start to doubt - or did you buy a dress? To nothing it! It is in your closet that the best wedding dress is hanging! And you at your wedding will be the most beautiful bride! We advise you to read: