wedding dresses Every girl from childhood dreams of a beautifulwedding and wants to look on this day as a princess, be irresistible to the guests. That is why the choice of a wedding dress is a very important issue that worries all brides. Wedding dresses of 2016 are not much different from the trends of previous seasons, but they do have their own peculiarities. Softness, tenderness and femininity are the main rates of this year, therefore dresses simply have to be the most romantic and easy. Heavy fabrics, massive shapes and excessive finish in the coming year will give way to light, airy, almost weightless silhouettes, unusually light materials with elegant ornaments and draperies. During the selection of the attire, in the first place, every beautiful young lady is guided by her own taste. No girl wants to look dull, so everyone studies magazines and Internet pages in search of information about wedding dresses. Wedding Dresses

Fashionable styles of wedding dresses of 2016

  • All the usual dresses with lush skirts will recede into the background, giving way to elegant, refined models that emphasize the female figure and its main virtues.
  • The most popular in the coming year will be the styledresses under the soft name "fish", which has already been in high positions in wedding collections for several seasons. But now the "fish" will change a little, acquiring a longer train, a lot of ruches, folds, frills and a lush wide skirt with a variation of length from knees to the floor. To supplement such a model can a thick shoulder strap on one shoulder.
  • But still do not upset those girls,who dreamed of having a three-dimensional skirt, like a Barbie doll. Wedding dresses 2016 should create volume due to light, airy, semi-transparent fabrics, for example, multi-layered tulle. Of course, such dresses are best for girls with "aspen" waist, which is advised by many designers.
  • For girls who have always sought to impressall around them with their own outfits, a dress with A-silhouette is a good option. Such a simple, but unusually elegant model will be an excellent option for a small wedding.
  • For several seasons on the pedestalThe fashion holds on a two-level skirt in such a dress. This cut perfectly will help to correct any lack of a figure in the field of hips and will not take away in the traditional wedding dress of original fashionable strokes.
  • Also one of the main trends will be a classic withtranslucent fabric. Creating an image of tenderness and purity, it is best to choose a classic wedding dress without straps, which will adorn tulle or lace in the decollete.
  • After the stellar loud weddings of Catherine Middleton and Prince William were held, lace long sleeves became an indispensable wedding trend.
  • Another unusually fashionable trend was the beautifulcutout in the shape of the heart, which easily emphasizes the curves of the female body. Cups of this dress perfectly support the chest, thereby adjusting its shape to the ideal.

wedding dresses 2012 photo For this season, all self-respecting designersThey offered the future brides long dresses that will cover any legs. But you can not refute the fact that this length looks more solemn and luxurious, despite the version of the style. The most unmatched wedding dresses - with a long train. And for those who want to stand out, designers will offer retro dresses or short ones. The most popular wedding dresses of 2016 are dresses of gold, silver, pink, coffee with milk and gentle-green shades. Perfectly match any dress with bright colored patterns: black, red, blue, green and gold. Therefore, this year, designers will provide a wide variety of shades, realizing that every year there are fewer and fewer brides who would like to marry in white. In the coming season at the peak of fashion will be dresses without straps, which beautifully open the neck and shoulders, emphasize the chest. Under any dress fit any decoration. According to many designers, yet the most romantic look will be dresses with a thick shoulder strap. The main details of the dress will be bows at the waist, small waves, folds along the entire length and lace. Flowers will be the main hit of the future season in wedding fashion. On the brides of the next year, rhinestones, pearls and beads from dresses will disappear completely, but bright flowers will appear on the bodices, skirts, shoes, hairstyles and even handbags. To combine the wedding dress, of course, is best with a veil. Even though not all world famous designers accept and use this beautiful hat of the bride, he never goes out and goes out of fashion. A long veil, embroidered on the edges of the product, is best complemented by a tight-fitting dress. But still Elizabeth Fillmore suggests together to use a small nice hat, which also perfectly matches with any wedding hairstyle. Crystal shoes are simply required to complement the wedding dresses 2016 - photos will show us this beauty. Classics are always above fashion, so in the trend are also models on a small heel or hairpin, boats with a rounded or narrowed toe. Ballet flats fit well with tall girls. Extravagant brides will like more, most likely, ankle boots with an actual color that will be pearl, milky, cream, white, and also golden and silver shades. We advise you to read: